How to Know Which Elemental Burn is Currently Active in Destiny 2?

If you’re a fan of Destiny 2, then you probably know that there are different elemental burns that can be active at any given time. But how do you know which one is currently active?

How To Find The Currently Active Elemental Burn?

Elemental burns are modifiers that may be used in Destiny 2 for certain tasks and game types including Nightfalls, Strikes, and the Crucible. Arc, Solar, Void, Kinetic, and Forced are the five distinct elemental burns that may be active at any one moment. Each has a special set of attributes and skills that will influence how well a Guardian performs in an activity or mode that supports elemental burn.

You may easily find out which element is active by going to the Director main menu, where your character’s data is kept, choosing the Challenges tab, and looking for the “Elemental Burn” banner at the top of the page. Which burn type is now active should be shown by the icon next to it.

How to know Currently Active Elemental Burn Destiny 2?

Burns in Destiny 2 “refer to the weekly modifiers that increase damage versus certain opponents in a range of activities. The damage types for the Elemental Burn alternate between Solar, Arc, and Void each week. Players must enter the Director to see which Elemental Burn is now active. By hitting the Options/Menu button on their controller and navigating until they see the Director option, they may accomplish this. Players will see a section dedicated to Currently Active Burns after they’ve made their choice “in the right-hand upper corner.

For the following activity types:

  • Crucible
  • Gambit Prime/Infamy
  • Vanguard Strikes/Nightfalls
  • Escalation Protocols/Blind Well/The Reckoning
  • Heroic Adventures/Public Events

they may see which element is being increased for each of these. Players may improve their loadouts and get an advantage over their rivals or enemies by being aware of the burns that are now active.

What is Currently Active Elemental Burn Destiny 2?

Different elemental damage kinds are more or less powerful depending on which element is active according to a gaming mechanism called Elemental Burns. Periodically, around once each week, the elemental burn will vary. In Destiny 2, players may check the top of their screen to see what Elemental Burn is now active. There will be a message that reads Elemental Burn: Element “and this will show the sort of elemental burn that is active right now. Players may examine the current elemental burn type in the Curse Scourge in addition “the director menu’s weekly playlist page.

It may be quite beneficial to know which element is active in order to know how to best be ready for certain activities or situations. For instance, if Sun Burn is active, it would be advantageous to engage an adversary who is vulnerable to solar damage with a weapon that does solar damage.

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