How to Get Destiny 2 Phaseglass Needle and Other Materials: A Guide to

How to Get Destiny 2 Phaseglass Needle and Other Materials: A Guide to


This guide will provide you a thorough description of the process of obtaining the Destiny 2 Phaseglass Needle and other items. We’ll start by talking about what the Phaseglass Needle is, where to get it, and how to collect the other materials required to complete in-game tasks. We’ll also look at ways to get more rewards while harvesting resources. Finally, we will discuss resource management and establishing tactics for accomplishing challenging tasks more effectively. You will have a better grasp of how to maximize your time investment and improve your in-game benefits by following this guide.

Overview of Destiny 2

Bungie’s Destiny 2 is an online-only multiplayer first-person shooter game released by Activision. The Guardians are the final survivors of mankind fighting the Darkness for control of the cosmos in the game. By completing objectives and activities in Destiny 2, players may get resources such as Phaseglass Needles, Glimmer, and Exotic Shards.

Players assume the character of one of three classes: Warlock, Hunter, or Titan, and obtain powerful gear to enhance their powers as they go through hard quests to explore distant worlds, combat monsters in dungeons, or compete in competitive multiplayer battles. In Destiny 2, players may also explore a variety of settings and buy things from vendors scattered around the game world. Furthermore, users have access to the ‘Crucible,’ a shared multi-player area where they may fulfill tasks with other players to gain treasure like as weapons and armor.

Overall, Destiny 2 provides a unique blend of interesting settings, difficult objectives, and lucrative loot that keeps players coming back for more.


Materials are the essential components required to create goods, gather resources, construct constructions, or improve your house. Materials may be discovered in a variety of ways throughout Destiny 2’s in-game universe. Materials may be obtained via completing objectives, collecting chests and defeating foes, deconstructing old equipment and weapons, or even creating them yourself.

The most popular materials are:

  • Glimmer, which is used to purchase non-material things,
  • Planet shards, which are used to make planetary materials,
  • Phaseglass Needle, which is used to upgrade gear, and
  • Ascendant Shards, which are used to boost stats.

Furthermore, each planet in Destiny 2 has its own collection of unique planetary resources that can only be obtained on that world. These resources are required for the player’s home base to be upgraded and special prizes to be unlocked.

Phaseglass Needle

Phaseglass Needle is a resource used for making and repairing exotic equipment in Destiny 2. It is obtained via a number of means, including Public Events and Lost Sectors. It may also be obtained as a prize for finishing Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit matches.

Completing Public Events on all planets in the game is the quickest method to get the Phaseglass Needle. Each event drops one to three pieces of Phaseglass Needle, and they respawn after a short period of time, so you won’t have to wait too long. You may also buy Phaseglass Needles with Glimmer or Legendary Shards from the Eye of Osiris trader on Nessus. Finally, you may utilize Legendary Shards to directly buy Phaseglass Needles from the Tower’s Banshee-44 merchant.

Alkane Dust

Alkane Dust is a substance discovered in Destiny 2’s Salt Mines. It is utilized to make phaseglass needles and many other Thorn Quest-related things. To get the dust, gamers must go through the Salt Mines. Alkane Dust is really rather simple to obtain within the mines, where it may be found laying about on tables, collectable nodes, containers, and spires.

The specific location of dust is determined by where you begin your adventure in the Salt Mines, and this might change based on the mission you are doing. Start your search for Alkane Dust for your Thorn Quest in Winding Cove near Widow’s Walk, as here is where Lord Shaxx begins his trek into the mines.

Simulation Seeds

Simulation Seeds are required to unleash the powerful and enigmatic Thorn weapon in Destiny 2. To make Phaseglass Needles, Simulation Seeds must be obtained from several sources. After gathering 30 Simulation Seeds, you will have enough resources to make Thorn.

Simulation Seeds may be obtained by fulfilling bounties in the Iron Temple or by attending Public Events. They may be found inside a chest near Earth’s Cosmodrome. They may also be found in chests on Variks and Petra’s missions, as well as Strikes, Crucible battles, and Factions objectives in The Plaguelands.

Once you have gathered all of the necessary components, you must finish the quest “From Flame to Rise” to receive Thorn and become one of the owners of this fearsome weapon.


Seraphite is one of the several resources required to progress through Destiny 2. Collecting this information might be difficult since there are various approaches to take. It is dropped by Fallen and Vex foes as seraph crystals, discovered in chests across the game environment, and may also be bought from Spider at the Tangled Shore. You may also get Seraphite by collecting Depleted Seraph Nodes left behind by Vex civilizations on Earth or Nessus.

When performing Public Events or Vanguard Strikes in Destiny 2, you may additionally win Seraphite alongside glimmer, legendary shards, and Captured Memory Fragments. When trying to harvest all of the Seraphite required for usage in Destiny 2, like with any other resource gathering task, it is a good idea to have a strategy and procedure in place.

Dusklight Shards

Dusklight Shards are a prevalent resource in Destiny 2. They may be used to make different weapons and armor, or they can be used as cash to buy them from vendors.

To locate Dusklight Shards, players must travel to planets in the Solar System and look for shining blue shards of crystal. These crystal fragments may be discovered spawning randomly across the environment or picked up from slain adversaries who may drop them as a reward for defeating them.

Once enough Dusklight Shards have been collected, they may be exchanged with certain NPCs for Phaseglass Needles and other resources required to activate the Haunted Triumphs Seal. This is part of a unique questline that grants you access to rare goodies such as the Last Wish armor set.

Microphasic Datalattice

Microphasic Datalattice is a rare substance discovered in Destiny 2. It’s utilized for gear upgrades, modding, and creating exotic items. This rare substance is associated with the Season of the Haunted Reaper and may be obtained by performing certain tasks or via the Eververse Trading Company.

Microphasic Datalattice must be collected in order to enhance the Phaseglass Needle, which may be gained via the Season of the Haunted Reaper Triumphs. Players may also get this material by destroying certain golden engrams or by engaging in Nightfalls and Crucible bouts. The Sundial activity, which awards a microphase matrix with each completion, makes farming Microphasic Datalattice simpler.

Farming Locations

In Destiny 2, farming places are locales where players may travel to perform missions and get treasure. As they move through the game, players may visit agricultural places to get certain things, such as the Phaseglass Needle and other resources. These resources may be used to upgrade weapons, armor, and catalysts, which can dramatically increase a player’s power level or help them achieve their endgame objectives.

Farming areas are dispersed around the game’s numerous planets and may be recognized on the map by a yellow exclamation mark upon entering a region. These points lead straight to the agricultural goal, with completion earning players prizes such as Experience Points (XP) or Bright Dust. Furthermore, certain agricultural tasks may provide players with specialized goods such as Phaseglass Needle, which must be collected from specified areas in order to improve weapons and armor. Players should also keep a look out for bosses that move around certain locations since they might hold rich materials such as Exotics or strong Engrams.


Nessus is a planet in Destiny 2 where players may complete the Umbral Flames mission. This mission is part of the Season of the Chosen and awards players with Phaseglass Needles, which are one of the ingredients required in the game to forge powerful weapons. As a result, many Guardians have been attempting to finish the quest in order to get these precious materials.

To start this mission in Nessus, players must speak with a Fallen Captain called Kaniks, who can be located near Watcher’s Grave. Players will obtain an unique Umbral Engram after beating him in fight or paying him off. This engram offers information on where to discover umbral traces across the globe. With this engram, players must begin exploring new areas such as The Strand and Watcher’s Grave, looking for glittering umbral traces left by formidable adversaries. They may collect Phaseglass Needles and other materials necessary for creating unique weapons in Destiny 2 by following these tracks and fighting Guardians who can utilize them.


In Destiny 2, Io is a location where players may get important commodities such as Phaseglass Needle and other resources such as Helium Filaments and Memory Fragments.

Io, Jupiter’s moon, provides a diverse range of bounty possibilities, public events, and extra activities that are required for game progression. It is the location of the Vex Stronghold and its boss battle, In the Glassway Strike.

To accomplish bounties and obtain prizes, players must thoroughly explore Io. Bounties must be accomplished in order to proceed through the game, collect XP experience points for their character’s leveling system, get treasure such as strong gear drops, and earn powerful prizes such as Phaseglass needles. Players in search of certain resources should keep a watch out for unusual boxes that spawn throughout Io, which contain important goods such as Phaseglass Needles or even Hex Cores, which provide access to top tier gear.


Titan is an ascension substance needed to climb the Arataki Itto in Genshin Impact. It is generally obtained by slaying titans, who are large-sized adversaries found in various areas surrounding Teyvat. Because Titans have a large health pool, it is best to select characters with elemental damage boosts throughout the battle. Titan, upon defeat, drops numerous resources, including Titan.

To make things simpler, players may equip weaker characters with “opportunist” weapons to enhance their chances of receiving a Titan’s double drop. Titan may also be gained at Geoculus spots distributed around Teyvat or through special events where it can be earned as a prize for participating.


The EDZ, which stands for European Dead Zone, is a new region in Destiny 2. It is an important resource for players looking for Phaseglass Needles, which are required to make Void Grenades and other components.

As you explore the EDZ, you will come across damaged machinery known as Lost Sectors. These crates contain Phaseglass Needles and other resources required to make Void Grenades.

Phaseglass Needles may also be found during public events, strikes, and exploration missions. Completing these actions and regularly opening chests while exploring the EDZ is the best method to get an acceptable number of Phaseglass Needles.

Furthermore, playing Crucible matches will get you access to more of these goods as well as incentives for completing them in Top 3 or Heroic difficulty level.

Dreaming City

The Dreaming City is a vast place teeming with mysteries and unusual rewards. It is the location of several mysteries, particularly those related to the search for the Destiny 2 Phaseglass Needle. To start this quest, you must first enter the Dreaming City and accomplish all of its assignments.

There are unique weapon and armor parts available, as well as a range of resources required to complete your armor set. You may get both rare resources and strong Legendary prizes by fighting bosses, completing public events, and engaging in patrols. Aspiring Guardians who want to finish this mission should make the most of their time in the Dreaming City.

Tips and Tricks

Destiny 2 is a very deep game with many resources, commodities, and ingredients to discover. The Phaseglass Needle, which may be used to build powerful gear and gadgets, is one of the most sought-after things. Fortunately, obtaining this unique substance is not too difficult; you only need to know where to search.

We’ll go through some tips and strategies for getting a Phaseglass Needle fast and effectively in this guide. To begin, we recommend collecting Resonate Stems from crates across the EDZ or from bounties in the Destiny 2 Gambit Prime mode. If you have enough Glimmer or Legendary Shards, you can also get Phaseglass Needles from Spider at The Tangled Shore. Furthermore, achieving weekly strong bounties is a terrific method to get some precious resources. Finally, you may come across a Phaseglass Needle as an item drop during specific events or activities, such as Trials of Osiris or Nightfalls missions, so keep a watch out.

Use your Ghost to scan the area

One of the best methods to get Phaseglass Needle and other resources in Destiny 2 is to scan the area with your Ghost. When traveling around a planet or terrain, you will come across many materials such as minerals, metals, and even exotic elements such as phaseglass. You may find these precious resources much more easily if you use your Ghost to scan the area.

Simply press and hold the ‘Scan’ button on your controller or keyboard while gazing around to activate your Ghost’s scanning skills. Your Ghost will then begin aggressively searching for resources and alerting you when valuable objects are discovered. Scanning using your Ghost is a very important method for obtaining resources in Destiny 2 such as the Phaseglass Needle and other commodities.

Know the type of enemies to look out for

When searching for the finest Beidou build in Genshin Impact, it is critical to understand the types of adversaries you will encounter during the game. The Hilichurls are the most prevalent adversaries, who are easily destroyed but may be annoying when they return in big waves. Slimes and Geo Hypostasis will be more difficult to deal with. Knowing what kind of foes you’ll be facing throughout your game can help you prepare for each fight.

Furthermore, some resources, such as Destiny 2 Phaseglass Needle, may only be obtained from certain specific opponent categories, therefore recognizing these enemy types is critical in getting the materials for your Beidou construct.

Use a Fireteam to farm materials faster

It is advised to run What Is Cor Lapis? with a Fireteam to harvest resources rapidly. A Fireteam is made up of up to three players who work together to complete various tasks in the game. When operating a farm activity like What Is Cor Lapis?, having more people might make gathering what you need simpler and quicker. Having many players makes it simpler to take on larger tasks, earn more prizes in less time, and reduces the likelihood of being entangled in perilous scenarios that might stymie your progress.

Working in a Fireteam may also make grinding more pleasurable because you are all working towards the same objective. Benefits of working in a Fireteam include:

  • Taking on larger tasks
  • Earning more prizes in less time
  • Reducing the likelihood of being entangled in perilous scenarios
  • Making grinding more pleasurable


Many actions in the game need the use of the Destiny 2 Phaseglass Needle and other resources. Growing Phaseglass Needle and other materials may be a time-consuming yet rewarding endeavor. To optimize your profits, adopt a mix of all of the agricultural strategies outlined above.

Joining a Fireteam or completing an Enemy of My Enemy task improves your chances of obtaining Destiny 2 Phaseglass Needle and other resources. Completing public events, Patrols, Adventures, and Lost Sectors are additional efficient ways of obtaining these essential materials. Finally, exploring unexplored worlds might help you uncover caches of rare objects, increasing your chances of obtaining Destiny 2 Phaseglass Needle or other supplies.

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