Just when you thought that the PC was dead, it’s back with a vengeance in GGPC DECEMBER 2021 WITH LOGITECH G! This incredible and innovative game will provide gamers all over the world with an entirely new experience.

The “logitech pro” is a computer peripheral that allows users to play games on their computers. The device comes with a gamepad and an LCD screen.



HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO HO December has here, which means we’ve got some awesome new Logitech G gaming goods to give away!

If you purchase a GGPC in December, you may register to get a G240 Gaming Mouse Pad to complement your new gaming setup. The G240 Gaming Mouse Pad delivers smooth, edge-to-edge performance on a clean surface with exactly the proper amount of friction for low-DPI maneuvers. The continuous surface texture gives your mouse sensors better images for translating mouse movement into cursor movement, allowing you to have more control over your mouse motions.

An fantastic mouse pad for any mouse, but that’s not all; one lucky New Zealand player will also get our amazing December Gaming Prize Pack!

IMPORTANT: You must register for the Logitech G240 Bonus to be eligible to win the MEGA Prize!

The main prize package for the December 2021 event is just fantastic! All of the gear comes together to create a very impressive full setup for our lucky winner, including the latest wireless Logitech G gaming headset, a wireless TLK RGB gaming keyboard, and a great new gaming mouse (also in white) to match – so let’s take a quick look at all of this wonderful Logitech G gaming gear!

The G203 is really fantastic, with a stunning RGB band that our winner may customize to their own. The classic six-button design provides both comfort and confidence when exploring new gaming worlds, casting spells, and playing exactly how you want. Plus, it uses the latest version of Logitech G HUB software to assign in-game commands, system controls, or key binds to buttons for a competitive edge, or simply improved quality of life!


The main left and right buttons have a Logitech G unique metal spring button tensioning technology that ensures accurate button activation and a consistent experience-click after click. It’s lovely, but that’s not all our fortunate December winner will get…

Next up, we have Logitech’s newest offering, the Logitech G435 Gaming Headset, which weighs in at a mere 165 grams! It’s wonderfully comfortable, and it’s jam-packed with cutting-edge technology, including LIGHTSPEED wireless and Bluetooth connection. Because of the diverse feature set, our December winner may use it with their new PC as well as a variety of other devices.


The G435’s 40mm drivers provide crisp, clean sound that brings your game to life. Instead of a boom, the microphone uses twin beamforming microphones that work together to give sound quality in a very subtle manner.

The Logitech G915 TKL Wireless Gaming Keyboard is the next alternative, a tiny form factor option with LIGHTSPEED pro-grade wireless and sophisticated LIGHTSYNC RGB. With high-performance low-profile mechanical switches, the thin design is a work of engineering suited for gaming on the desktop or in the lounge.


The G915 TKL is a refined design of unsurpassed beauty, robustness, and performance, crafted precisely from premium materials, and it’s also a better fit thanks to the TLK (ten-key-less) compact form factor.

Definitely a fantastic keyboard!

WOW! What a fantastic collection of gifts!

Check out all of the newest Gaming PC builds and Logitech G prizes, and stay tuned to the GGPC Blog for the winner of the MEGA PRIZE PACK at the end of the month!


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