Taming and Breeding Hoglins in Minecraft

Hoglins are one of the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft, but they can be tamed and bred if you know how. Follow our guide to learn everything you need to know about taming and breeding hoglins in Minecraft.

Hoglin in Minecraft

Hoglins are a hostile mob found in Minecraft’s Nether. They are enormous, boar-like animals with armor-like plates and bony protrusions covering many of its bodily parts. Players may tame and breed Hoglins to make them effective friends and food sources. When breeding them, a couple of Hoglin must be kept together for around 15 minutes in order to generate a young Hoglin.

Wild Hoglins will continue to attack players, but tamed Hoglins will not attack the player or other mobs on their own. When attacking other mobs, their aggro range is still rather great, so keep them away from crowds or build up barriers around the cage they’re in. When maintained near nether strongholds, tamed hoglins may also be beneficial for harvesting leather armor and nether wart blocks since they have a high likelihood of dropping such items upon death.

Hoglins may be very lucrative allies as long as they are kept satisfied. Here are a few tips to ensure they stay happy:

  • Keep them away from crowds.
  • Build up barriers around the cage they’re in.
  • Maintain them near nether strongholds.

How to Breed a Hoglin in Minecraft?

Hoglins are a new kind of creature introduced in Minecraft’s Nether Update. They may be discovered in the Nether, where herds of them spawn and can be tamed and raised by players.

To breed Hoglins, two animals of the same variation (Base, Crimson, or Warped) must be near enough to each other and fed two food items each. When two Hoglins are fed their respective diets, they enter a ‘love’ mode for 2-5 minutes and form glowing hearts ♥ over their heads. If a player discovers two Hoglin with hearts ♥ over their heads, it signifies they’ve successfully bred.

The infants generated through the breeding process have random varieties and loot quantities allocated to them by the game’s internal random number generator system, much like any other mob discovered in the game.

How to Tame a Hoglin in Minecraft

Taming and breeding hoglins in Minecraft might be difficult, but with good preparation and patience, you can have a faithful pet. The first stage is to construct or locate a fenced-in enclosure to keep the hoglin contained while you try to tame it. Once you’ve found a suitable location, you must entice the hoglin inside by offering uncooked pork chops or raw beef within the fence. You must also maintain your cool since the hoglin may turn aggressive if it feels threatened.

Wait till the hoglin starts eating before trying to tame it. This may be accomplished by riding the hoglin while carrying a warped fungus on a stick; this will lead it to become passive and, ultimately, tamed. If you’re successful, your freshly tamed hoglin will grow devoted to you and may even reproduce with other neighboring hoglins to produce even more devoted friends. With a little patience and dedication, you’ll soon create your own personal army of committed pig buddies.

Some interesting facts about Hoglins

Hoglins are a new creature introduced to Minecraft in the 1.17 release. They are big, ferocious monsters found in the Crimson Forests. They spawn in clusters and may be tamed and bred using boss mobs known as Warped Fungus.

These Warped Fungus may be discovered on little warped trees or among warped bricks found in these woodlands. Hoglins drop resources when killed, making them a useful resource source.

Younger Hoglins have an unique tendency, running away from conflicts or danger as soon as they notice it. When they reach adulthood, they will attack players and other monsters on sight, and will even rush towards them if they are struck from afar. Furthermore, when two Hoglins successfully mate, a baby Hoglin is born, which grows into an adult within minutes.

Hoglin in Minecraft - How to Tame and Breed