20+ Best Free Drum VST & AU Plugins in 2021 (With Download Links)

Drum software is a staple in any digital musician’s toolkit. There are multiple options for each operating system available, and if you’re looking to save money on your music production tools then it makes sense that you should try something new. This list will help guide you towards the best free drum VST & AU plugins of 2021 so download away!

The “best free drum vst reddit” is a subreddit that has been around for quite some time. The subreddit has over 50,000 subscribers and provides users with the best free VST & AU plugins in 2021.


With the advancement of technology in music production, almost all current DAWs now include a sophisticated drum machine or sampler. As a result, coming up with the ideal sound might be difficult when you have a plethora of options at your disposal. As a result, free drum VST plugins have become quite popular. Finding these free drum VSTs, on the other hand, takes a long time.

free drum vst

Don’t worry; we’ve compiled a list of the top free drum VST plugins available, all of which will make your drums pop in no time. These nasty guys not only provide some much-needed punch to your drum sounds, but they also help you get your creative juices flowing. So, without further ado, let’s get this party started.

List of 20+ Free Drum VST and AU Plugins for 2021

1) De la Mancha’s Impakter

free drum vst

Impakter is a wonderful drum tool and one of the finest free drum VST plugins on the internet, with over 300 varied drum samples modeled by solid drum machines like the Korg KPR-77, Yamaha MR-10, and Antonelli Organ 2377 rhythm box.

Impakter also includes four modules for kick, hats, snare, and percussion sounds, as well as 52 presets spanning a wide range of drum sounds and genres. Get to work!


T.Rex 606 T.Rex 606 T.Rex 606 T.Re

free drum vst

The T.REX 606 is a tiny rompler with a basic GUI that delivers 7 retro sounds, reverb, and a volume knob, emulating the classic Roland TR-606 drum machine. T.Rex 606 seems to be a steady reprieve at a time when VSTs have an overly convoluted interface.


free drum vst

DRUM Pro’s EDM and Techno influences provide a plethora of booming drum beats. DRUM Pro stands out as a robust drum machine plugin with around 20 inbuilt drum kits, 12 pads, and global effects that will cover you no matter what track you’re working on.

Djinndrum is the fourth member of the Djinndrum family.

free drum vst

There’s some good news in the works for fans of the old Linn LM-1 drum machine sound. Djinndrum is a monster of a drum VST that faithfully reproduces the legendary LM1 sound we’ve all grown to love over the years.

With the addition of Djinndrum VST, anybody can have the classic 80s drum sound utilized by legends like Prince and Michael Jackson for free!

5) Beat Skills’ BeatFactory



BeatFactory is a drum machine emulation based on the infamous MPC 2500. It’s great for making powerful hip-hop and trap tracks. It comes with ten drum kits, built-in reverb to make your drum tracks feel bigger, and an ADSR envelope to help you fine-tune your soundscape.

Furthermore, BeatFactory’s straightforward interface has 12 drum pads, each with its own faders. Easily one of the greatest free Drum VST Plugins available.

MT Power Drum Kit No. 2

free drum vst

MT Power Drum Kit 2 comes with a completely pre-programmed groove library that assures unadulterated sonic mayhem, as well as a variety of strong drum beats that cut through any mix. MT Power Drum Kit is ideal for creating rhythms for your drum accompaniment as well as creating your own unique drum patterns in odd time signatures. Take a listen to the plugin’s raw snare sound.

7) Legendary Lines

free drum vst

Line of Legends is a sick VST that will give Hip Hop and Trap fans another boost. Line of Legends ensures a sonic onslaught like no other, with over 47 high-quality samples and 8 distinct output channels.

Furthermore, if you desire greater control, the punch, release, and assault dials may be tweaked extensively.

8) Drummer Sean Pandy

free drum vst

Sean Pandy Drums is one of the greatest free drum VST plugins on the market if you’re seeking for a drum sound suitable for heavy metal, deathcore, or extreme metal genres in your mix.

This VST, which is based on a sample bundle created by heavy metal drummer Sean Pandy, does not disappoint.

MiniSpillage (nine)

free drum vst

MiniSpillage, a professional grade drum synth featuring a bass drum, adaptable wood drum synthesising timbres to toms, and a robust 6 oscillator hi-hat generator, each with a considerable variety of configurable effects and filters, would undoubtedly satisfy Mac revellers. MiniSpillage is also capable of 64-bit DSP processing with great resolution.

10) DrumTROOP Dub Turbo

free drum vst

DrumTROOP is a strong drum machine worth snagging if you wish to add drum parts spanning from EDM, dubstep, and deep house into your mix. For EDM boppers, it’s a complete weapon of mass beats creation.


11) TS-808 TS-808 TS-808 TS-808

free drum vst

Without an 808 emulation, what good is a list of the greatest free drum VST Plugins? With silky elegance, Tactile Sounds’ TS-808 VST emulates the Roland TR-808. For starters, there are 15 different drum sounds to choose from, each with its own decay and tuning knobs.

TS-808 is also a must-have in every drum arsenal, with even more settings and tuning choices at your disposal.

12) Third Harmonic Studios’ EXD-80

free drum vst

EXD-80 is a Windows-only virtual analog drum and percussion synthesiser that can reproduce a wide range of sounds, from classic drum machines to avant-garde, ambient, and distorted glitchy noises.

Overall, this free drum VST is ideal for progressive rockers and metallers, as well as a wide range of other genres like as Dubstep, Drum & Bass, and so on.

13) MegaReaper Drumkit from SM

free drum vst

The SM MegaReaper is based on the Ludwig Oyster Blue Pearl Drum Kit from the 1960s, and is billed as the “deepest sampled drum kit in the world” by its creators. It has an obscene number of sound samples, over 127 velocity layers per kit, and 2-4 samples per note velocity.

What are the drawbacks, you may wonder? This drum set is only compatible with Reaper. Other DAW users, on the other hand, can get over 2GB worth of drum samples for free!

14) Rhythmic 3

free drum vst

Drumatic 3 is a handy analog drum synth that gives a lot of freedom to producers thanks to its 100% synthesised sounds. Graphical envelopes are available for each piece of the ‘kit,’ as well as six stereo outputs that may be assigned to any of the seven sounds.

SL Drums 3 (15)

free drum vst

SL Drums 3 is a new virtual drum machine in Beatmaker’s free drum VST and AU plugins arsenal, and it’s available for both Windows and Mac OS. With over 450 drum samples, 75 new drum kits, simple controls, and a revised GUI design, SL Drums is guaranteed to get people talking. The greatest thing is that it is completely free!

SonicXTC’s Drum Boxx (16)

free drum vst

Drum Boxx is a free drum VST synthesizer that can create hundreds of distinct synthetic drum sounds, making it a formidable addition to our list. It has 12 separate signal channels, each with its own drum synthesizer that can be separately modified, equalized, distorted, tuned, and filtered.

As a result, sound modulation and drum sound design have a lot of potential. There are also 10 unique preset kits and 128 user kits available. Sweet!

Melda Productions’ MDrummer Small is number seventeen.

free drum vst

MDrummer Small, often known as the younger brother of MDrummer Large, is a sophisticated and adaptable free virtual drum machine VST that includes over 500MB of samples, rhythms, multisamples, and other data to provide phantasmic percussion sounds.

MDrummer Small also has jamming capabilities as well as an integrated Arrangement Sequencer, among other features. The Drum Source (number 18)

free drum vst

Do you want to program your drums quickly? The Drum Source is a useful sample-based drum machine VST with a 24-pattern sequencer, each of which may be a 16/32/64/128 sequence, and it accepts a wide variety of audio files as samples.

MyDrumset (19)

free drum vst

Now you can re-create the charm of an acoustic drum kit with MyDrumset VST, which offers unprocessed drum sounds from the past. You can also mix and build it up to sound like a genuine drum kit, with each microphone recording to 12 distinct outputs individually.

20) Snare Drum (Techno)

free drum vst

Want to quickly produce a variety of snare sounds? Look no farther than Techno Snare, which includes 512 techno snare sounds organized into four banks. You may also mash various sounds by filtering high frequencies from any bank.

This free VST, which is essential for techno creation, was built from the ground up to combine analog sounds.

That’s all there is to it! Have you enjoyed our collection of free drum VST plugins? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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The “free drum plugins for audacity” is a list of 20+ Best Free Drum VST & AU Plugins in 2021. The list includes links to download the plugins.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most realistic drum VST?

A: The most realistic drum VST is a combination of different VSTs. They have to be able to produce realism without sounding too fake or strange, and also allow you enough control so that it sounds similar yet unique from other sampled drums.

What is the best drum plugin?

A: The best drum plugin is a reverbs, but if you want to make your own sounds for drums then the free tool called Audacity would be good.

What is the best drum software?

A: The best drum software for you will depend on the kind of music that you are looking to create. Check out this website, it has a list of some great recommendations!

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