What Type of Device to Use for Online Gambling?

Those who are new to online gambling might not understand the best devices they can use for gambling. There are various devices to pick from, which include desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. However, what device is considered the best for online gambling? The answer to this question depends on individual preferences and what suits them at a particular time. For those who work remotely, a PC might be good because they can always switch to casino games by visiting a site like Slotxo when it’s break time.

All devices have their pros and cons. However, some are more common than others. Recent statistics from Gamemag show that 95% of Internet browsing is done via mobile phones because it’s handy. That’s why many online casino games have their mobile versions to tap into millions of smartphone users. Let’s take a look at the best four devices to use for online gambling,

Desktop PCs

A Desktop PC is a gambling device used by many bettors globally. This gambling device is commonly available in different brands. Desktop PCs come with a display screen, a central processing unit, and a keyboard. You can also fix a game joystick on a desktop PC.


Here are some merits of using PCs for online gambling:


The screen size of desktop PCs can be as small as 17 inches and as high as 42 inches. The big screen allows players to enjoy their games without any problems. You can play your favorite games in HD and with good resolution.

Game graphics

With desktop PCs, gamblers are assured of an excellent online casino experience with good graphics. Recent desktops for games come with a dedicated graphics card that can be as high as 64 GB.


Desktop PCs have powerful AMD and Intel processors, which are great for gaming. These processes make gameplay fast and interesting.

Mouse Usage

You have the option of using a wireless and wired mouse to move characters easily.

Bigger Characters

Furthermore, the text appears bigger, and you listen to sound effects properly.


However, Desktop PCs come with their drawback, for example:

Too Big

They aren’t portable and are difficult to move around.


Also, they can be pricey when compared with other online gaming devices.

Laptops and Notebooks

Theoretically, it is believed that laptops have the same screen sizes as desktop PCs. However, they are smaller. That not being a problem, laptops and notebooks can have good processors like dual cores to run online casino games like:

  • poker
  • online roulette
  • crap
  • blackjack.

These games come in various variants and can be played easily on a laptop or notebook.


Here are some merits of a laptop or notebook for online gambling:


The main merit is that these types of devices are mobile and can be moved from one place to another easily.

Battery Capacity

When you consider that laptops come with batteries that can last for three to four hours, even with power failure, you can play your games. You will, however, need to continue to charge the battery to enjoy your online gambling experience, which might be a hassle for some gamers.


You will also need to buy some accessories like a bag or case when moving it about. This provides some form of safety for it.


A notable drawback when it comes to laptops or notebooks is the price of parts. Indeed, repairing a laptop can be expensive and complicated.


Tablets have become popular in recent times because they are handy and have extended battery life. There are good tablets from Apple, Samsung, and LG. They require a good fiber active Internet service to run. However, they come in handy to play online slots and poker games.


Some merits of tablets for online gambling include:


They are modest in size and cause fewer eye problems because of their screen resolution settings.


A tablet is cheaper than the above online gaming devices.


Cons of tablets include:

Carriage Issues

Mobility is a difficulty for tablets, though, because they can fit into your pocket, and putting them in a laptop bag looks awkward.

Complicated Repair

This device can be complicated to repair; however, gamblers that are careful wouldn’t need to.


This is the best choice for many online gamers because over 90% of the world’s population has an Internet-enabled mobile device. Also, many online casinos and bookies have optimized their platforms to work on smartphones.

The options on smartphones for casino games might be limited, but you can play many games on your phone. Most bookmakers have poker, blackjack, keno, roulette, slots, and lotteries on mobile phones.


Mobile devices have some merits, which are:


A major merit of this online gambling device is that it is simple to carry about and not bulky.

Internet Features

Also, you can use your mobile data to play games instead of the hotspot. The combination of a mobile phone and online games makes game playing easy and accessible anytime.


​​​​​​Smartphones have some drawbacks when used for online gambling; they are:

Limited Options

Some online games don’t have the full option that is provided for PCs and laptops.

Small Screen Size

The small size of most smartphones screens is also a big turnoff, especially for those with eye problems.

Online gambling has been a source of fun, entertainment, and profit-making for many players. Therefore you can use any of the above devices to bet. Your choice will depend on your budget, work, and mobility. Many online casinos are grouped in sites like HyCasino and offer the best games for any device.