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Manga are early nineteenth-century Japanese comic books and drawings. They’re comic books or graphic novels that a lot of people like reading, and they’re also the basis for a lot of anime.

Manga are very popular among anime fans and have a global impact; in fact, renowned Hollywood filmmakers such as James Cameron like reading manga and adapted one of them for the film Alita: Battle Angel. However, as I searched online, I came across many sites that claimed to offer manga material but were really clickbait sites. So I conducted a lot of research and discovered these seven manga reading sites that really provide manga material after weeding out a lot of useless sites. 

Along with presenting the top manga reading sites, I’ve also included a list of features, price, pros and drawbacks, as well as a review and rating to assist you choose the best site for reading your favorite manga titles.  

But, before we look at those sites, if you’re new to online manga reading, you should understand how to read manga panels and what the differences are between anime and manga. After that, you’ll want to find some excellent manga to start reading, and then you can return to our list and choose a site to read manga from. 

This is a list of the finest Manga is a Japanese comic book. websites (Quick Preview)

Name Best For Price Our Opinion Website
Katana Manga is a Japanese manga series. Website usability Free 4/5 https://mangakatana.com/
MangaDoom  Manga fans, rejoice! Free 3.5/5 https://www.mngdoom.com/
Manganelo Manga is a Japanese comic book. Free 3/5 https://ln.senmanga.com/
Viz Media Supporter of manga Paid[$1.99] 4/5 https://www.viz.com/read
Manga on Crunchyroll Supporters of manga [$7.99 – $79] paid .99] 3.5/5 https://www.crunchyroll.com/comics/manga/alpha?group=b
Sen manga Manga is a Japanese comic book. Free 2.5/5 https://ln.senmanga.com/
Kissmanga Manga reading Free 2.5/5 http://kissmanga.nl/

This is a list of the finest Manga reading websites (In-depth analysis)

1. Katana Manga


Manga Katana is a visually appealing website where you may read manga. All Manga chapters are put out in a nice PDF type style here, so you simply have to scroll down to read them all. You can also download the chapters, and it is the only website I’ve found so far that offers free ‘Dark mode’ along with adult manga material.

The website’s contents are nicely put up, and it’s a really remarkable and secure manga reading site. 

Manga Katana’s Price

Manga Katana is available for free.

Manga Katana’s Characteristics

  • There is a dark theme available.
  • In between the chapters, there is a page split mode accessible.
  • Good UI 

Manga Katana’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros Cons
This is a fantastic website. It is against the law to utilize
There are less advertisements.  
Dark mode  
Good UI  

Manga Katana: A Review

The website for Manga Katana pleasantly impressed me. It contains all of the same mangas as other sites, but it stands out with a nice user interface, a great and easy website, the option to download chapters, less advertisements, and a slew of other features. It’s a decent manga reading website.

Manga Katana has a rating system.

Manga Katana has a 4/5 rating from us.  

2. Doomsday Manga


MangaDoom is a free manga reading website with everything you could ever desire to read. It includes daily manga updates as well as a live community chat where users can debate the current chapter with one another. 

It has so many Manga that it includes a feature called “Manga Dictionary” that lists all of the Manga it has from A to Z.

MangaDoom’s cost

MangaDoom is a completely free game.

MangaDoom’s Features

  • There is a lot of manga accessible.
  • To communicate with other communities, use the live chat function. 
  • Look up manga in the dictionary. 

MangaDoom’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros Cons
Manga abounds. Website that may be harmful
UI that is easy to use   
Manga may be found with ease.  

MangaDoom’s review

MangaDoom is a fantastic website, however my McAfee Web Advisor does not trust it and labels it as ‘Potential Illegal Software.’ It has been quite correct in the past regarding these kinds of things, so be on the watch for it. Perhaps you’ll be able to attract some viruses.

MangaDoom’s rating

MangaDoom has a 3.5/5 rating from us. 

Manganelo is the third kind of manganelo.


Manganelo is a free manga reading website. It has the most recent Manga, as well as Hot Manga, Newest Manga, and other fresh categories. The Manga opens in a nice PDF-like style, so you don’t have to click the next page every time you want to read a chapter; instead, you simply scroll down to read all of them.

The website is a little overcrowded in my view, and my McAfee Web adviser doesn’t trust it and keeps telling me to go back, so keep that in mind.

Manganelo’s Cost

It is completely free. 

Manganelo’s Characteristics

  • Manga in PDF format that is well put out
  • There’s also a bookmark option.
  • A good manga collection

Manganelo’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros Cons
Manga collection is good. Website that is overburdened
Excellent Manga style This is not a secure website.

Manganelo’s Review

Manganelo isn’t a high-end website, but it gets the job done. For some individuals, the website may be a source of distrust if their Antiviruses constantly urging them to return, but it is otherwise an excellent place to read manga.

Manganelo’s rating

Manganelo has a 3/5 rating from us. 

Viz Media (#4) 


Viz Media is a manga publishing and anime distribution business based in the United States. They also offer a manga vault where you may read. They keep their comics in a folder called ‘Shonen Jump.’

You may read some free chapters, but to read the full Manga, you must subscribe to their service, which is reasonably priced. 

Viz Media’s Cost

Plans start at $1.99 per month (After Free trial for 7 days) 

Viz Media’s Advantages

  • Thousands of Manga Chapters
  • Manga is widely accessible. 
  • 7-day free trial

Viz Media’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros Cons
There are free chapters available. To read all chapters, you must purchase a membership plan.
It is permissible to utilize Manga is only available in limited quantities.
a low-cost subscription plan  
Chapters were published in Japan at the same time as the rest of the world.  
Shonen Jump is now accessible as an app.  

Viz Media’s review

It’s really a fantastic bargain to read manga from Viz Media. The package is reasonably priced and comes with a seven-day free trial as well as an app for both iOS and Android. You may read approximately 100 chapters each day with the membership plan. As a result, it’s a very good Manga reading site.

Viz Media’s rating

Viz Media has a four-star rating from us. 

5. Manga on Crunchyroll 


Crunchyroll Manga is supplied by Crunchyroll, who used to be the largest Legal Anime Streamer until being purchased for $1.2 billion by their rival, Funimation! Crunchyroll Manga was founded in 2013, and it has gone a long way with its Manga dictionary since then.

Although certain Manga may be read for free on Crunchyroll Manga, you will need to buy one of their membership plans to access their whole collection. 

Crunchyroll Manga Price

Monthly Fan Plan: $7.99

$9.99/month for the Mega Fan Plan (1-month).

$79.99/year for the Mega Fan Plan (12 months). 

Characteristics of Crunchyroll Manga

  • It is permissible to utilize
  • For their premium programs, they provide a 14-day free trial.
  • There are several manga that are accessible for free.

Crunchyroll Manga’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros Cons
Content that is legal To read the whole manga collection, you’ll need to upgrade to a Premium subscription.
Crunchyroll’s excellent service Because the Manga series was just purchased by Funimation, an Anime service, there is no guarantee that it will be expanded.
There is also an app available.  

Crunchyroll Manga Review

Crunchyroll Manga is the manga service to use if you want to support manga creators by viewing the manga legally. You may also get a taste of their services with their 14-day free trial for their membership options. 

However, because they were recently acquired by Funimation, their plans to extend their Manga library are in jeopardy. 

Crunchyroll Manga Rating

Crunchyroll Manga has a 3.5/5 rating from us.  

Sen Manga is number six.


Sen Manga is as close to a manga as possible. It’s a straightforward reading website with all of your favorite manga. The Manga on the website is shown in a pleasing landscape format with large writing and fonts.

Sen Manga’s website isn’t the fanciest of them all, but it performs the job for which you came to see it. 

Sen Manga’s cost

Sen Manga is completely free to use. 

Sen Manga’s Characteristics

  • Landscape mode is excellent. Manga is a Japanese comic book.
  • A excellent content library
  • There are less advertisements.

Sen Manga’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros Cons
a good collection of material  a good website
  The search function isn’t working.

Sen Manga: A Review

Sen Manga is a good place to read manga. Because the website’s search function isn’t always functional, it may be tough to locate your favorite Manga simply browsing through all of the accessible connections.

Sen Manga’s rating

Sen Manga has a 2.5/5 rating from us. 

KissManga is number seven on the list.


KissManga is created by the same folks that created KissAnime. When compared to MangaDoom, it is a heavily loaded website with a large number of Manga. It also seems a lot more complete.

KissManga has some great features like bookmarking manga and a ‘History’ area that informs you what you last read, but it also has a lot of advertisements that come up even if you use AdBlocker.

KissManga’s cost

KissManga is also available for free. 

KissManga’s Features

  • Being able to bookmark your Manga is a huge plus.
  • There’s also a history part.

KissManga’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros Cons
A fantastic manga collection. There are a lot of advertisements on this page.
Website that is available for free This is not a secure website. 
  Additionally, there is an illegal website.

KissManga’s review

KissManga is a free manga reading website, however it seems that it is being shut down by Japanese laws because it unlawfully submits the work of Manga artists.

There have been many complaints about it, but according to Google, the site is operational but not secure, which should tell you a lot about the website’s long-term prospects. And you’re more likely to read advertisements than Manga.

KissManga’s rating system

KissManga has a 2.5/5 rating from us. 

Last but not least, 

Finally, I’d want to point out that manga fans should be pleased with the Manga reading sites mentioned above. They all appeal to your inner-manga fan and provide you with everything you need. I’ve also put together a list of the top manga ebooks free download sites, which you may find useful if you like reading manga but don’t have internet access.

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