How Technology Influenced the Gambling Industry

Thanks to advancements in technology, online casino games with bonuses and mobile games with free spins have become an industry standard.

But not so long ago, playing casino games from the comfort of our home, let alone on the go, was pretty much unimaginable. Today we look at some of the most influential technology events that helped in creating the gambling industry the way we know it today.

Online Casinos

The invention of the internet has probably had the biggest impact on the gambling industry. It helped move what was already one of the most lucrative industries from the traditional brick-and-mortar casinos to the online world and thus made it available to people around the globe.

Apart from making casino games available to a broader audience, this way of running the casino business also had a positive impact on the bottom line of operators. It cut the costs of running the casino operations drastically.

Mobile Casinos

The faze of online gambling via desktops required players to have internet and a computer or a laptop, but mobile casinos went one step further. Thanks to the optimization of online casinos for mobile play, players all over the planet had an even quicker, more convenient, and cheaper way to gamble online.

Today, most of the world’s population are mobile-first users, and with an internet connection every moment, they are just a few seconds away from playing casino games.

Virtual Reality

After online casinos became available in almost every part of the planet, online operators started using technology to create the best possible gambling experience. And one of the technologies used to make this happen is virtual reality.

Virtual reality has helped casinos create online simulations through which players can interact with dealers and amongst each other. In most cases, the quality of the simulation and experience is only determined by the quality of the equipment that players use.

Artificial Intelligence

Just like virtual reality, artificial intelligence has upgraded the casino customer experience. Today, AI helps casinos use past customer behavior and preferences to predict future behavior and create new features and options.

These features have improved multiple elements of the casino experience, such as payments, customer support, and casino games.


Blockchain is the newest innovation in technology that has the power to change not only the gambling industry but the way the whole world of online payments works. At the moment, the biggest products of blockchain are cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

With crypto as a new method for making online payments, online players can make fast and secure payments without having to share their personal and banking information and thus keep their anonymity.

What Can we Expect in The Future?

At this point, it is very hard to predict what the future of online gambling holds. On one side, we have witnessed some amazing achievements that will be hard to surpass. But on the other side, most of us probably never dreamed of playing online casinos in this way some twenty years ago.

If we had to put money on one feature that will get further improved thanks to technology in the future, it is online casino security. Don’t get me wrong, online casino security is on a pretty high level now, but after advancements, inconvenience, experience, and payments, security seems like the natural next step.


Without a doubt, one of the industries that have benefited the most from advancements in technology is the gambling industry. The last 20 years have totally changed the way we play and enjoy casino games. Millions of people around the world carry online casino platforms in their pockets, and the only other thing they need is internet access.