Which is the Most Popular Battle Royale Game?

A perfect blend of scavenging, survival, and last-man-standing gameplay is termed as Battle Royale game. It involves anywhere between a dozen to a hundred players with minimal weapons fighting to save their lives. If you’re interested in this genre of online gaming, then it’s time to find out which game is regarded as the king of Battle Royal genre! Ruling over the hearts of millions of rabid online gaming fans across the globe, Fortnite is famously regarded as one of the most popular online games in the world. But, if this is the first time you have heard about the game, you must be thinking – What is Fortnite, and why is it so popular? Well, lucky for you, in this guide, we are going to answer every question in your mind about Fortnite!

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Fortnite is a type of battle royale game first developed by Epic Games. In this game, players are first dropped into a map along with 99 other players. As soon as the players land, they hustle to pick up as many items and weapons as possible and make their way to the center of the map. Furthermore, as the game progresses, the ring around the map keeps closing toward a central point. If your character is found to be standing outside this ring, then you’ll die. The rules are simple – the last-standing player wins the match.

What are the Different Gaming Modes in Fortnite?

Fortnite includes three gaming modes, and its Battle Royale mode was introduced after the launch of PUBG. Depending on the mode you choose, the gameplay changes significantly.

  • Battle Royale: This is the most popular mode of the game. As stated above, 100 players compete to reach the center of the map, and the last standing player wins. This mode can be played solo, in squads of up to four, and in teams of two.
  • Save the World: This is known as the original Fortnite gaming mode. In this, a team of four players needs to complete a set of missions. As you complete each mission, you gain experience and earn in-game items that help you create your home base.
  • Fortnite Creative: This is a sandbox version of the game wherein you can use the game’s tools to build whatever you want.
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What Makes Fortnite So Popular?

The primary reason Battle Royale games like Fortnite are so popular is because of their free-to-play model. As an enthusiastic player, you can download the Fortnite application even on your smartphone and learn the nit and grit of the game without paying any money. Another major reason behind Fortnite’s popularity is that it isn’t necessarily made for a mature audience. With a cartoonish backdrop, the game appeals to young and old gaming minds alike!

So, if you’re a gaming fanatic and want to try your hands at a Battle Royale game, install Fortnite on your laptop today!