How To Write an Essay on Video Games in the Most Effective Way?

A common hobby among students in high school and college is gaming. In the modern world, it’s impossible to talk about the activities of these younger ones without discussing video games. It’s a stage where they want to explore different exciting things, and video games provide the perfect fit for them.

These games exist in their hundreds and are adaptable for several platforms like PCs, mobile phones, PlayStation, or Xbox. Since high school and college also make essay writing a crucial part of their curricula, there are questions about combining essay writing with the knowledge of video games. This article discusses a few tips to help students write essays about video games in the best way.

1. Start By Defining Video Games

Although students generally don’t like essay writing and prefer to seek an essay helper, such as an essay writing service, to outsource their essays, others may fancy giving it a go by themselves. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably in the latter group. The best way to start writing this article is by defining video games.

Video gaming is an activity that many students use to have fun and relax. It’s also under multimedia, so you should consider researching multimedia and defining it in your essay. Note that essay writing is mainly about knowledge. The more knowledge you have, the better you can write. This is why research is a crucial part of essay writing.

2. Collate Data About Different Genres of Games

The advancement in technology and technological features means more video games are being created on the market. This means that new games are created every year, or the existing ones are updated.

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There are also different types and genres of video games that your essay must discuss. Every gamer has their preference. While some people prefer adventure games, others prefer sports. Other genres include RPG (role-playing games), adventures, horror, survival, and first-person shooter. Discuss these genres briefly, stating their purpose, how they were founded, what they offer to the players, etc.

3. Discuss the History of Games

The goal of essay writing is to improve your knowledge base through research. A crucial part of your video game essay is discussing games’ history. Please talk about the genesis of gaming and how it has evolved to the present time.

Talk about the Console Wars of the 2000s, the Network Games Era of the 2010s, and the present-day VR games and Esports.

This might require deep research and look through websites on the 6th page of the Google search engine. As long as it contains valuable information, it doesn’t matter how deep into google it is.

4. Use Colorful Examples

Many online things are unreliable, creating a sense of doubt and fear about the credibility of many online things. This means that you may have reasons to doubt the reliability of an online game or its publishers.

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Rather than focusing on this doubt, you can focus on including colorful examples in your essay. This adds more authenticity to your work and also makes it much easier. Using examples to express your thoughts and provide information is a good communication trait.

Ensure to use these examples to illustrate the interesting parts of the games. It’ll make your essay readable and increase their mood.


Video gaming has grown rapidly and will remain for several generations. Essay writing will continue to be an important part of the college curriculum. The goal is to increase the student’s knowledge about a topic and provide others with useful information.

There are several ways in which your work can inspire other people and teach them something new. That’s the goal of essay writing. Combining essay writing with video games is an interesting prospect for college students and has much potential. This article discusses a few tips to help you write an essay about video games.