How to Start the Voice On The Other Side Quest in Destiny 2

You can start the Voice On The Other Side Quest in Destiny 2 by going to the Tower and speaking to Zavala.


The Voice on the Other Side quest is part of the Beyond Light expansion for Destiny 2. This task demands you to look into an unusual signal originating from an unknown source. To begin this quest, go to the Exo Stranger in the Europa social space. She’ll give you a quick overview of the assignment before dispatching you to fulfill it.

Following that, you’ll need to go through a number of processes that entail:

  • Hunting down and decoding signals from different sources throughout Europe.
  • Decrypting several clues.
  • Hunting for relics.

Once you’ve accomplished all of these tasks, you’ll be awarded with strong armor and gifts for completing The Voice on the Other Side quest.


To begin the Voice From The Other Side, “In order to begin the mission in Destiny 2, players must first get a key from a Lost Sector. This key may be located in particular Lost Sectors that cycle each month, therefore its position varies from month to month. To begin the quest in December 2022, players must farm Lost Sectors until they locate and unlock a box with a Vanguard Research “item contained inside.

After obtaining the object, they must return it to Zavala in The Tower and give it up as part of the assignment. After completing this stage, Zavala will give them their next instruction and direct them to their next location for the next leg of their trip.


Completing the Destiny 2 mission Voice On The Other Side might result in a number of prizes. Players will be given a Knowledge and Logic Cipher, which, when used on a certain gateway in the Tower, will provide them an additional phase of prizes. Players may then choose from four possible Dares of Eternity rotating rewards:

  • Enhancement Prisms
  • Exotic Engrams
  • Aspirational Shards used to buy Aspirational weaponry from Exotic dealers, and
  • Upgrade Modules.

Completing all four Dares of Eternity sequences will result in a bonus prize such as an Exotic Engram or Enhancement Prism. Furthermore, those who finish the Voice On The Other Side quest before the time restriction expires will get significant equip rewards.


The quest “The Voice on the Other Side” in Destiny 2 is a significant plot task that takes you to a new destination, the Tower of Souls. This enigmatic location may be reached through a landing zone near Petra Venj in the Cadmus Ridge section of Nessus.

Once there, you must ascend to the top of the Tower of Souls. To do this, you must locate and activate three secret switches located throughout the tower. When all of the switches are turned on, a hidden entry at the foot of the tower opens up, leading to your goal. As you explore this strange location, keep a look out for any treasures or mysteries that may be hidden inside its walls.

How to get to the Tower

The Voice on the Other Side Quest is an important questline in Destiny 2. The player must first go to The Tower in order to undertake this quest.

The Tower is a prominent social center in Destiny 2; It serves as a crucial area for players to acquire exotic weapons and armor, exchange goods with other players, and gain critical information from non-playable characters (NPCs).

To go to The Tower, discover and finish a public event in the area. This will trigger a Transmat gateway, which will transport you straight to the Tower. When you arrive, speak with Zavala in the middle of The Tower; he will explain how to begin The Voice On The Other Side Quest.

Finding the quest giver

The first step in starting the Voice On The Other Side quest in Destiny 2 is to find the task giver. This may be accomplished by traveling to a specified place in the game, generally after meeting certain prerequisites. To accomplish so, gamers must go to Braytech Futurescape and look for Rasputin’s bunker. When they find it, they should enter and start looking for clues as to where the task giver may be found.

Players may also explore online for additional tips and tactics to assist them locate the task giver quicker. In any case, after the task giver is identified, players must pick up their gift before they may continue their journey.


The Voice on the Other Side Crucible bounty in Destiny 2 needs players to fulfill a sequence of stages in order to continue. The first step is to get Lord Shaxx’s mission. Once you’ve got it, go to the Crucible menu and pick the ‘Crucible Bounties’ option. The quest The Voice on the Other Side will be at the top of your list.

The next stage is to discover and finish matches in Destiny 2’s Crucible mode’s Quickplay playlist. Your progress meter will gradually fill up after each match until it reaches 100%. Once this has been completed, travel return to Lord Shaxx and pick up your prize an unusual trace rifle named ‘Riskrunner’. It’s all done.

Step 1: Speak to the Drifter

Speaking with the Drifter is the first step in initiating the Voice On The Other Side quest in Destiny 2. The Drifter is a figure that lives on the Dreaming City’s Tangled Shore. He will assign you the task “Invitation from the Drifter.” After finishing this task, you must locate and retrieve three parcels concealed across the Solar System. Once completed, the Voice From The Other Side will be activated task, which demands you to fulfill a number of difficult goals that will put your talents in both PvE and PvP content to the test. Best wishes.

Step 2: Complete the “Eliminate the Target” mission

Once you get the task, go to Trostland in the European Dead Zone and finish the “Eliminate the Target” objective. Because this is a short and uncomplicated job, you should do it as soon as possible.

The goal of this assignment is to identify and eliminate a target situated someplace in Trostland. Once you’ve eliminated the target, you’ll be able to listen in on audio recordings left by the target that are linked to your next move.

After finishing the job, be sure to check your inventory for the recordings so you may continue your quest.

Step 3: Speak to the Drifter again

Step 3 of Destiny 2’s Voice On The Other Side quest requires players to talk with the Drifter once again. Upon interacting with him, he will offer players their first quest step dubbed ‘Voice On The Other Side‘. This stage must be completed in order for players to proceed through the Season of the Drifter and get access to Gambit Prime and new weaponry.

Power Level 960 is required for The Voice On The Other Side. This is accomplished through participating in numerous activities around Destiny 2’s environment, such as:

  • Public Events
  • Strikes
  • Adventures
  • Lost Sectors

Enemies participating in these activities will drop treasure that improves a Guardian’s Power Level. Additionally, after achieving a specific Power Level for prizes, players will earn extra goodies by participating in Crucible or Gambit matches around the map. Doing these tasks will help you boost your Power Level, allowing you to get closer to finishing ‘Voice On The Other Side‘ and unlocking additional Seasonal prizes, as well as earning other things that need a minimum of 960 Power Level.


The Voice On The Other Side quest in Destiny 2 is a long and complicated job, but it rewards you handsomely for your efforts. After finishing it, the player will get new equipment, weapons, and other goodies. Exotic weapons, armor, Ghost shells, and insignia are just a few of the prizes available after the objective is completed.

When completing this quest line, players may get experience points for their characters in addition to the tangible gifts. This may help them advance faster through Destiny 2’s numerous levels of power. Completing a set amount of The Voice on the Other Side tasks may also unlock additional bonuses such as:

  • Improved damage resistance
  • Faster reloading times with certain weapons

Experience Points

Points for Experience XPs are valuable money in Destiny 2’s Thorn mission. Players must obtain these unique points by doing particular actions such as killing adversaries or fulfilling specific mission goals. In the Salt Mines, the beginning point for the Thorn quest, there are a few places where you may get XP. These involve destroying containers and barrels, as well as plundering chests scattered across the terrain.

Because XP is also granted for beating bosses, it’s critical to eliminate any mini-bosses or normal foes that arrive. Completing Challenges will also offer additional XP as a bonus reward. Players that completely use all of these XP sources should have little issue leveling up their characters and successfully completing the Thorn quest.

Gear and Weapons

To defeat the Fallen soldiers of SIVA, you’ll need some formidable weapons and equipment. To begin your path towards unlocking Thorn, you must first collect the quest item “Voice on the Other Side” from Lord Saladin. You will next need to get a unique weapon known as a Splicer Intel Relay, which will allow you to reprogram SIVA and launch your mission.

Furthermore, you should get an Auto Rifle or Hand Cannon that has been modded with the Iron Banner upgrade pack to boost your chances of success while facing off against the strong SIVA soldiers. You’ll have everything you need to tackle the obstacles that await you as you continue your quest for Thorn with these items in your possession.

Triumphs and Bounties

The last phases of Destiny 2’s Voice On The Other Side quest require players to accomplish Triumphs and Bounties.

Triumphs are unique goals that require players to complete certain activities or gather specific goods. You must acquire a certain quantity of points for this quest before the next milestone may be unlocked.

Bounties are duties that players must do in-game, such as killing opponents or getting specified things. Once these activities are achieved, gamers will be able to unlock additional prizes and go farther in the quest.

You will have accomplished all of the steps required to complete the Voice On The Other Side quest and get your prize after completing both Triumphs and Bounties.

How to Start Quest "The Voice On The Other Side Destiny 2?"

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