Fun Indoor Games For Kids

There are games and activities for kids that can indeed be relished by everyone who is ready and willing to have fun. Simultaneously, there is a gaming website Bet20 intended for adults and for their pastime.

Balloon Tennis or Balloon Volleyball

You can play this game by stringing a net around a balloon. The goal is to see how many times you can volley it over it without it touching the ground. Only two kids can participate at the time.

Touch-and-Feel Boxes

This activity is a great way to develop kids’ sense of touch. It allows them to think outside the box and associate objects with their surroundings. Place various items inside containers that they must reach into to identify the objects.

Wooden shoe boxes are also a fun way to make this activity. They can be cut with scissors and can be decorated with different objects. To make the boxes more interesting, cut a small hole on the inside side which will allow the kids to easily identify the items inside.

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This activity is a great way for kids to develop their critical thinking skills and develop their sense of touch. They can also analyze and compare objects during the game.


For the game, kids use a plate and a straw to create a layer of bubbles by adding dish soap to the bottom. When the soap starts to form, the kids will have to put the end of the straw down into the mixture to create a layer of bubbles.

I Spy

The goal of this game is to identify a secret object that’s hidden inside a box. To participate, kids must first say, “I Spy something blue.” The other kids must then try to guess what the object is.

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Balance Beam

This game can be easily set up inside the house. You can use painter’s tape to create a line of any length and then test the kids’ skills by making them follow the line.

Try to tape down different lines at different angles to create a variety of zigzags and spiral patterns.

Try to make the game even more challenging by having the kids walk backward or with their eyes closed.

Design a Driving Course

You’ll need painter’s tape to create this activity. For the kids, create a road map for their collection of mini cars and use various objects in the room to create a street scene. You can also add other obstacles to the map or use furniture to make the room look like a road.