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The best apps for university students 2021 is a list of top useful apps that are helpful when studying.

In terms of the ease with which they may organize their academic and social lives, today’s students enjoy greater advantages than their predecessors. The key is to have a free personal assistant on your smartphone at all times. Whether you need to compose technology research papers, go shopping, or schedule a meeting, well-tailored and well selected applications can assist you. If you can equip yourself with helpful apps and correctly utilize them, you will be able to ease your student’s life and achieve success in any field without difficulty.



The most important thing a decent software can do for a student is assist them manage their time. With everyday chores and socializing weighing heavily on a student’s mind, he or she must remain focused and organize everything in order to complete assignments on time. Here are some applications that may assist you:

  • Tide is a free application that works with iOS, Android, and Chrome. You begin your focus session as soon as you launch the app. You cannot close the app to check your Instagram or any other distraction unless you want to fail. You may also listen to calming music and be motivated by daily quotations. Sleep, nap, meditation, and other modalities are included in the curriculum. It will enable you to remain focused and complete your job quickly.
  • Google Calendar – Google Calendar is the most widely used calendar and planner on the planet, including apps for iOS and Android as well as an online version. It’s a multipurpose organizing tool that’s traditional and easy to use. You may add appointments, alerts, B-Days, and more, as well as plan your week, month, and vacations. Color-coded labels will assist you in distinguishing between academic and social concerns. Overall, Google Calendar will help you become more organized and manage your responsibilities and time more effectively.
  • Todoist — making to-do lists has never been simpler or more comfortable. Todoist allows you to build task lists, assign priority, make reminders, and narrate chores to the software. This will help you remember your regular chores and important obligations.

Many more applications are available to assist you manage your everyday activities and meet your requirements. Still, using a multipurpose app is preferable than having your phone clogged with useless single-purpose applications. This will save you time and allow you to stay focused without having to move between apps.

Tutoring Services

Another important reason to get student-oriented apps is to receive study help. There are a variety of choices to choose from, whether you require a general study program or a subject-specific software. Take a look at some of the most popular choices:

  • Evernote is an iOS, Android, and Windows software that allows you to take notes in class, make memos and alerts, and save and share study materials. You may type, handwrite, dictate, or scan material to save all you need in one digital notebook for your study.
  • SimpleMind – Whether you’re planning a student’s tour, working on a project, or planning your week, mind mapping is a useful tool. Mind mapping motivates you, encourages you to be more creative, and precisely organizes your performance. If it’s all about you, this free iOS and Android app is unquestionably for you.
  • College applications – when it comes to education, it’s difficult to avoid college applications. Big universities have their own apps with maps, timetables, forums, chat rooms, the latest news, announcements, and more all in one place.

Allowing your phone to handle some of the procedures may make studying simpler and more organized. To make managing your student life simpler, digitize your lectures, timetables, and student communication.


Being a good student entails not just excellent academic achievement but also a well-organized schedule. You will ultimately feel more organized and happy if you arrange your sleep, food plan, physical exercise, socializing, and other regular aspects. Take a look at these useful apps:

  • Physical exercise will provide your brain with adequate oxygen, and you will perform better as a student, according to MapMyFitness. This is when the MapMyFitness software comes in handy. It will assist you in keeping track of your physical activity, sharing your sporting accomplishments, and training intelligently with a reasonable burden on your body. In any case, the variety of exercise routines available here will not bore you. This implies you may choose any other sports application; the important thing is to stay in shape and take care of your physical well-being.
  • MealBoard – this software will provide you with a balanced food plan, which is something that students usually need in their daily routine. You’ll plan your meals for a week, get recipe suggestions or save your own, and your shopping list will be created automatically. As a result, healthy eating will become more accessible and less time-consuming. What you need to remain satiated and healthy.
  • Sleep cycle – as a student, obtaining adequate healthy sleep is another important consideration. And having a good software on hand will make it easier to get there. Have your sleep cycle analyzed and controlled, and receive expert tips to improve the quality of your sleep cycle; fall asleep and wake up at a perfectly suitable time and to the pleasant sound of music and star-voiced stories; have your sleep cycle analyzed and controlled; have your sleep cycle analyzed and controlled; have your sleep cycle analyzed and controlled; have your sleep cycle analyzed and controlled; have your sleep cycle analyzed and controlled; have your sleep cycle analyzed and

Improving your whole lifestyle will benefit your student’s performance. Find the right apps to help you manage your studies, time and chores, and remain healthy by eating well, sleeping well, and engaging in regular physical activity. You’ll be destined to success in both your academic and personal life if you load your phone and laptop with helpful apps.

The best apps for students 2021 is a list of useful apps that have been created by WindowsHelper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which app is very useful for students?

The app that is the most useful for students is Google Drive. It allows you to store and organize your work.

What apps should I have on my laptop as a student?

On your laptop, you should have the following apps:

Which app is best for college students?

The app that is best for college students is Google Calendar.

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