6 Tips to Boost Your Twitch Channel Subscribers & Increase Ad Revenue

Twitch is a great way to pass the time and entertain because of its wide variety of stream types. Everyone can find what they’re looking for – games, comics, DIYs, or other topics. Compared to youtube, Twitch is mainly popular in the US, but it is quickly gaining ground in Southeast Asia too. If you are new to the world of twitch and wish to learn more about how much do Twitch streamers make, read this.

Twitch Subscribers

Essentially, the more people you have subscribed to your channel, the more revenue you can make from advertising. To increase your subscriber count, try running giveaways and creating a schedule that’s easy for your target demographic to follow? Thank you for an insightful question! We will address this shortly.

Here are some tips that you can follow:

  1. Goal-Oriented Streams: Your goal is to just stream and earn some passive income. So don’t think about actually playing the game; instead, you can play the game and entertain your viewers. So always take some time to interact with your viewers while playing the game. For example, they can do subscriber-only streams where they can play the game with you and then engage in more relaxed chats. You could also do some games or random stuff that isn’t related to your stream that sometimes can be fun too. Also, if you have a Microsoft gaming console and want to know more about how to stream in xbox series x then click here.
  2. Be Unique About Yourself: A great way to keep the viewers coming back is by providing unique content from your stream that they can’t get from other places. One way to do that is showcasing YOURSELF more and less of the game. A great example is that hundreds of thousands of people play GTA 5 on Twitch, but what really sets your stream apart is if you can chat and interact with viewers. If the audience likes the way it turns out, then, your stream could be very popular. Reputation and big streamers are the kind of people that divide their fans by their likes or preference for commentating. carryminati, Sniper, Ghost, etc., all of them have a significant cult fan following, and all of their fans are divided into segments based on their stream content quality.
  3. Consistency Is the Key: Twitch streamers that don’t end up streaming as often as they should, risk losing viewers in the long run. Try and maintain a consistent schedule to keep your viewers around while you grow bigger. The key is looking for potential in happiness among fans and building upon that. Watching streams brings happiness, so you need to keep delivering that consistently.
  4. Share Some Gaming Tips: People also watch twitch gameplays to get pro tips in gameplay. There might be some difficult game levels which you have the skills for.
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    Show off your skills and impress your streamers by taking on the challenge. It is also worth noting that you are increasing your followers’ motivation by defying their expectations. Some games have challenges that only a limited number of players can complete, so if someone posts their attempts to solve those challenges on live-streaming platforms, they’ll have a lot of views and followers. Pro-level gaming tips like these make a streamer special among its target audience.

  5. Keep Updated With The Latest Games: Some games are always trending and others are more like stories that get old; the GTA Series is one of those that’s timeless. Even though it released 20 years ago many people still play GTA SanAndreas, and it’s pretty famous in the streaming community. The same thing can’t be said for games like Call of Duty. If you play Call of Duty 3, which was also released around the same time as GTA San Andreas, you will get less views. So keep that in time when choosing to playing games.
  6. Try Eliminating Monotonousness: Over time, viewers will experience fatigue with your game and may switch to other channels for variety. So to keep them interested and keep them coming back, make sure you stream a different game every once in awhile on weekends or otherwise.
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    One way to avoid boredom is to do different types of gaming. For example, you could dedicate Saturdays to be kids day and play cartoon games on your PC. Mondays can be action day and you could play fast paced action games like Halo or Call of Duty. Try not to get stuck in the same routine!


People want to see games and streamers when they come to a twitch channel. If your gameplay is too boring, streaming can get tedious for the viewers. To have a good twitch experience, follow these six tips.