2 Tricky Extensions to Speed Up Google Chrome

When you install Chrome extensions, the browser may be updated to disable some functionality. Extensions that need access to certain windows can take advantage of these windows by introducing their own tabs in them. This article will show how these specific cases might affect your browsing experience and provide other ways around it.

The “chrome://settings/help” is an extension that allows users to search for Google Chrome settings. This extension has two tricks that will speed up the browser.

Are you looking for a way to make Google Chrome run faster? Isn’t it a fascinating subject?

Chrome is the most widely used browser on the globe. It’s a fantastic browser, but with the passage of time and the gadgets we use, it may become sluggish.

So, particularly on slower or weaker connections, we may employ some sneaky methods to speed up the Google Chrome online surfing experience.

This article contains new extensions that will help you speed up your Chrome browser by loading quicker for a better surfing experience.


FasterChrome is a Chrome plugin that can predict which website you will visit and begins preloading it before you do.

Isn’t it strange? This is how it works.

This Chrome addon can monitor your mouse movements around the web. Assume you’re about to click on any link. When your cursor lingers over a link for 65 milliseconds, this extension begins preloading the link before you click it. The point at which you have a 50% probability of having to click or not is 65 milliseconds, and this extension begins preloading at that time.

This fantastic addon works flawlessly on sites within the same website. However, when you go to another website, the pages are still quicker, but not by much. It’s ideal for students, professors, and anybody who wants to explore news and instructional websites.

2-Tricky-Extensions-to-Speed-Up-Google-ChromeWeb Boost by McAfee

The majority of websites include movies that begin playing automatically as soon as you enter the page. When you open numerous tabs like these, it may slow down your surfing and crush the chrome. However, it does not seem that there is a way to prevent it. It will be much easier to repair thanks to this addon.

McAfee Web Boost is a Chrome addon that helps you conserve bandwidth and battery life by preventing unwanted auto-playing videos on every website you visit. It’ll simply save me a lot of data so I can watch more Youtube videos!

Chrome Configuration

These two addons are excellent for working efficiently on your desktop or laptop. I’ve been using these extensions for a long now and they’re fantastic. Chrome extensions, on the other hand, might use more CPU and RAM resources.

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Remember that the performance of these Extensions may be affected by the characteristics of your device!

Have fun surfing the web!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make Chrome extensions faster?

A: The extension isnt accessible from your extensions page. This means that Chrome is taking a few extra seconds to load the URL of the website, as opposed to loading it immediately without an extension. Extensions can access these URLs with their own custom HTTP requests and make them faster; we recommend checking out chrome://extensions/ and looking for one with net in its name (for example, net-config).

Can you use two Chrome extensions at the same time?

A: No, they are mutually exclusive.

What are some fun Chrome extensions?

A: Some of my favorite Chrome extensions are the ones that make it easier for me to find information on any subject I need. A few examples of these include; 1) The Grammarly extension makes it easy for you to see if your grammar is correct, while also highlighting some common mistakes in red.2) Google Translate can be used by clicking on the icon and then typing in your language into the field provided.

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