YouTube TV Adds ‘Mark as Watched’ Feature, but Not to TVs or Players

The “youtube tv recently watched not updating” is a recent change to YouTube TV. This feature will allow users to mark as watched on their TVs or players, but not on the app itself.

YouTube TV’s recent update allows users to mark a live broadcast as watched, but not on TVs or players where it can be viewed without an active internet connection. This is troubling for cord-cutters who are often looking for the ability to view content at their convenience. However, YouTube says that they appreciate all user feedback and will continue monitoring this issue closely in order to provide relevant solutions..

YouTube TV recently added a new feature, “Mark as Watched” to their service. The feature allows users to mark the shows they’ve watched and receive notifications when they’re about to air. However, it appears that this feature is not available on TVs or players. Read more in detail here: youtube tv recently watched not updating.

YouTube TV recently added a feature that lets users mark their shows as watched, but not to TVs or players. This is the latest step in YouTube’s push for cord cutting and a possible indication of where it wants its streaming service to go next.

YouTube TV recently added the “Mark as Watched” feature to their service, but it is not available on TVs or players. The feature allows users to mark videos they have watched so that they can easily find them later. Read more in detail here: youtube tv recently watched not updating.

YouTube TV has a new feature that lets you “mark as watched” a show or movie on your account. This comes with some caveats, though: the feature only works on your computer and not through devices like TVs or players. Google says they’ll be adding support for player-based viewing in the future.

YouTube TV is currently testing a feature that allows users to label videos as ‘watched.’ The more information a user provides, the better YouTube TV will be at suggesting content in the future.


YouTube TV is a Google service that places a strong emphasis on intelligence. For this reason, YouTube TV is arguably one of the finest live TV streaming services, with the company always striving to better understand its consumers and provide a more personalized experience based on that information.

YouTube is now adding a new’mark as viewed’ function to its user feedback strategy. YouTube TV revealed the change on social media, noting that the functionality would be available on all platforms in the coming weeks. Users may mark not just a single episode as seen once the app is available, but also a whole series or even a full program.


Have you watched that episode or event before? Season? Is it a complete series?

You were heard! On the coming weeks, you’ll see an option in YouTube TV to label them as “watched.” With improved suggestions and library organization, you’ll have more control over how you watch your favorite TV.

March 4, 2020 — YouTube TV (@YouTubeTV)

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YouTube TV recently added a “Mark as Watched” feature, but not to TVs or players. This is because they do not want people to be able to skip advertisements. Reference: youtube tv add ons.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete watched programs on YouTube on my TV?

A: You can delete watched programs and search history on YouTube TV using the following steps.
1- Open your Youtube app on your TV.2- Go to Settings 3- Select System 4-Under Search History, select Deleted Items tab

How do you resume YouTube on TV?

A: In order to resume YouTube on TV, you need a gaming console. This will allow the PS4 to pass through your input from the DualShock 4 controller and output it as video via HDMI cable so that it can be displayed on your television.

Can 2 people use the same YouTube TV?

A: Yes. You can have 2 people watch the same YouTube TV account at once, so it is possible to have 2 people watching different channels on your TV simultaneously.

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