Steam Title Selection Executed with Android Ports

Smartphones captured a significant change in the last decade and continue to grow each day. Let’s see how technology has made it possible for us to enjoy some of the most prominent Steam titles on our mobile gizmos and what you can expect from this type of experience.

Dominance of Steam

Steam’s role as the undisputed champion of the internet’s online gaming world seemed unassailable for a long time. While most would still consider it the king of PC gaming, it has faced some challenges from the likes of Epic, thanks to the latter’s buying power and propensity for purchasing exclusivity, helping to drive up account numbers.

However, Valve has not been asleep at the wheel. In addition to generally being more well-liked than would-be rivals such as Epic, the firm behind Steam offers VR chat and has created the Steam Deck, a much-sought piece of hardware. In addition, Steam provides an increasing number of games for mobile platforms as well as PC.

Mobile Gaming on the Rise

The increasing popularity of using mobiles for (amongst other things) online gaming has been demonstrably recognized by Steam itself. The company created its own Steam Deck “handheld” computer for those after dedicated hardware to play on the go. But for those unable/unwilling to pay for this nifty bit of kit or who just found out about mobile gaming – more and more games are adapted for mobile play. This is valid both for gaming and iGaming actions, and the best online casinos are more than ready. New players can also enjoy great welcome promotions and excellent games from one of these brands, which accepts players from around the world. The increasing popularity of mobile gambling means top betting sites are fully mobile optimized (including smartphones and tablets). Just as with video games, this makes them more convenient than ever to access, given how many people have smartphones.


While not the first battle royale game, PUBG is certainly the one that ignited the afterburners and made the genre the hottest thing in town, spawning a slew of copycats as players and developers got in on the action. Players can opt for solo, duo, or four-man squad modes, during which they get parachuted into a warzone and have to scavenge for gear while avoiding getting shot by the enemy (everyone else). If that weren’t stressful enough, the ‘safe’ zone continually shrinks, and anyone caught outside it will rapidly end up dead.

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Fans can also play PUBG on Android devices now, and smartphone performance can be surprisingly good. The PC version varies from around 30-120 FPS (frames per second) and some smartphones can hit 90 FPS (which is nothing to be sniffed at). Naturally, there’s also the massive advantage of being able to play wherever you like. Whether curled up on the couch or out and about, mobile gaming is the real fit.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Video games might conjure images of intense gunfights and fantastical realms, but for many, it can be a more relaxing escapist experience, and that’s certainly the case with Euro Truck Simulator 2. Cruise the roads around Europe, delivering cargo to dozens of famous continental cities and journeying hundreds of miles at a time.

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The game is a star of the simulation genre, which sees players not only driving but building up their business with a fleet of vehicles and hired drivers.

Playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 on an Android device can be done in one of two ways. The first is using a PC which effectively projects the game to your smartphone, while the second does not require a PC and is done via cloud gaming.

PC gaming indeed offers more power and flexibility than playing on smartphones, although sometimes this can be more of a chore than a perk. Using a controller can sound good but sometimes it can be tricky (or impossible) getting one to work on Steam. Because the user interface is an integral part of the smartphone, this is usually not a problem for those who prefer to play on the go with their Android device.


From the world of trucking and business, we turn to the supernatural spookiness of Phasmophobia. Not for the faint of heart, this game plunges four players into the role of ghost investigators, checking out a variety of haunted locations to try and ascertain just what manner of spectral creature is causing the scares. Players can pick from a bunch of different gear (from the tricky-to-use smudge sticks and crucifix to the always useful lights) and try to catch evidence, from low temperatures to ghost orbs, to determine the nature of their ghost. Unfortunately, the ghost might just kill the players, which does make it rather tense (and be prepared for high-pitched shrieking if you have a nervous investigator on your team).

For those who really want to get up close and personal, a VR headset can be used for Phasmophobia on the PC, but this is not essential. And it can be played on mobile via remote play.

Steam’s embracing of various platforms, including its own Steam Deck hardware and remote play to support non-PC gaming, makes it a great place to access top games on mobile.