Conquer the Umbral Flames Quest in Destiny 2!

Check out our guide on how to complete the Umbral Flames Quest in Destiny 2 and earn some sweet rewards!

What is Umbral Flames Quest Destiny 2?

The Umbral Flames Quest is a significant quest in Destiny 2. This mission connects several of the game’s primary elements, such as treasures, resources, and a boss encounter. To proceed through the quest and gain strong prizes, players must achieve particular goals.

To begin the quest, players must first accomplish a number of prerequisites, such as collecting Calus tokens, participating in activities such as Patrols or Public Events on Mercury, and turning in Faction Rally Tokens. They must also battle a monster known as Cadmus Ridge in order to gain an item that unlocks additional content. After completing these tasks, players may proceed to the last portion of the mission, which entails:

  • Visiting great collections in various places around the world.
  • Undertaking unique events such as Crucible matches or Flashpoints.

Completing these objectives will earn them armor sets, weapons, and cosmetics for their Guardian’s Foundry.

How to Unlock Destiny 2 Prismatic Recaster?

The Prismatic Recaster is a one-of-a-kind console that converts your hard-earned prizes into potent Umbral Engrams. It enables you to spend your prizes anyway you wish and is a terrific option for Guardians to personalize their loadouts.

To get the Prismatic Recaster, you must first finish Destiny 2’s Conquer the Umbral Flames task. Guardians must gather 45 Umbral Traces through engaging in weekly pinnacle events like as strikes, Crucible matches, Gambit matches, and others. The mission will be given to you after you talk with Eris Morn in The Tower. She will only offer it to you if you have acquired enough Power level 500 or higher Light level.

You’ll gain access to this incredible console after you’ve accomplished the task.


Conquer the Umbral Flames is a lengthy, difficult, and rewarding quest in Destiny 2. Players must travel through eleven levels of tasks, ending in a confrontation with a strong monster named ‘The Voice of Riven’. To accomplish this quest and acquire the strong ‘Exotic weapon reward,’ you must fulfill a number of actions.

Players are advised to take their time and pay attention to the visual aids in-game as well as any help from friends or online sources. This will provide players an understanding of what each level requires, making it simpler to complete the Umbral Flames Quest – eventually.

Umbral Flames Quest Destiny 2