How to get Background Sounds on iOS 15 (Rain Sound)

This is a tutorial on how to get the background sound of rain on iOS 15.

The background sounds ios 15 is a new feature that allows users to play background sounds on iOS. This is perfect for people who want to be able to listen to the rain without interruption.

You can learn how to obtain Rain sound and other background noises on iOS 15 in this post. New and enhanced features are crammed into every software update issued by Apple, intended to help consumers get more out of their iPhones, and iOS 15 is no different. iOS 15 is now available for download, and it includes a slew of new large and little features as well as quality-of-life enhancements for iOS users to enjoy.

A collection of background noises designed for individuals who find them helpful in helping to keep concentration, maintain a sense of serenity, and reduce distractions is one new feature that customers have especially appreciated. Apple has provided users with the option of selecting from six distinct kinds of background sounds:

  • Noise that is evenly distributed
  • Rain
  • a loud noise
  • Noise in the Dark
  • Ocean
  • Stream

This is the brand-new Background Noises function, which enables users to play ambient sounds in the background to help them relax or break the dead quiet.

In iOS 15, how can I activate background sounds?

The background noises function for iPhone and iPad is buried within Accessibility settings rather than having its own app. While Siri instructions do not function with the feature, you may utilize Control Center to easily access it or set up an Accessibility shortcut for Background Sounds.

Let’s look at how you may enable Background Sounds in iOS 15:

Using the Settings App, enable background sounds:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad running iOS 15, open the Settings app. how to get background sounds on ios 15
  2. Scroll down to Accessibility and hit it. how to get background sounds on ios 15
  3. Scroll down and choose Audio/Visual from the drop-down menu. how to get background sounds on ios 15
  4. Select Background Sounds from the menu. how to get background sounds on ios 15
  5. Toggle the Rain sound on or off. (The toggle serves as a play/pause switch.)
    • You may also adjust Background Sounds and play/pause them using the Hearing tile in Control Center.
    • Make sure the toggle is switched on to utilize iPhone Background Sounds when listening to music or other media, and then adjust the volume.
  6. To test, download, and modify your Background Sound, tap Sound.
    • When using Background Sounds on their own, you can select a volume level, and when using them when media is playing, you can set a different volume level.
    • When media is playing, you may also turn off Background Sounds.

In the Control Center, enable background sounds:

The Hearing tile in Control Center is the quickest method to play/pause and adjust Background Sounds. By default, the icon must be present in the control center. If the icon isn’t visible for any reason, go to Settings > Control Center > and touch the Plus icon next to Hearing.

  1. Then touch on the Ear Icon in the Control Center. how to get background sounds on ios 15
  2. At the bottom of your screen, choose Background Sounds. how to get background sounds on ios 15
  3. To alter the sound, tap Background Sounds: Rain.

Using the Accessibility Shortcut, enable background sounds:

When you ask Siri to play or stop Background Sounds, it brings up random material from the Music app rather than the real Background Sounds function. When you ask Siri to turn off Background Sounds that are currently playing, Siri responds, “There’s nothing playing.”

Background Sounds may, however, be made an Accessibility shortcut that can be triggered by triple-clicking the iPhone’s side button:

  1. Open the Settings application.
  2. Select Accessibility from the menu.
  3. Select Accessibility Shortcut from the drop-down menu. how to get background sounds on ios 15
  4. Select Background Sounds from the menu.

Because the triple-click switches Background Sounds on and off immediately, it is quicker than using Control Center.

The new noises “play in the background to conceal undesirable ambient or external noise, and the sounds blend into or duck beneath other audio and system sounds,” according to Apple.

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That is all there is to it. We hope that after reading this guide, you will be able to activate Background Sounds and minimize your distractions. Please feel free to leave a remark in the area below. Also, please spread the word about this post to your friends and family.

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