5 Best Text To Speech Apps Including Web Tools – iPhone & Android

Text To Speech Apps are the new voice assistant of the future. They allow you to dictate and send messages, emails, or even write blog posts without typing a single letter.

The best free text to speech app is a type of software that converts written text into spoken words. These apps are available for both iPhone and Android, so they are useful for anyone who has an interest in using them.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the most helpful text to voice converter applications, as well as web-based utilities. AI technology allows some of these applications to create genuine speech from text. These voices may be used in promotional or educational films. Let’s have a look at the list of helpful text to voice converters.

Apps That Convert Text To Speech

1. iTranslate Text to Speech (for iPhone and Android):

It’s one of the finest text-to-speech converter applications for iPhone and Android users, and it’ll come in handy for travelers. This software is the ideal choice if you want to learn how to pronounce unfamiliar words.

iTranslate supports listening to translations in both male and female voices and can translate over 100 languages.

Many helpful functions are included in the program, including dictionaries with synonyms and various meanings, text to speech, and many more options.

If you purchase the pro edition of this software, you will be able to utilize the AR option for real-time object translation, as well as the offline mode and voice-to-voice chat capabilities.


Install the iTranslate app on your iPhone.

Install the iTranslate app on your Android device.


2. Google Translate with Text-to-Speech (iPhone and Android):

One of the finest translation programs, featuring a variety of helpful features such as a text-to-speech option for hearing real-time pronunciation.

Google Translate provides offline translation in 59 languages and offers translation services in 108 languages.

Google’s translation tool has a lot of helpful features and is completely free for smartphone users. It includes a number of features, including one-tap translation, offline translation mode, quick camera translation, and the ability to sketch handwriting to translate.


Google Translate for iPhone is available for download.

Android users may use Google Translate.


3. Pocket Reader — Text-to-Speech (iPhone and Android):

One of the most useful tools for listening to texts. You may store material from anywhere, including videos, blog posts, articles, news, and more, and listen to it hands-free with this app.

This is a great tool for people who have to read dull newspaper articles, blogs, articles, and more.

The software features a simple user interface that allows you to listen to all of your written material without having to read it.


Install the Pocket app on your iPhone.

On Android, get the Pocket app.


4. Narrator Text to Voice App (iPhone and Android):

This software turns text into an audio file and is quite helpful. This software is the finest choice for your Android smartphone if you wish to convert texts to audio files.

The Narrator voice software makes it simple to read blog posts, web pages, and documents.

Offline support, a text to MP3 converter, and a variety of voice effects with various language choices are all included in this program.


Install the Narrator app on your iPhone.

On Android, get the Narrator app.


5. Speechelo: Convert Texts to Real Voices (Premium Web Tool):

Speechelo is a premium service that converts your writing into genuine human voices in a variety of languages. This is a really helpful service that can be accessed through a web browser from a mobile device, a laptop, or a desktop computer.

Speechelo currently charges a one-time fee for this service. Speechelo uses artificial intelligence (AI) to transform words into actual voices that may be utilized for a variety of applications.

The majority of people utilize this voice over service to produce professional-sounding YouTube videos and video advertisements. This web tool may be used for a variety of purposes, including instructional films, online tutorials and courses, advertising videos, and more.


Visit the Speechelo website for more information.

The text to speech app iphone free is a text-to-speech application that allows users to convert text into audible speech. This includes the ability to search for words in your text and then speak them aloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best text to speech App for iPhone?

There are a variety of text to speech applications available for iPhone. One such application is Dragon Dictation, which can be downloaded from the App Store.

What is the best free text to speech app for iPhone?

The best free text to speech app for iPhone is Dragon Dictation.

What is the most realistic text to speech app?

Microsofts Text-to-Speech engine is a great app for this.

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