Microsoft cuts off the support for its Android apps on Chromebooks

I was shocked to hear about the news today. This is the first I have heard of Microsoft cutting off the support for its Android apps on Chromebooks. If true, this is big news. I could understand why they did it. But if they are still supporting Android apps on Chrome OS, why are they cutting it off? Why not keep supporting both platforms? What message are they sending to developers by cutting off Android apps? They are telling Android developers that they can no longer develop for Chrome OS. It also means that they are not supporting their own Windows 10 Mobile OS anymore.

With Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 Mobile Insider builds, which are available to users through Windows Insider, Microsoft has been supporting apps from the Google Play Store on its mobile OS. But now, even to Microsoft itself, this support has been stopped. In a post by Microsoft’s official support account, the company stated that “Google has stopped providing the Play Store to users of Windows 10 Mobile, and it is no longer possible for us to provide you with the Play Store capabilities required to install apps from the Google Play Store to your device.”

How about that Windows 10 Mobile? We all know that Windows Phone is dead, but the list of casualties in the smartphone world is getting longer by the day. Last week, Microsoft stopped supporting its own Android apps on Chromebooks. So, if you currently own a Chromebook, your Android apps will stop working in a month or so. The irony is that Microsoft supported Android apps on Chromebooks for a few years. The company even featured a Windows 10 Mobile theme for the Chrome browser. That was from 2015, when Microsoft joined Google’s Open Handset Alliance.. Read more about chrome os and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Chromebooks support Android apps?

Yes, Chromebooks support Android apps.

Why cant Chromebooks use Android apps?

Chromebooks are not compatible with Android apps.

Can Chromebooks run Microsoft apps?

It is possible to run Microsoft apps on Chromebooks, but it is not recommended.

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