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T-Mobile users may receive six months of Quibi for free right now. Because the offer is part of T-Mobile Tuesdays, it is only available for a limited time.


Despite the fact that Quibi is one of the newest streaming services, it is distinct from the others. The service was created with the intention of allowing users to view content on their smartphones. As a consequence, Quibi only produces short-form material, with each movie lasting around 10 minutes.

T-Mobile customers who want to acquire a free Quibi membership may do so by installing the T-Mobile Tuesdays app from Google Play or the App Store. They will be able to save the deal to their T-Mobile Tuesdays account after they have downloaded the app and checked in using their T-Mobile phone number.


T-Mobile customers will notice a’redeem’ button in the app after saving the deal, and when they click it, they will be instantly taken to the Quibi app download page. The offer will be linked and accessible on the sign-up page after the app has been downloaded.

Limitations and limits are imposed by Quibi.

There are certain caveats, as one would imagine. Apart from being a T-Mobile client, the primary disadvantage is that the offer is only offered to new Quibi users. Another is that since this is a limited-time offer, the code must be saved and used before October 13, 2020.

It’s also worth mentioning that the offer is only valid for Quibi’s ad-supported edition. Similarly, after the free trial period has expired, the membership will automatically convert to a $4.99 per month premium subscription.

Another limitation, albeit not related to the T-Mobile agreement, is device support. Quibi cannot be downloaded on other devices, such as smart TVs or streaming players, since it is developed especially for smartphones. However, the firm recently added Chromecast and AirPlay functionality, allowing subscribers to broadcast Quibi films from their phone to a streaming player or smart TV, despite the fact that the app cannot be downloaded on other devices.

For customers on a qualifying plan, T-Mobile now provides a free one-year Quibi membership. As a result, T-Mobile customers should only choose this six-month alternative if they don’t qualify for the current ‘Quibi with us’ offer.