7 Hardware Problems You Might Face on Computer

Whether you are using a laptop or a desktop, hardware issues are common. Users find some type of hardware malfunctioning at some point in time, and fixing it becomes important. Even a small glitch can slow down your performance, or a system crash can completely halt your productivity.

Computer faults seem complex, but they are easy to fix. You can diagnose and troubleshoot several hardware issues by yourself. Understanding the reasons behind these disruptions can help solve them quite efficiently.

Before You Start

Sometimes, simple solutions like restarting the computer can save your day. So, before you repair or replace any hardware, make sure to restart your device once. A restart can solve any bugs and can refresh the device.

If it doesn’t work, look for other solutions to repair your computer. Here are some common hardware errors that users encounter in their day-to-day life.

Inaccessible SSD

Storage failure is another hardware issue that affects your performance, and you are not able to access your files. In most cases, the drive goes corrupt or damaged all of a sudden while landing you in disaster. That’s why backing up data regularly is important.

The problem also occurs with external hard drives. If you, too, are facing an m1 ssd issue or experience that the external drive goes unmountable, check if the USB port is functional. Connect the drive to another port or run the Apple Diagnostics test.

Distorted Screen Display

Screen issues are of many types, and you can experience pixelated or cracked screens. A distorted screen looks more like vertical lines running from one end to another end of the screen. In most cases, screen issues occur due to video card problems.

Connect an external screen to check if the display is clear. If yes, the problem is not with the video card, and the screen might be damaged. You need to visit the store for technical assistance as there is nothing much you can do by yourself to fix the problem.

Noisy Fan


Most computers come integrated with a fan that helps maintain the temperature and prevent overheating. Moving parts tend to make some noise. Since fans are moving constantly while you are working on your computer, they produce noise, and this is normal.

When your computer starts to produce abnormal rattling sounds, it’s time to repair or replace it. If your fan stops working, the excessive temperature of the device will cause more serious issues. To prevent this problem, clean the fan every few weeks to stop dust accumulation.

Insufficient Battery Charge

The laptop battery deteriorates over time, and if you think that the battery is not holding a charge for longer, it needs to be replaced. Before buying a new battery for your laptop, check if the charger and adapter are working appropriately.

Most of the time, battery problems occur due to malfunctioning chargers or damage to the cords. The problem with batteries is that they last for 2 to 4 years and fail eventually. Replacing the batteries will make your laptop work properly for the next couple of years.

Malfunctioning Keyboard

When typing on the keyboard, missing characters is a noticeable issue that indicates some of the keys are not working. If any of the keys are not working, you need to buy a new keyboard. Updating the drivers can help, though the chances are thin.

The major cause of keyboard malfunction is dust buildup. Sometimes liquid spillage leads to rust formation, which results in the dysfunction of the keys. Buying an external keyboard for laptops or desktop computers is the optimal solution to fix typing-related issues.

Muffled Audio from Speakers


The distorted sound indicates that the laptop or desktop speakers are failing. Water damage might be the issue behind unusual audio quality. Connect external speakers to check if you are getting the desired audio output. If yes, the internal speakers are at fault.

Speaker problems are usually uncommon and difficult for users to understand. You may need to seek professional help to fix the speakers. If you have external speakers, you can save money for now and get the speakers repaired later.

Failed Motherboard

Some laptop models come with charger lights that reflect on connecting to AC power sources. If these lights turn off all of a sudden and the laptop stops functioning, the chances are that the device is dealing with a faulty motherboard.

The problem is more common with older Windows laptops, and there is no specific troubleshooting workaround to fix the issue. If the motherboard fails, your laptop won’t start, and you cannot resume its functionality without professional help.

The Conclusion

Computer problems are common, particularly when they are hardware-specific. Fixing software issues is comparatively simpler than resolving hardware errors, and you need to contact a computer technician to bring your computer to functional mode.

Regular backups are important so that if the computer stops working all of a sudden due to a hardware breakdown, you won’t have data loss.