Mobile Gaming App Trends

Mobile gaming has gained immense popularity in recent years, sealing its place in modern entertainment media. In 2020, the gaming industry generated over $174 billion despite competing with shopping and social apps.

Today, the industry has the potential to generate over $200 billion in 2023, with the mobile sector taking a significant chunk of that. As you read through this piece, you will see several trends gaining momentum in the mobile gaming industry.

The Dominance of Hyper Casual Games

Hardcore-focused gaming experiences lie at the core of the industry. Notwithstanding, casual games are pulling in the popularity numbers significantly. SensorTower’s Industry Trends report that hyper-casual titles dominated 2020 with over 10 billion installs.

These games were easy to play and offered relief during the pandemic period. But, many continue to enjoy the relaxing nature of these titles whenever they want to step away from the hard-core gaming action. As a result, this genre will likely sustain its dominance in 2022.


The play-to-earn business model has drawn many players seeking to make some cash while enjoying their favorite games. You can generate real income for your crypto wallet and resell your assets outside.

We will witness the growth of this trend this year because players can use currencies earned in these games outside. If you’re looking for games to make money from then, check out 22Bet Tanzania for incredible odds from popular bookmakers.

Esports Games

In recent times, the number of gamers watching sports has increased, making mobile eSports popular in the gaming industry. According to Newzoo, almost half a billion people watched eSports in 2020. This statistic doesn’t mean that the trend will replace face-to-face sports, so relax.

However, we should start seeing mobile game developers integrating streaming channels in their games. It will quickly capture the eyes of many players who are eager to stream their gameplay to a larger audience. Also, free and paid promotions will make regular appearances.

In-app Subscriptions

Run through non-gaming apps, and you will likely find one form of subscription or the other. It is a monetization strategy that has worked well in the mobile app industry and is now making its way to mobile gaming.

The number of titles turning to in-app subscription models is growing daily, benefiting from optimized revenue streams and boosting retention rates. A report from SensorTower states that core games will likely adopt this monetization model.