ByteFence vs Malwarebytes: Which is more secure?

One of the most popular anti-malware programs is Malwarebytes. They are one of the best but they don’t come cheap. Bytefence on other hand, offers a free solution which also comes with some advanced features that users may want to pay for later down the road when their security needs grow and change as technology advances.

ByteFence vs Malwarebytes: Which is more secure?


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  • We evaluate ByteFence and Malwarebytes in terms of functionality, price, and more in our ByteFence vs Malwarebytes comparison.
  • Malwarebytes is a popular antivirus program that comes in both a free and a paid edition.
  • Pro version of ByteFence provides basic antivirus protection as well as a few handy tweaks.
  • Is Malwarebytes Premium is a premium version of Malwarebytes. more valuable than ByteFence? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll address all of your questions.


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Malwarebytes is one of the most popular malware eradication programs for both Windows and Mac OS X. It’s also available for Android and iOS smartphones. However, there are a number of security features that have been released with lofty promises, and we are certain that you will want to learn more. 

ByteFence is a relatively new antivirus solution that is exclusively available for Windows. However, some Mac users may discover the program installed as part of a package with other software. 

Is ByteFence sufficient as a security solution, or should Malwarebytes be used instead? In this extensive ByteFence vs Malwarebytes comparison, we address all of your questions.


Which antivirus is superior, ByteFence or Malwarebytes?



ByteFence is a security tool that scans for Trojans, worms, spyware, crapware, and other dangers to your computer and removes them. 

It was created by Byte Technologies and is available in two versions: a free basic version and a paid pro version. ByteFence is only available for Windows computers. 

ByteFence’s Features 

ByteFence comes in two flavors: a free trial and a paid edition. Only scanning functions are included in the free version. As a result, you can check for adware, spyware, and other threats in real time. A subscription to the Pro version is necessary to eradicate the virus. 

ByteFence has an easy-to-use user interface. From the main screen, you may access the Scan, Browsers, Settings, and Status tabs. Full Scan, Quick Scan, and manual Folder and Files Scan are the three scan choices. 

After that, you may check and clear Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox on the Browsers tab. All of the security options are stashed away in the Settings menu. 

Allow real-time protection, configure scanning schedules, add and delete URLs from the whitelist, and examine the files transferred to the Quarantine tab without hesitation. 

In addition, there is a Gamer Mode. When you enable it, it will deactivate a number of functions to free up system resources for your game. 

The tuneup tab includes a system cleaning utility that purports to repair system problems by removing garbage files and other lingering data.


Malwarebytes probably doesn’t require much of an introduction. It’s one of the most popular and trusted security solutions for thorough detecting and uninstalling harmful malware without slowing down your machine.

Malwarebytes is compatible with all major desktop and mobile operating systems. The same tool may be used on both a desktop and a mobile device. It is available in a variety of formats, including a free version. 

Malwarebytes features 


Malwarebytes offers to install its Browser Guard, a browser extension, during the installation process. You have the option of skipping it or installing it together with the malware cleanup program. 

It provides real-time security by detecting and removing malware, viruses, and other dangers from your computer and smartphone.

With its Web Protection function, it may also safeguard you from online frauds and dubious websites. To secure your personal and financial information, it scans for bad links and stops phishing frauds.

Ransomware prevention and exploit protection are also included in real-time protection. Malware that locks you out of your device or data is blocked by ransomware protection.

Malware that takes advantage of faults and vulnerabilities in a system is blocked by Exploit Protection.


Expert Tip: Some PC problems, such as damaged repositories or missing Windows files, are difficult to resolve. If you’re having problems repairing a mistake, it’s possible that your system is partly broken. Restoro is a tool that will scan your computer and determine the source of the problem. To download and begin mending, go here.

By default, all of the protective layers are turned on. You may, however, deactivate them separately if desired. The real-time dashboard displays your computer’s malware statistics.

Malwarebytes VPN is a built-in feature for premium customers that protects your privacy, secures your Wi-Fi connection, and outperforms other VPNs in terms of performance.

It’s also quite mild on your computer’s hardware. It runs in the background, taking up no system resources and not bombarding you with offers and alerts. 

It comes with a Light and Dark theme if you become tired with the basic theme. It’s under the Display tab in the Settings menu.

The service has been known to create PC difficulties due to excessive memory use. If this is also the situation for you, discover how to quickly resolve Malwarebytes memory difficulties.

Update definitions for ByteDefense and Malwarebytes 


By default, ByteDefense downloads and installs the most up-to-date virus definitions. With up-to-date threat monitoring, this aids in keeping your PC secure. 

Malwarebytes application update is also enabled by default. You may prevent automatic updates from the Settings tab if you don’t want them to be installed. Of course, you may manually check for updates if you like.

You have complete control over how often Malwarebytes scans for threat intelligence updates. You don’t have to worry about the newest updates with either method since the program will download and install them for you. 

Antivirus software compatibility

ByteFence promises to function seamlessly with third-party applications. When a third-party antivirus application is installed, Microsoft Windows 10 disables several Windows Defender functions.

The free version of Malwarebytes is compatible with third-party antivirus software. The premium version with more features, on the other hand, may need some tweaking to function without conflict.

What is the difference between the free and premium versions?

Malwarebytes has a free version with a functioning trial that may be used to test out the premium features. ByteFence, on the other hand, offers a very rudimentary free version as well as a 14-day working trial.

Malwarebytes is a free antivirus program. vs. Malwarebytes Premium 

Features Malwarebytes Free Malwarebytes Premium
Scanning and virus eradication on demand Yes Yes
Malware detection in real time No Yes
Protection against ransomware No Yes
Web security No Yes
Protection against exploits No Yes
Game mode No Yes
Schedule a scan No Yes

Free version of ByteFence vs. ByteFence Pro

Features ByteFence Free ByteFence Pro
Malware detection scans Yes Yes
Malware scans in real time No Yes
Malware is removed. No Yes
Tuneup No Yes
Whitelist No Yes



Malwarebytes is a fantastic antivirus program that is accessible for all major consumer platforms. The free version is really simple, but it does the job.

Web protection, real-time malware detection, ransomware protection, and more sophisticated features are included in the Premium edition. 

Pros The user interface is simple and easy to use. Anti-malware and anti-virus software that works on all sorts of malware and viruses Cons: Support for several platforms Features are restricted in the free edition.


When it comes to malware cleanup software, ByteFence is hardly a household name. You can check for possible dangers using the free version.

However, a Pro edition subscription is necessary to eradicate malware and viruses, undermining the point of employing an antivirus.

Pros Mode of Play Advanced options for the tune-up software to optimize system performance Cons The free version is quite useless. The premium edition offers fewer options.

To conclude, Malwarebytes should be your first option if you must select between Malwarebytes and ByteFence. It has a free version that can check your computer for any risks and remove them.

ByteFence not only has an ineffective free version, but it also offers a boring premium version. Furthermore, the company’s marketing methods are not the finest.

According to reports, it is installed as part of a package with other freebies and modifies system settings such as the browser’s default search engine and others. 

Check out this comparison of Microsoft Security Essentials vs. third-party antivirus software if you want more security for your PC. In order to make an educated decision, you’ll notice the most significant distinctions between these top antivirus products and the default platform.

And if one of your antivirus products is blocking the camera, don’t panic; there are a few quick fixes available.

Have you worked with these tools before? Let us know what you think in the comments area.

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Should I trust ByteFence?

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Is ByteFence anti-malware safe?

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Is Malwarebytes a virus?

A: Malwarebytes is not a virus. Its an antivirus program that detects and removes malicious software, such as viruses, trojans, worms, adware and spyware.