How to Get the Thorn Exotic Weapon in Destiny 2 2022 Beyond Light

Learn how to get the Thorn Exotic Weapon in Destiny 2 Beyond Light in 2022 by following these simple steps.

How to Get Thorn Destiny 2 2022?

Bungie’s Destiny 2 is a prominent first-person shooter game recognized for its unique and compelling plot. The game has received several additions and patches, the most recent being the Beyond Light extension. Thorn, an exotic weapon, is one of the most sought-after artifacts in this new expansion. The Thorn is an exotic kinetic hand cannon that was introduced in Beyond Light.

Obtaining the legendary Thorn might be tough due to the several processes needed. To begin, you must unlock “The Draw” Pursuit, which requires you to perform several activities such as weekly challenges and Crucible matches. After completing these objectives, you’ll be able to take on an Adept version of the Will of Crota Nightfall Strike, which will reward you with a Mysterious Box containing pieces and components of The Thorn. Finally, you may finish a unique questline to get this strong weapon and become one of the few Guardians equipped with it in PvP or PvE game modes.

Thorn Quest Start Location in the Salt Mines

The Thorn Mission Start Location in the Salt Mines is a Destiny 2 guide for finding the entry to the quest designed to unlock and get The Thorn Exotic Weapon, which is part of the 2022 Beyond Light expansion. This mission may be found at the Cosmodrome’s Salt Mine region in Old Russia.

To reach there, players must first visit The Wall, then turn left down an alley and enter a tiny door that goes farther down into the mines. Once inside, players will see a tunnel guarded by Fallen adversaries that leads further into the region. When they reach the end of the tunnel, they will be able to interact with a quest item, which will begin their quest to get The Thorn Exotic Weapon.

How to Unlock Thorn in Destinys Rise of Iron?

By completing unique Crucible events and challenges in Destiny 2: Rise of Iron, players may get the exotic weapon known as The Thorn. Players must first fulfill Lord Saladin’s objective, which requires them to perform Crucible matches in the Iron Banner playlist. They will thereafter be able to access a task that awards Thorn.

This task is a high-intensity battle against opponents; players must defeat a number of Fallen Captains and their soldiers before going forward. After completing the objective, players will obtain The Thorn, an exotic hand cannon that causes elemental damage over time and has the capacity to collect Corruption energy, which may then be utilized to activate tremendous effects that can turn the tide of battle.


The Thorn exotic weapon is an excellent addition to the armory of any Destiny 2 gamer. It is a strong hand cannon obtained after finishing the Interference questline. The mission entails achieving a number of tasks, such as killing an obnoxious foe known as the Servitor and discovering and destroying missing Fallen ships.

When these objectives are completed, players will get the Thorn. This formidable weapon is only available in certain game types and provides players with unique powers such as doing greater damage over time with its unique poison damage perk. Players who wish to get this exotic weapon should take all required procedures, since it is one of the most sought-after weapons in 2022 Beyond Light.

How to Get Thorn Destiny 2 2022 Beyond Light?