10 Best Xposed Modules for Your Rooted Phone

Xposed is a framework that allows users to install modifications on their rooted Android devices without having to flash or modify the system image using TWRP, one of the newest innovations in rooting. Xposed Modules are open-source apps made by other developers and can be installed on any device running an unrooted version of Android through these three methods; download from APKMirror, sideloading (which requires root), or manually installing files into /system/priv-app folder.

The “best xposed modules for android 10” is a list of the best Xposed Modules that are available. The list includes the name, description, and rating of each module.



We’ll go through Xposed Modules and the 10 The Most Effective Xposed Modules available right now for your rooted Android phone in this post.

What are Xposed Modules, and what do they do?


Xposed is an Android framework that lets you to install add-ons to alter and add new features to your smartphone. It works with any Android device that has root access. In the realm of rooting and modding, the add-ons are known as modules. You may use Xposed to add particular features to whatever ROM you’re running, even the standard ROM, rather than flashing a new ROM to gain a certain feature.

You must avoid doing anything about which you have no knowledge at any time. During the implementation, don’t make any changes to the methods. This is exactly what might be causing your smartphone to fail to execute other activities as well. Because of this, we at TechLatest cannot be held liable for anything that goes wrong.

How can I put Xposed Modules on my phone?

We’ll assume you’ve already installed the Xposed Framework on your device and that it’s up and running. So, have a look at the top xposed modules and begin utilizing them by following the instructions below.

  • Look for the Xposed Installer app in the app drawer.
  • Open the Xposed Installer application now.
  • You’ll notice the Xposed Framework status on your smartphone; if it says ‘Framework Installed,’ you’re set to go.
  • Now, from the left top bar, go to the menu.
  • Finally, choose Downloads from the drop-down menu.
  • Search for and install your favorite modules.

Best Xposed Modules

Extend the life of your battery by amplifying it.

‘Amplify,’ as the name implies, may govern how your smartphone utilizes its battery by limiting how frequently it can wake up and how long it can remain up. Use the suggested settings to save battery life, or go further and configure each alarm and wake lock on your smartphone.


Thread on XDA, with a download link


GravityBox is a module whose major objective is to give users of vanilla or nearly vanilla Android devices with a tweak box that transforms their stock ROM into a custom ROM with extra features and modifications without the need to install a custom ROM. The majority of the choices may be updated on-the-fly without having to restart the computer.

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Thread on XDA, with a download link


XuiMOD is another another fantastic Xposed module that allows users to customize the system UI. The module incorporates UI modifications from a variety of custom ROMs. The following are some of the benefits you’ll gain from utilizing this module:

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  • Customizations for the Batterybar
  • Animation of Xylon Transitions
  • Controls for AOKP Animation
  • IME Animations That You Create
  • Toast Animations Using Your Own Design
  • Custom Animations for Notification Tickers


Advertisement on YouTube

YouTube AdAway is a free and accurate adblocker best xposed module that will let you eliminate all those annoying adverts from YouTube videos, as the name says. The module was created by @wanam, a well-known XDA developer and Android community contributor.

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This program is not a customized YouTube app; instead, it just disables YouTube’s in-video ads and information card teasers. It has over 100K active users who seem to be having a good time with it.

Thread on XDA, with a download link



Extensions for WhatsApp

WhatsApp Extensions is an Xposed plugin that enhances the basic WhatsApp client with new functionality. This is your solution to WhatsApp customisation in the official app itself if you don’t want to use the modified version of WhatsApp and want to stick to the original version of WhatsApp pushed by FACEBOOK Inc itself through Google Play Store. It comes with a slew of features, a few of which are given below:

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  • Option to make a direct phone call.
  • Individual conversations may be locked.
  • Reminder – Notifies you that you need to respond to a contact.
  • Chats should be highlighted.
  • Custom wallpaper is available upon request.
  • Chats should be archived indefinitely.
  • Hide the last time you were spotted.
  • Receipts that have been read should be hidden.
  • Reports on deliveries should be hidden.
  • Remove the Camera Button from the bottom bar and hide it.
  • Photo of a profile zoomed in.
  • Call button should be replaced.
  • To respond, forward, or see information, click messages.
  • Get statistics on your messages ( per chat )


Thread on XDA, with a download link

xBlast Tools are a set of tools that may be used to blast

This module allows you to change the colors of numerous indicators on your phone, such as WiFi signals, network signals, keyboard backgrounds, battery, clock, and others, to make it more colorful. The following are some of the characteristics:

  • Long-press the volume buttons to skip tunes when the screen is off.
  • In text fields, volume keys control the cursor.
  • Volume of headset media that is safe
  • Daydream now has a new module.
  • Choose a color or picture for the Daydream backdrop.
  • Choose a color for your Daydream Clock.
  • Select a color for the alarm icon, vibration, Bluetooth, and quiet modes.


Thread on XDA, with a download link


If you’re a Snapchat fanatic, this module is for you; it has a slew of useful features, some of which are described below:



  • From the gallery, sharing
  • Video and photo storage (Autosave)
  • Folder concealment
  • Choosing a directory
  • Duration of a custom image timer (3-5-7-10 seconds)
  • Taking screenshots in chat
  • Store for Filters
  • Visual Filters – Filters similar to those seen on Instagram may be used (17)
  • Viewing in the shadows
  • Block typing, presence alert, and many more features are available.

Thread on XDA, with a download link


This is currently one of the greatest xposed modules available. Some individuals like using alerts to remind them to do something later. The only issue in this approach is when you delete the notice by mistake. You may pin any notification using PinNotif. To pin a notification, just long-press it, then long-press it again to unpin it. When you’re done with it, you may swipe it away.

This will not prevent the app from removing alerts when you open them, and the app will still be able to handle the notification at any moment (including clearing it). When you hit the “clear all” button or attempt to swipe them away, it merely keeps them from being removed.

Thread on XDA, with a download link


This module is a must-try for everyone who enjoys changing the status bar and navigation bar on their Android smartphone.

  • Theme for the Status Bar:
    • Apply a theme to the alarm, wifi, signal, Bluetooth, GPS, battery, sync, ringer, and headset icons.
    • Change the icons to fit the theme.
    • You have the option of selecting which icons to use as a theme.
  • Theme for the Navigation Bar:
    • Back, back-time, home, recent, menu, search, highlight, and background should all have an incorporated theme (translucent mode only).
    • Customize the back, back-ime, home, recent, menu, search, highlight, background (translucent mode only), qmemo(LG), qslide(LG), dual window (LG), notification down/up with your own graphics (LG).
    • Change the backdrop, scale type, and color of the buttons.


Thread on XDA, with a download link


XPrivacy is a permissions manager that allows you to govern which functionalities and data your device applications have access to. It’s been one of the most popular and useful Xposed modules for a long time. It seems like Xprivacy would become obsolete for Android 6.0 users with the introduction of granular permissions restrictions, yet it still serves a function. All Android applications are granted Internet permission by default. This is often used for benign objectives such as collecting analytics data or sending advertisements, but it might also be a security risk.


Thread on XDA, with a download link

That concludes our list of the Best Xposed Modules for Android. Did any of your favorites slip through the cracks? Please let us know in the comments section below.

Peace 😉


The “best xposed modules 2021” is a list of 10 best Xposed Modules for your rooted phone. The list includes some popular apps, like Gravity Box and Greenify.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best xposed modules?

A: The best xposed modules are the ones that help with battery life, performance and customization. Some of these include Xprivacy, PerfControl and GravityBox.

What can xposed modules do?

A: The xposed framework is the latest method that developers use to modify their apps. This allows them to customize not just parts of an apps functionality but also its appearance and settings without having root access, which means you can hide elements in your app or change its permissions with out needing a rooted device. Xposed modules are like add-ons for Android apps, meaning they bring brand new features into otherwise standard applications

Is virtual xposed rooted?

A: This is a question that does not have an answer.

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