The Leading 3 Android Games for Two

It’s not only those with lots of free time who fight on the touch screen. Sometimes it helps to pass the time, and earn extra after creating a 22Bet Nigeria login, be it waiting in lines or riding in transportation. Often the game is more than entertainment. Sometimes it’s useful, and sometimes it’s fun. So catch the top 10 games for two on Android, which is worth a try.

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Among Us

The plot of Among Us is uncomplicated: gathered together, buddies are involved in the preparation of another space expedition. You can connect to the multiplayer version via the Internet or LAN. The InnerSloth app has 250+ million downloads. It’s a good claim to be in the top 5.

InnerSloth didn’t go wrong with the plot. As conceived by the developers, imposters or saboteurs try to thwart the mission, and they are embedded in the space expedition team. The setting for this multiplayer strategy is a spaceship. Group gameplay is designed for only 10 participants, although such a limitation is no barrier to fun.

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The fact that there are saboteurs in the group adds to the unpredictability of the story. Villains can destroy various parts of the ship and even kill the crew. Parallel to the ongoing events, the members of the expedition will have to constantly monitor the condition of their ship. This genre suggests only one alternative way to complete the mission – find and throw all the secret enemies off the ship.


Minecraft is the most famous video game in the world. The first development launched back on the oldest PCs and, due to its popularity, updated versions successfully captivated consoles and mobile devices. This product deservedly gets into the top games for two on Android.

The primary goal for the hero in the app is to equip the surrounding world using the maximum imagination. All objects, including characters, consist of small blocks. Low-resolution textures are used to fill the background. The battle involves several modes:

  • Creative.
  • Survival.
  • Hardcore.
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With the transition of the product to smartphones and tablets, everyone has a chance to try their hand against each other. However, the developers of this sandbox did not stop there. They have created a global product. Connecting to different servers, you can play Minecraft with thousands of competitors from around the world!


The developers of Dual! have always tried to take the concept of multiplayer games via Bluetooth to the next level. Judging by the number of downloads of the presented product, the Novaquark team succeeded. What’s the trick to this success, and whether the product has at least one significant disadvantage?

In DUAL! data is duplicated! One of the devices is an extension of the basic one. After loading Dual! You get a total image consisting of two parts. No competitor offers something like that!