Riding the Storm: A Guide to the Destiny 2 Quest

If you’re looking for a guide to help you complete the “Riding the Storm” quest in Destiny 2, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to complete this darkness 2 quest and earn some great rewards.

Riding the Storm Quest Destiny 2 Legendary Quest

Riding the Storm is a Destiny 2 Epic Quest. It is part of the main plot task and has numerous steps.

The quest begins with a conversation with Zavala in the Tower and the collection of a Lost Memory Fragment from a Cabal Harvester on Nessus.

Following that, gamers must gather 5 Ionized Polarized Gauntlets from the EDZ. The next task is to collect 10 Motes of Light and 10 Helium Filaments by taking part in activities related to Patrols and Events in the EDZ.

Players must next acquire three Cayde-6’s Stash stockpiles gained by fighting certain adversaries in The Tangled Shore.

Finally, they must create an Empowered Sword Frame by contacting Ada-1 of the Tower, who will provide them with all of the necessary components. Once constructed, players may trade it in for a special prize with Zavala. After completing this quest, players will have access to two separate Legendary Swords.

1. Fulmination

The task “Fulmination” in Destiny 2 unlocks the Exotic Pulse Rifle dubbed Wendigo. It necessitates that players accomplish a variety of tasks and challenges, but if they do it perfectly, they will be awarded with the sought weapon.

During Fulmination, Guardians must retrieve relics from Taken Blights while also fighting ordinary Taken adversaries. They will then have to perform a unique arena challenge in which they will have to beat waves of formidable adversaries and complete the darkness destiny 2 guide 1. When the task is finished, participants will have successfully builtWendigo, an unusual pulse weapon with amazing firepower.

To fully complete this mission, guardians must be prepared for some severe battle as well as laser-focused on their goals.

2. Chain Reaction

‘Chain Reaction’ is the second task in the ‘Riding the Storm’ quest. This phase of the quest challenges players to perform a sequence of six consecutive timed objectives They will be awarded with both XP and a unique ‘Chain Reaction’ emblem after completing all six stages of the mission. This symbol acknowledges your accomplishment and has a peculiar animation that adds to its uniqueness. Along with the insignia, players will gain access to a distinctive piece of armor that can only be obtained by unlocking this dark knowledge.

This challenge’s requirements range from fighting adversaries to collecting objects and points inside the game to finishing specified parts in a set period of time. Knowing how each stage works will enable you to better prepare for each assignment and earn your rewards more swiftly and effortlessly.


Rewards in Destiny 2 are things earned by performing in-game activities. Completing Quests, missions, and other activities are examples of these activities. Rewards come in a variety of forms and sizes, from weapon improvements to character enhancements, and may have a substantial influence on how you play the game.

Each activity will deliver various forms of prizes dependent on its difficulty level and, if available, difficulty modifiers. Completing a Crucible match, for example, may provide you an armor piece or upgrade, whilst participating in a Raid encounter may grant you a unique weapon. It’s worth noting that the more challenging an activity or assignment, the greater the rewards are likely to be.

The kind and amount of prizes you earn are determined on your individual success in each activity, as well as your rank in certain PvP playlists, such as Board Quests March. Finally, completing goals is essential for obtaining valuable treasure caches.

Conclusion: Riding the Storm Quest Destiny 2

Completing the Riding the Storm Quest in Destiny 2 is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in a famous narrative, gain new abilities, and win prizes. The quest demands players to go through many levels of the game, putting their strategy and mastery of the game’s principles to the test.

In order to win, players must journey across Lost Sectors, accomplish bounties, and face off against formidable monsters. In addition, users will utilize their accumulated resources to personalize their Guardian’s appearance as well as unlock certain special boosts and perks. Players should be able to accomplish the Riding the Storm task in no time if they follow this advice.

Riding the Storm Quest Destiny 2 - All You Need to Know