The Hype Around Escape Rooms

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We all know Escape Rooms. Either you have tried them or seen them in some TV series like the Big Bang Theory. However, it is a bigger game than just sitting in front of a screen playing a multiplayer online shooting game. It is also something different than trying your luck at PlayAmo.

The whole experience, and you are right in the middle of it. But it is a lot of fun that you should try out with your friends. It tests your ability to stay calm and your logical thinking.

Playing a game like this in an Escape Room is also the perfect gift for your next birthday. Admittedly, it is expensive in some places but worth experiencing.

Escape Room can be categorised as the same type of game as Paintball or Lastertack. You are playing games outdoors in a larger area with friends with a specific goal in mind. So if you like one of these games, you will most likely like the others.

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It almost does not matter if you win or lose. You will have a great time with your friends. But it is more fun to win, especially against your friends. So never let them forget who the loser is. Or let them know you are always up for a rematch.


Make the right choice and pick the right team. You know your friends, so choose the side that is smarter and better able to handle the situation. Plan and be on time. Stay focused and calm. Do not waste time or get distracted by inappropriate details. Know the rules so you do not waste time wondering whether or not you can do this and that.

Be positive but not confident of victory. You are not trying to get your Ph.D. to win against your friends.

Always keep an eye on the time. There is usually a time limit, so try to finish before the time runs out. Listen to your team. If someone sees a clue, be alert. Try to solve the puzzle together. Also, if you see something, let the others know. Do not pretend to be the boss. It is a team effort, nothing else.

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And most importantly, have fun! You are paying for it, and you are there with your friends, so do not forget to have fun. Pick a topic that you and your partners like and are interested in. And together, you will be smart enough to solve it.