The new Dell BIOS update causes BSOD and other boot errors

Experts say the new Dell BIOS update causes BSOD and other boot errors. The solution is to go back to original settings in BIOS on a reboot before applying any updates.

The “black screen after bios update – dell inspiron” is a problem that has been present for a while. Dell has released a new BIOS update that causes BSOD and other boot errors.


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  • For those of you Dell users out there, there’s some bad news.
  • The most recent firmware upgrade is riddled with bugs and causes BOSDs.
  • As a result of this serious problem, boot failures are becoming more regular.
  • For the time being, the only option is to roll back the most recent Dell update.


You should be aware that certain Dell desktops and laptops just got a firmware upgrade that is generating black and blue screens of death, according to user accounts.

We might be looking at more symptoms that haven’t been reported yet, such as big booting failures and boot loops, in addition to these serious issues.

According to our understanding, the Latitude 5320 business laptop, Alienware Aurora R8 gaming PC, and Inspiron 5680 desktop are among the impacted models.

After the newest firmware upgrade, Dell has received a lot of flak.

Following this feared Dell firmware upgrade, the internet has been practically buzzing these past few days, and individuals aren’t hesitant about voicing their worry or dissatisfaction with the corporation.

The BIOS version 1.14.3, according to affected customers, was generating blue screen and booting troubles on their systems.


Dell has subsequently removed the program from their website and is most likely working on a new, better version that will not fry our computers when we download and install it.

You may utilize the support pages on the Dell official site as a solution, which include reducing the BIOS version and a BIOS recovery process.

Despite the fact that the afflicted computers will power on, users claim that peripheral lights and displays will not turn on, and that they will instead boot up to a blue screen before shutting down.

Keep in mind that certain laptops affected by this issue may continue to have boot issues until the battery is disconnected, the power button is pressed for 15 seconds, and the battery and charger are plugged back in before starting up again.

As a result, it’s best to avoid Dell firmware upgrades for the time being, at least until the business says that all of these concerns have been resolved and we can go on.

Have you had similar problems with the recent firmware update? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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The “dell inspiron blue screen of death and now no boot” is a problem that has been present for a while. Dell released an update to the BIOS which causes BSOD and other boot errors.

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