How to Pause a fuboTV Subscription & What Happens After

Many people are turning to streaming services like fuboTV instead of expensive cable TV subscriptions. But there is one thing that many people don’t know – you can pause your subscription! You’ll want to make sure you’re covered if something goes wrong with your service, so here’s how it works and what happens next.

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How to Pause a fuboTV Subscription & What Happens After

Instead of canceling a live TV subscription, fuboTV allows you to pause it. For some fuboTV consumers, the opportunity to suspend a subscription may be more beneficial than canceling, whether it’s to test another service in the interim or just to defer payments for a month or two. However, before pausing a subscription, it’s crucial to understand what pausing entails and what occurs when a subscription has been halted.


Although fuboTV may not have the same subscriber base as Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, or YouTube TV, it is nonetheless a service that is constantly gaining new users, and its growth does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. FuboTV, which costs the same as Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV, is a wonderful alternative for live TV streaming, particularly for people who want to watch as many live sports as possible.

FuboTV is still a costly service in general, with plans beginning at $64.99 per month, making the cost of the subscription one of the primary reasons why a customer could contemplate quitting. Although it is simple to cancel a fuboTV subscription when the time comes, the program also allows you to suspend your membership. This is especially beneficial when testing out a new provider to see whether it is a better match, going on a longer vacation, or waiting for a certain league to resume.


How can I put my fuboTV subscription on hold?

The option to stop a fuboTV subscription is located in the same part of the settings as the option to cancel a subscription, making switching between the two a breeze.

Instructions for pausing your subscription:

  1. Go to the fuboTV website to learn more.
  2. If necessary, sign in.
  3. Choose a persona (if asked)
  4. Select the symbol for My Profile (top right)
  5. Select My Account from the drop-down menu.
  6. Select “View subscription information” from the drop-down menu (under Account Details)
  7. Click “Pause Subscription” (above “Cancel Subscription”) to pause your subscription.
  8. Choose the length of the pause.
  9. To end the pause, click “Confirm.”

Subscribers may choose to suspend their membership for one, two, or three months, with the suspension taking effect on the next payment date. If you’re on a fuboTV quarterly plan, stopping your subscription will automatically put it on hold for one payment cycle – three months.

To clarify, pause is only accessible to fuboTV members who are invoiced directly by the company on a monthly or quarterly basis. In other words, if subscribers are paid by a third-party or on a yearly basis, they will not see the option to “pause subscription” in their account settings.

What happens when a subscription is paused?

Subscribers who have halted their subscriptions may fail to make the next payment when it is due. In the interim, customers will continue to have access to their live TV subscription, which will enable them to view live TV channels and on-demand material until the next payment is due. Because this date varies from subscriber to subscriber, there is no established or standard date for pausing or unpausing to take effect, thus customers should keep track of when their account will be reactivated.


One of the advantages of pausing rather than canceling a subscription is that the subscriber’s account, including their settings, stays intact. During a subscription pause, for example, a subscriber cannot access live TV or recordings, but their recordings remain tied to the account. The subscriber will have access to all of the recordings they made before the pause was begun once the pause is removed and the subscription starts.

Another potential advantage is the pricing. If you cancel a fuboTV subscription and then begin it at a later date, the price of the subscription may have changed. The price of a paused subscription, on the other hand, stays the same, and any prior savings will be applied when the subscription resumes.

Of course, the risk of a stopped subscription is that it will automatically resume at a later date. As a consequence, consumers must be informed of that day and ensure that they truly cancel their membership if they decide not to return to fuboTV. If the pause is not removed, the full amount of the subscription will be paid automatically on the day the pause is lifted.

Taking a break from fuboTV

Pausing a fuboTV subscription is a good option to canceling it, and it’s likely to be especially handy for individuals who just require a brief break from paying. When a season or league has ended and you’re waiting for the next one to begin, when you’re away from home for longer than usual, or when you don’t want to pay for two services at once while testing out a rival service. The option to stop a fuboTV subscription may be found on the website’s My Account area.

The subscriber may delay for as little as one month or as long as three months while halting a subscription. All of the subscriber’s choices, settings, and recordings remain unchanged when the service is stopped, and they will be accessible again after the paused time expires. Even while pausing is a convenient alternative to canceling, fuboTV members should be aware of when the pause is set to end, particularly if they do not want to reactivate their subscription.

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FuboTV is a streaming service that allows users to watch live and on-demand sporting events. It has over 30,000 hours of content and it offers a free trial period for 7 days. The subscription can be paused at any time during the trial period. Reference: fubo subscriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can fuboTV be Cancelled at any time?

A: FuboTV is not technically a traditional cable provider. They are an internet streaming service that provides channels for TV subscribers to watch on their computers, smartphones, or tablets without requiring them to purchase any hardware (this includes the use of built in apps like Roku and Amazon Firestick).

How do I cancel my fuboTV subscription for free?

A: To cancel your fuboTV subscription, please go to and follow the instructions that are provided for you

Is FUBO easy to cancel?

A: FUBO is a very easy and affordable service. We offer price protection, so if you cancel your subscription within the first 3 months of your purchase, we will refund 75% of what you paid for it! If you cancel after that time period on up to 6 months of service, we will give 50% of what was already paid for the remainder of the contract. This ensures that no one pays more than they would otherwise pay had they not cancelled their subscription early or had any kind

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