A Comprehensive Guide to the Europa Helm Quest in Destiny 2

A comprehensive guide to the Europa Helm quest in Destiny 2, including tips, tricks, and strategies for completing the questline.


This is the definitive guide to the Europa Helm Quest in Destiny 2. This quest was introduced in October 2020 as part of the Beyond Light update and involves players with hunting down pieces of armor while traveling over Europa.

This tutorial will begin with a quick review of what is necessary before delving into each step in depth. It will also explain any possible barriers or problems you may encounter along the route, as well as how to overcome them. Finally, it will give you advice on how to finish the task as fast and effectively as possible. This tutorial contains something for everyone, whether you’re a novice or veteran gamer, so let’s get started.


The Europa Helm quest is a new Destiny 2: Beyond Light mission. It is necessary to perform several tasks on Europa in order to get an exciting prize, the Europa Armor Helmet.

This guide will follow you through the full quest, from beginning to conclusion, step by step. We’ll go over each stage in depth and give helpful hints for getting to the conclusion of this difficult quest. Along the way, we’ll explain what materials you’ll need and how you can get them so you can finish this job quickly. We also recommend an appropriate loadout for performing this work and warn you about any possible mistakes or oversights that might be detrimental throughout your travel.

Finally, we’ll go over some of the prizes available upon completion of this mission, as well as its overall influence on your Destiny 2: Beyond Light experience:

What is the Europa Helm Quest?

The Europa Helm Mission is a unique Destiny 2 quest that challenges players to fulfill certain objectives on Europa’s frigid moon. The task awards players with the Europa Helmet, a strong piece of endgame equipment. To obtain the task, talk with Variks, the Loyal and complete the first assignment in his questline.

The Europa Helm Quest has four primary tasks, all of which entail fighting enemies and gathering resources from them in order to create the helmet. To earn this formidable helmet from Variks, players must achieve these goals. In addition, players must perform numerous tasks on Europa, such as:

  • Battling opponents
  • Exploring Lost Sectors

in order to gain experience points and prepare for future activities on this freezing moon. Completing all of the quest’s demands will grant players the renowned Europa Helmet.

How to Unlock the Europa Helm Quest

The Europa Helm Quest is a Legendary Quest in Destiny 2 that is part of the Beyond Light expansion. It is unlocked by completing the Riding the Storm quest and obtaining a Sword Log from Europa. After obtaining the Legendary Helmet, players must accomplish a series of missions in order to unlock and get it.

The first step in completing this quest is to visit to Variks’ position on Europa and chat with him about the Sword Logs located nearby. Variks will then assign players a goal in which they must perform three separate tasks linked to Siviks’ crew. After completing these trials, players will be given the Europa Helm Quest, which demands them to:

  • Explore Europa further
  • Extinguish four elemental beacons
  • Kill two waves of foes
  • Finish an obstacle course using their Guardian’s sword as their main weapon.

They will have successfully accomplished the Legendary quest and will earn their prize, The Europa Helmet, if they follow these procedures.

How to Complete the Europa Helm Quest

The Europa Helm quest is part of Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion and is a multi-step quest to acquire a powerful new helmet. To accomplish the quest, players must fulfill numerous activities such as bounties, waypoints, public events, and more. In order to advance through the quest, players will also need to earn special Power Weapons.

Power Weapons are higher-level weapons that deliver more damage than standard firearms and require different kinds of ammo.

  • Swords
  • Fusion Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Grenade Launchers
  • Sniper Rifles

are the Power Weapons required for the Europa Helm mission. Each weapon type has its own particular ammunition type that can only be obtained from certain foes or actions. Some of these weapons are available from dealers or as prizes for completing challenges, while others must be gained via missions or world activities such as Escalation Protocols and Blind Well Events.


Completing the Europa Helm quest in Destiny 2 will get you a number of useful items. The Legendary Helm, a Powerful Armor drop, and an Exotic Weapon drop are among the prizes. Completing all of the goals of this quest will also get you access to many seasonal ammo bundles and special curated weapons. Exotics, weapons, and ammo will vary from season to season, however the Legendary Helm and Powerful Armor drops are guaranteed prizes for finishing the mission.

As a consequence, the Europa Helm quest is one of the most engaging activities in Destiny 2 for gamers searching for an intriguing challenge with gratifying outcomes.

Europa Helmet

In Destiny 2, the Europa Helmet is a unique piece of armor. This helmet may be obtained as part of the Europa Helmet quest. To complete this quest, players must gather numerous elements, including alloy and talent materials from Genshin Impact, in order to create the helmet.

The alloy substance is needed for the first two levels of the quest and may be gained by fulfilling weekly bounties or by encountering certain opponents or items in missions. Other materials may be obtained by completing specified objectives in Genshin Impact and successfully completing specific places in Chapter 3 of the game.

When the ingredients are gathered, they are merged with an engram drop to create the Europa Helmet, which offers armor benefits and an improved resilience stat when donned.

Other Rewards

Aside from the Europa Helmet, various awards may be obtained by completing the Riding the Storm task in Destiny 2. A formidable exotics weapon, Adored Sniper Rifle, and an armour adornment are among them.

After completing the questline, players will have access to a new subclass tree for their Stasis subclass: Aspect of Destruction. This tree grants access to many stasis-powered abilities such as Glacial Quake and Frozen Firmament.

Other prizes, such as the Europa armour set and Upgrade Modules, may be obtained by performing objectives along the quest path. Finally, at the end of it all, players will have access to The Distant Tumulus, a new Crucible bow. When used correctly, this bow has several specific bonuses that make it exceptionally strong in PvP battles, making it a must-have for any enthusiastic Crucible player eager to take their game to the next level.

Tips and Tricks

In Destiny 2, the Europa Helm quest is one of the most difficult and rewarding tasks offered to players. This mission challenges you to fulfill a variety of activities, as well as defeat challenging monsters and solve intricate riddles. You can complete this quest and win the Europa helm with a little patience, cunning, and planning.

To begin, it is critical that you prepare for the interaction. For example, make sure your guardian is equipped with any weapons or gear that has a high resilience stat boost. This will offer you an advantage over your opponents during fight situations. Additionally, superior artifacts, such as the Europa relic of Resonance or the Dark Moon artifact, may provide your Guardian with new powers during combat engagements as well as stat benefits that can aid in harder boss confrontations.

Finally, as you go through the mission, keep an eye out for clues left by environment objects like texts or things that may offer critical hints or keys that might help you solve puzzles quicker or open new places. Taking all of these ideas and tactics into consideration will make your road to win the famous Europa helm much simpler.

Using the Right Weapon

When completing the Europa Helm Quest, it is critical to utilize the appropriate weapon for each segment. This is because certain of the opponents in this quest have special weak places that must be exploited. In the Lithoid portion, for example, employing a specially modified rocket launcher will help you fight them more swiftly and effectively. Similarly, while dealing with Exo opponents, employing a high-powered sniper rifle might provide you an advantage in terms of precision and power.

Experiment with different combinations until you discover one that works best for you and your playing style. This will make completing the mission lot simpler and more successful.

Utilizing the Right Mods

If you want to get the most out of your Europa Helmet mission in Destiny 2, you’ll need to make sure you’re using the proper mods. With the correct mods, you’ll be able to help avoid some of the boring sections of the quest and complete it quicker.

First and foremost, you should apply a helmet mod that offers extra resistance to all four elemental damage types: Arc, Solar, Void, and Kinetic. This will make it much simpler for you to endure any encounters or boss battles that may arise along the way. Furthermore, ensure that any power weapons and/or supers used throughout are augmented with an elemental-based damage bonus or an overshield. This will guarantee optimum lethality against enemies met along the way. Finally, remember to employ ability recharge stats whenever feasible and practical; they may be a great bonus if utilized appropriately.

Unlocking the Right Gear

Unlocking the proper gear is critical to complete Destiny 2’s Europa Helm Quest. The quest may be accomplished by obtaining the required equipment from a variety of sources, including Season of the Hunt gear, Adept Weapons, and numerous strikes and crucible missions.

Additional prizes, such as Enhancement Prisms, Sleeper Nodes, and Upgrade Modules, should be considered as they may bring additional benefits for finishing the task. All of these pieces combine to form a strong set of armor with various perks that help in the mission’s completion swiftly and efficiently.

With the proper setup, gamers will be ready to face any challenge that comes their way throughout this epic adventure.


Destiny 2’s Europa Helm quest is a demanding yet rewarding endeavor. Completing the task provides players an exotic helmet with significant defensive qualities, as well as access to the Braytech Werewolf, an Exotic Auto Rifle accessible exclusively to those who accomplish this objective.

Players should prepare for the Europa Helm quest by:

  • Researching each of its stages
  • Stockpiling Helium Filaments
  • Prioritizing their Power level and equip items from both Black Armory runs and Variks’ tasks
  • Having a Fireteam with a variety of subclass kinds

Having sufficient planning, anyone may complete the Europa Helm quest and receive its numerous benefits.

Europa Helm Quest Destiny 2 Guide