How To Change Your Snapchat Profile Pic

Snapchat is a mobile app that lets you share pictures with friends and family, but it comes with some limitations. The first thing to know about changing your profile pic on Snapchat is how does it work? How do I change my Snapchat profile pic? In this post we’ll cover the steps involved in changing your avatar as well as what each step means for those who are interested in getting creative!

You already know that you can change your Snapchat profile pic with the press of a button. But did you know there are some awesome ways to make it more interesting? Take these steps to create an awesome new profile pic in less than five minutes.

To change your snapchat profile picture, you need to follow these steps. First, open the Snapchat app on your phone. Then tap on the camera icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap “Take a Snap” and then “Save Photo.”

Snapchat’s Profile Picture: The Ghost

As you may be aware, when you register on a network like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tinder, or any other Social Media platform, you normally put up a profile photo. This is also true with Snapchat, a smartphone application. People who know how you appear or pals may quickly add you as a contact on Snapchat if you put up a profile picture. Snapchat is unique in that you may portray oneself in a variety of ways other than by using a static profile image. Snapchat’s Stories feature is similar to Instagram’s or Facebook’s. However, while Stories are simply one of Facebook’s or Instagram’s features, the Story idea is the most important feature.

What may the Snapchat Ghost be used for? What does the Snapchat logo symbolize, and how can you create and transmit Snapcodes? All of these subjects will be highlighted in this post, and the many ideas will be explained.

Snapchat Ghost or a Static Profile Picture?

Snapcodes make it simple to add friends on Snapchat. Simply point the Snapchat camera at a Snapcode and press the screen to complete the process.

And here is how a Snapcode appears:

How-To-Change-Your-Snapchat-Profile-Pic To add new Snapchat buddies, use the Snapcode.

Technical specifications

Three components make up the Snapcode vector design.

First, there’s the Ghost.

The ghost has a white body by default, however the color or picture of the spirit may be changed as required.

Second, there is the code.

The following rules apply to the code points: do not move, connect, or modify them in any way. The points must stay in the precise sequence in which they were placed for the scan to operate.

The code field is an optional field.

The color of the code field does not have to be yellow. Although yellow is the most appropriate color, the scan also works with other colors that stand out against the darker frame area underneath them.

The dimensions of the code field are as follows:

For the scan, the proportions of the code field with respect to the distance to the edge, the dots, and the spirit are quite significant. The snapcode cannot be scanned if these dimensions are changed.

The third element is the frame.

For the scan, the frame field of the snapcode is the most crucial. The border, the color of the points, and the shape of the ghost are all determined by it. The frame should contrast sharply with the code field above it. Here, black or a really dark hue is excellent.

The Snapcode’s specifications

Snapcodes with a minimum size

The snapcode must be less than 1 inch x 1 inch in size. It’s almost hard to catch and scan a snap with a side length of less than 1 inch. Consider how far users will be able to scan the Snapcode.

Ratio of snapcode size to scan distance

The code size to scan distance ratio must not exceed 1:7. So, if you want your snapcode to be scannable from up to 7 feet away, it has to be at least 1 foot long on each side. A digital zoom option is available on newer smartphones. Users may use two fingers to zoom in and out on the item here.

It’s a good idea to test the snapcode ahead of time.

Some devices even support scan distances of over 30 times the code size. Before you publish your snapcode, be sure to test it. It’s preferable to start with a tiny print run, then double-check the code, and then proceed with the complete run.

How can I alter my profile photo?


How to Change Your Snapchat Profile Picture in a Visual Guide

  • Snapchat makes changing your profile image incredibly simple. To begin, open the app and choose the ghost symbol.
  • To update the photo in the ghost, touch your own Snapcode in your profile summary.
  • The trigger button appears at the bottom of your snapcode, which has now been zoomed in.
  • You may now capture up to five images by pressing the button. These are then combined into an animation and presented as a profile picture in the Snapcode.
  • You may also use the Bitmoji app to add a cartoon version of yourself as a profile image.
  • However, with the Snapcode, it is currently not feasible to upload a profile photo from the gallery.

This means you can’t choose an image from your gallery and submit it to Snapchat as a new profile picture; instead, if you want to change your profile picture, you’ll have to take a new one.

How can I get rid of my profile picture?

Maybe you no longer like your previous profile photo and wish to get rid of it for good. How are you going to do that? To erase a profile image from Snapchat, you must first launch the app. Then you pick the undo option on your Snapcode and click the ghost to remove the old shot. After you confirm that you wish to erase your photo, your ghost will be empty. When you’ve decided on a new profile photo, just follow the instructions outlined above.

Snapchat has introduced cameos, and here’s how to customize yours.


A great visual guide on how to set up Snapchat Cameos.

Snapchat users become the stars with Cameos, which are brief, looping films that may be modified with their own faces. This allows you to start new discussions fast or respond to friends in a personal, dynamic, and enjoyable manner. Whether you’re joyful, in love, sad, or simply want to say hi, there’s a cameo for you.

The global rollout began on December 18, 2019. Users have been able to discover the cameos on their chat sticker bar since then. Another bonus: if friends have also set up cameos, choices will arise to display both of them together in a loop — the perfect duet.

Many themes also enable users to add their own text to the script, allowing them to compose it themselves. On iOS and Android, 150 cameos were initially accessible, with more coming each week.

Snapchat is always trying to make it easier for its users to express themselves, have fun, and stay in contact with their friends.

Snapchat’s official statement on the new cameos

We’re continually coming up with new methods to express ourselves in the present, from Lenses to Bitmoji and everything in between. Cameos are a new feature that brings talks to life. Cameos turn users become the stars of their own short, looping films, which they may share with others via chat. Users will be able to select the right cameo for each situation, whether they’re thrilled, weary, or just want to say hi. Captions may be added to some cameos to make them more personal.

Cameos may be found and sent in chat, right next to stickers. They’re now accessible for iOS and Android, with over 150 cameos to select from – and more on the way. Simply press the Cameo button in the conversation sticker bar, take a selfie, and choose a scene to explore. You may also play in two-person cameos if a buddy has already set up their cameo.

Just go ahead and make a cameo of your own.

Snapchat has issued a statement.

Tutorial on how to make your own cameo

To make and send cameos, take a selfie first. Later, the selfie may be edited or erased.

Make a Snapchat cameo selfie first:

  • Activate the chat
  • Tap on the green + logo after clicking on the Smily next to the conversation bar.
  • Choose the Cameos tile and take a selfie.
  • Type to enable two-person cameos.

Snapchat cameo should be changed.

The Selfie may be modified at any time to reflect changes!

To alter the selfie, do the following:

  • Activate the chat
  • Then touch on the green + logo next to the smily next to the conversation bar.
  • Tap ‘More’ after selecting the Cameos tile.
  • To take a new selfie, tap ‘New Selfie.’

Make cameos and send them out.

To send a cameo to a buddy, use the following code:

  • Activate the chat
  • Tap the green + logo after clicking the Smily next to the conversation bar.
  • Choose a cameo to appear in.
  • If a buddy also has cameos enabled, two-person cameos may be made.
  • To share cameos with friends, tap ‘Send.’

There are always fresh cameos to pick from since the cameos are always changing!

Pro tip: At the bottom of the screen, you may choose several cameo categories. To find them, just type in terms like “hello,” “yeah,” or “lol.”

If you press ‘…’ and then ‘View Full Screen,’ you’ll get a preview of the cameo.

Hold down the key and press ‘Save to Camera Roll’ to save cameos from the discussion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why cant I change my Snapchat profile picture?

A: Snapchat does not allow users to change the content of their profile pictures. As such, this function is disabled.

How do I change my profile pic?

A: On our main page, click on your username and then you can change it to a custom profile pic.

How do I change my Bitmoji profile picture on Snapchat?

A: You can change your Snapchat profile picture simply by snapping the photo that you want to use as your Bitmoji.

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