Improvements are coming to Excel to go beyond numbers and text

Microsoft is developing new features for Excel, including the ability to recognize text in images. It’s also introducing instant table comparisons so users can see changes instantaneously without clicking through dozens of tables or reopening old ones.

The “excel for dummies” is a book that provides an introduction to excel. It offers many tips and tricks that can be used in the future. The improvements coming to excel will allow it to go beyond numbers and text.


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  • Microsoft is releasing new Excel upgrades that will enable users to create unique data types.
  • The upgrade is mostly aimed at programmers.
  • For quite some time, Microsoft Office has been getting upgrades.


Excel developers who need to construct their own own data types will be relieved. While the upgrade is a significant step forward, it is a much-welcomed addition that goes beyond text and numbers.

For a long time, Microsoft Excel was only used to deal with text and numbers, but the company has been attempting to expand the sorts of data it can handle.

Dynamic arrays and array formulae were introduced at the Ignite Conference last year, and unique data types are being offered this year.

Here’s the gist of it:

The connected data types in this update are fantastic since they connect users to additional data from Bing and other sources.

The idea is to illustrate that Excel can do more than simply numbers and text. Non-developers may now build corporate mobile and desktop applications.

According to the program manager at Microsoft,

“With the advent of data types, Excel has progressed to a place where cells can hold considerably more information. Linked data types (Stocks, Geography, Wolfram and Power BI), entity values, dynamic arrays, improved errors, images in cells, lambdas, and formatted number values are all new types that have delivered on this promise and back many of the experiences you’ve seen in the product today,” says the company. 

Javascript interfaces are now available.

Developers may now utilize additional data types thanks to the introduction of Javascript interfaces. The way developers operate will be transformed as a result of this update.

It will drastically minimize the amount of custom add-in fixes required.

Range.valuesAsJson should be simpler to understand for individuals who are acquainted with the Range.values API since it allows users to read and write data types.

Entity values, web pictures, formatted numeric values, and arrays are all supported as inputs and outputs in the new API.

For Insiders with the newest JavaScript APIs, the update is now available in the latest Windows and macOS versions.  

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