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Fruit Ninja VR is a new virtual reality game that has been released for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The game was developed by Halfbrick Studios, who have been creating games since 2004, and features an immersive experience that uses physical movement to play.

Fruit Ninja VR is a game that was released for the PlayStation 4. The game allows players to slice fruit in virtual reality with their controllers.

Fruit Ninja VR is a virtual reality game that can be played on your phone and is also a fantastic way to exercise.

Fruit Ninja VR is a brand-new game available on the Google Play Store. Although the game has received mixed reviews, I am immediately feeling better.


This review is about Fruit Ninja VR on PlayStation VR. It’s also compatible with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets.

My virtual feet are caked in fruit strew, my real arms are tired, and my fictional ninja persona is growing in popularity. Fruit Ninja VR is the PlayStation VR version of the immensely popular smartphone game that puts you against an unlimited supply of ripe fruits and veggies with some hefty tools.

Virtual compensation is a kind of payment that is paid

The closest comparison I can think of to describe this game to newcomers is a slot machine where you won’t lose next month’s rent. It contains bright fruit, and the sounds are meant to signal to your brain that you’re a good ninja when you do a task properly. Your score accumulates at the top of a huge pagoda in front of you, and you can watch your score growing. The combination of these components yields a simple yet addictive game that everyone who gives it a go loves.

For instance, I saw an almost-80-year-old guy sitting in a chair and swinging around with the Move controllers while laughing uncontrollably. My gaming preferences have evolved with time — I like shooters with a lot of blood and guts and RPGs with meaningful storylines — but I still enjoyed Fruit Ninja VR and only stopped playing when it was time to shower. Swinging two swords can give you a terrific workout whether you sit or stand while playing.

Look at those scores!

Gamers are kept interested by a global scoreboard with intense rivalry, as well as a record of the highest score achieved on their PS4. A party option where you can build a scorecard based on the amount of participants in your party would be fantastic. A fantastic group game with short play sessions and fast-paced action.

The fruit may be chopped in four different ways.

There are now four different game types to choose from, and the content would be considered sparse if it weren’t for the $15 price tag. The main objective is to rack up as many points as possible by stringing together combinations; timing is very important in this game, since fruit arrives at random intervals but will eventually line up. Patience and precision are required in all game styles.

Arcade mode gameplay

A special banana

In this game level, you have 60 seconds to slice your way through as much fruit as possible. To avoid a penalty, stay away from explosives; luminous peaches add time to your total; and unique bananas provide slow motion, frenzies, or double points for a short time. When you hit a Frenzy banana, two cannons on either side of you shoot a torrent of fruit in front of you, which you must hit with a combination.

Mode 1: Traditional

You begin gently here, throwing one fruit at a time, but explosives are soon discovered amid the offerings. Allowing a fruit to fall to the ground or igniting a bomb will result in a strike. What happens if you receive three strikes in a row? You’ve been ejected. Large red Xs emerge on the pagoda in front of you to help you maintain track of your location. This game mode is very tough and will quickly have you sweating.

Zen mode

If you want to unwind and enjoy slicing fruit without worrying about explosions or attacking robots, choose Zen mode. It’s similar to Arcade mode, except there are no explosives and you only have 90 seconds to play. There are no fruit cannons to your left or right, so you can focus on chaining together combos with the objects in front of you. This is an excellent method to improve your skills and is especially useful for people with limited space.

Survival mode is a game in which you must survive for as long as possible.

Survival mode

The most difficult way to play Fruit Ninja VR is this way. Fruit launchers that fire bundles of fruit in all directions hover over the courtyard. In Classic mode, you have three strikes before you’re out. At first, survival mode isn’t bad, but as you start having fruit thrown at you from all sides, you’ll discover how tough this game can be. This is the ultimate challenge for any true fruit ninjas out there.

Blades with a good balance

You can cut fruit with both sides of the blade and push bombs out of the way using the broad side of the blade, unlike in some other VR sword-wielding games. The latter is more difficult, and stopping yourself from seeing explosions right in front of your eyes will require some effort.

If you hit it just right, you can even skewer fruit with the tip of your katana, demonstrating how well the Move controllers work in this game. Slicing into fruit feels natural, and it always slices precisely where you hit it. There are no distracting animations, and you’ll quickly discover how pleasant it is to just chop open a watermelon or coconut.



Fruit Ninja VR is a simple and addictive game that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages. You have the option to sit back and relax, get up and work up a sweat, or play somewhere in between. Because of the vibrant colors, pleasant sounds, and precise motion tracking with the Move controllers, this game is tough to put down. You’ll be repeating the slogan “Just one more time” as you make your way to the top of the ninja leaderboard, with games lasting just a few minutes on average. For just $15, we can’t recommend Fruit Ninja VR enough.


  • Katanas are fantastic with motion controllers.
  • Playing a game that is bright and colorful is a great way to spend some time.
  • With regards to physics, you’ve hit the nail on the head.


  • A couple more game kinds are needed to round out the content.

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Fruit Ninja VR is a game that has been released for the Oculus Rift. The game was well received and rated highly by critics, but it does have some flaws. Reference: fruit ninja vr too close.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fruit Ninja have VR?

Yes, Fruit Ninja VR is available on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

How long is Fruit Ninja VR?

The Fruit Ninja VR game is a short, 10-minute experience.

Can you play Fruit Ninja VR Oculus?

Unfortunately, Fruit Ninja VR is not compatible with Oculus Rift.

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