What Is Void Suppression in Destiny 2? A Full Guide to Using It

If you’re a fan of Destiny 2, then you’re probably familiar with the term “void suppression.” But what is it, and how can you use it to your advantage?

In this blog post, we’ll take a comprehensive look at void suppression, including what it is, how to use it, and some tips and tricks for getting the most out of it.

What Is Void Suppression Destiny 2?

Void Suppression is a game feature in Destiny 2 that enables players to temporarily suppress and ultimately erase the abilities of adversaries using void damage. This mechanism is employed while confronting formidable foes such as raid bosses or Strikes bosses.

When a player deals Void Damage to an adversary, Void Suppression is activated. For a few seconds, the foes will be debilitated and unable to utilize their skills or attack. They will regain full strength and resume their assault once the suppression wears off.

When a player has numerous teammates in their fireteam, they may additionally utilize Void Suppression against strong opponents. When many members of the fireteam inflict void damage to an adversary, the suppressive effects on them might compound at the same time, allowing your team additional opportunity to do damage or recover. Using Void Suppression may be incredibly beneficial in tough encounters or endgame content like as raids and nightfalls when you may need all the assistance you can get.

How to Unlock Void Grenades For All Classes in Destiny 2 Game?

Destiny 2’s Void Suppression feature enables you to employ Void Grenades on all classes in the game. To access these grenades, players must first achieve Level 10 and finish the Red War Campaign’s initial objective. After completing this quest, a new mission will be accessible in which players must gather 30 helium filaments and place them in different spots around Destiny 2’s European Dead Zone. After completing the assignment, players will be awarded with their own own Void Grenade.

Once unlocked, Void Grenades are very strong weapons in battle, having an area-of-effect radius that may damage up to three adversaries at once. This also makes them excellent at crowd control, which is particularly essential while doing challenging missions or raids. When donned and utilized during combat, they also grant advantages such as Void Damage Resistance. Overall, obtaining and effectively using Void Grenades makes any player more strong on their path to larger challenges in Destiny 2.


Void Suppression is a highly valuable game feature in Destiny 2 that may provide players an advantage in battle. Void Suppression shortens the time it takes to shatter shield barriers and prohibits foes from utilizing their supers, abilities, and weapons while the duration is active. Void Suppression is simple to employ and may be used either alone or as part of a team plan. It is particularly useful for guardians who want to swiftly break through opposing shields and gain an advantage in a combat.

Void suppression is one of numerous Impact effects accessible in Destiny 2, each with its own set of benefits in certain situations. Guardians should get acquainted with all of the many Impact effects accessible in the game so they can make better judgments about when and how to utilize them. Finally, knowing Impact effects may assist guardians acquire a competitive advantage and boost their chances of success.

What Is Void Suppression Destiny 2? How To Use It? Full Guide