Paying for Your Games with Apple Pay: Pros and Cons

Apple Pay has already confidently taken its place among the fastest, safest, and most convenient online payment methods available in the market today, globally. Being a fully mobile-compatible payment method but also offering bundles for all iOS devices, Apple Pay pioneers in the industry, making life better for all stakeholders but its competitors.

Many online gaming platforms and apps already accept payments via Apple Pay because of high customer trust, and many players prefer instant, within a blink of an eye, payments for their entertainment.

Apple Pay offers high security and data protection, protection from fraud, and also sets high standards as a payment gateway to its partners. The company works with all the biggest banks in every jurisdiction it is available in, which makes it a top choice for any type of payment, not only online and not only for video games or something.

However, there are also nuances and drawbacks some users aren’t aware of. In this post, we dive deeper into the perks and disadvantages of Apple Pay when it comes to gaming.


The Strengths of Apple Pay

Besides being fast and secure, Apple Pay is a beneficial method for paying for your games and other online entertainment because it offers advantageous rules few other services have.

Firstly, Apple Pay applies no fees to user transactions; only merchants that have it among their payment gateways pay their fees. Some local banks may apply fees for transactions but this is rare. Regardless of the sum of money you pay or send, the fee is zero for you as an individual user.

Secondly, speaking of the sums, Apple Pay has very flexible minimum and maximum transaction limits. Of course, it also depends on the limits that the bank applies, but in general, this payment system is way more flexible than other e-wallets. Also, you can have more than one card connected to your Apple Pay, and choose the fee size depending on the transaction size, if your banks do apply fees.


Thirdly, Apple Pay is very friendly to all types of online merchants, again, you can’t say this about all e-wallets. If you want to play a reliable and reputable Apple Pay casino you will easily find it because this payment method is even online casino-friendly. The majority of gaming platforms also accept payments via Apple Pay.

Unobvious Drawbacks

With Apple Pay being so wonderful and convenient, there are still some serious drawbacks that other e-wallets actually do not have. If you are new to using Apple Pay, or new to using gaming platforms, these drawbacks can be quite unexpected and impact your player experience. So read this section carefully.

Firstly, Apple Pay is not available for Android devices. Compared to Google Pay, MuchBetter, and other payment apps that can be installed on any device, Apple Pay only works for iOS.

Next, if you only want to send money, like paying for your video game, or a mobile gaming app, Apple Pay will suit you perfectly. However, if you play games that pay, like BTC video games, or online casino games, and want to withdraw your winnings at some point, Apple Pay doesn’t have that function. It doesn’t allow you to receive payments on your cards connected to it because most banks do not allow you to receive payments from online merchants.


In the long term, it means that, if you decide to play an online casino game for real money and deposit with Apple Pay, you will not be able to withdraw whatever you win, back to Apple Pay. You will have to connect another e-wallet to your casino account to be able to withdraw. This is twice as much effort and stress, especially if you are new to the whole thing. Therefore, if you want to send your deposits via Apple Pay, you’ll have to think in advance of another payment method to get your cashouts.

Final Takeaway

In case Apple Pay is your payment method of choice, you should consider several things for using it conveniently. If you want to only pay for your games, be it a video gaming platform, a mobile app with casual games, or an online casino, Apple Pay is perfect. It is fast, safe, and works with the majority of online merchants, and the majority of local banks. You can rest assured that your data is protected and you’ll get the best customer experience possible.

When you make your payments, please pay attention to the transaction limits. It is not so very important when you pay for video games because the prices are usually set and within Apple Pay’s limits. However, in case you want to make an online casino deposit, either the e-wallet or the casino site may have different minimum or maximum transaction limits. So please check those for both the e-wallet and the website.

And eventually, think of a backup payment method like another e-wallet if you expect a cashout from your gaming platform. You won’t be able to withdraw back to Apple Pay.