All You Need to Know About Destiny 2 Update 2.09: Patch 3.

Destiny 2 Update 2.09: Patch 3 is now live, and here’s everything you need to know about it! From new features to bug fixes, this update has something for everyone.


Destiny 2 Update 2.09, commonly known as Patch 3, is now available on all platforms. This update is intended to provide various quality-of-life enhancements and bug fixes to the game. With it comes a slew of new material and adjustments, which we’ll go through in this guide.

Players can anticipate:

  • A new Exotic quest
  • Raid encounters that are simpler to complete thanks to modifiers and balancing tweaks
  • Strong gear rewards from Gambit bounties and Nightmares
  • Various other quality of life enhancements such as greater vault capacity and shorter loading times
  • Some strikes have also received additional modifiers, such as “Weekly Nightfall Strikes,” which reduce the run time to five minutes or less based on your performance in-game.
  • Players may also take advantage of the new seasonal reward system, which rewards you with special weapons depending on your accomplishments throughout that season.

Overview of Destiny 2 Update 2.09

Destiny 2 update 2.09 is a significant game patch for Bungie’s popular online shooter’s console gamers. This update contains a number of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements, as well as some intriguing new features, such as text chat functionality for consoles. The patch also includes the new Crucible mode: Momentum Control, as well as Vault of Glass raid unlocks and other important changes that will make Destiny 2 an even better experience on your platform.

This update includes several modifications to weapons and armor, tweaks to perks and abilities, fresh new ornament sets, clan rewards voting system upgrades, and more. Along with the previously stated text chat support feature for consoles, the arrival of this Destiny 2 Update 2.09 adds significantly to an already great gameplay experience.

New Features

The latest Destiny 2 update includes numerous interesting and much-requested additions for Guardians to experience. Players may now enter a new Dungeon, perform updated Rituals, and track their seasonal progress in one location. The Prime Attunement function also helps gamers to differentiate between powerful, in-season activities and other activities.

Changes to the Trials of Osiris experience, new Exotic weapons, a redesigned Artifact system that lets players to quickly monitor progress, and more efficient methods to engage with NPCs in-game are among the other game enhancements. A new armor modification system has also been included, giving players more leeway in customizing their Guardian’s appearance.

Overall, this update is guaranteed to keep players involved with Destiny 2’s vast world by giving them access to fresh content and intriguing ways to modify their Guardian’s appearance so they may stand out from the crowd.

New Exotics

Destiny 2’s forthcoming Season 14 will include numerous new Exotics weapons and armor parts. The new Exotics will be published with Update 2.09 patch 3, which will be available on May 11. This latest set of Exotics contains some famous weapons like as The Lament, a unique sword with an energy-based double-spinning blade; Cloudstrike, a lightning shotgun; and The Chaperone, a shotgun that improves its range when the user has full health.

Also available in Season 14 are:

  • Transversive Steps, boots that significantly increase sprint speed and slide distance;
  • Mask of Bakris, a helmet that has enhanced movement speed when aiming down sights;
  • Precious Scars chest armor, which grants an extra overshield when performing certain actions;

The new season also introduces a slew of new and exciting rewards for players to discover throughout the course of the season.

New Weapons

The Exotic Auto Rifle Heir Apparent, the Kinetic Pulse Rifle Dire Promise, and the energy SMG Parcel of Stardust are among the new weapons in Destiny 2 Season 14.

The Exotic Auto Rifle Heir Apparent is a versatile weapon capable of dispatching foes with pinpoint accuracy in both long and short range gunfights. The Kinetic Pulse Weapon Dire Promise is a scout rifle with a powerful firing rate and accuracy. Finally, the Stardust Energy SMG Parcel is excellent for wiping away hordes of foes while on the go.

Each of these weapons has its own set of benefits and abilities that make it more valuable than basic weapons in Destiny 2. The Exotic Auto Rifle has increased target tracking capabilities, allowing it to lock on to targets at extended distances. The Kinetic Pulse Rifle’s accuracy has increased with time as its damage increases as you hold down the trigger for extended periods of time. Finally, the magazine size on the Energy SMG has been increased, allowing for longer continuous bursts at close range confrontations.

New Armor

Patch 3 of Destiny 2 Update 2.09 adds many new armor components for players to customize and gather. The beautiful Hunter Raid Set with orange accents is ideal for beating raid monsters, while the formidable Titan Raid Set with a golden shine can endure significant damage. Additionally, some armors grant perks such as faster reload rates or faster super energy regeneration speeds depending on the class.

These armors are not only visually appealing, but they also provide distinct benefits that may aid players in their most difficult encounters. The Destiny 2 Update 2.09: Patch 3 includes new content such as balancing tweaks and bug fixes to improve users’ gameplay experience.

Quality of Life Improvements

The third patch for Destiny 2 is Update 2.09 patch 3, which includes a variety of quality of life enhancements to make the game more engaging for gamers. This comprises minor changes to current systems, new features, and bug solutions for earlier problems.

This update improves quality of life by introducing a “Soft Reset” option to weekly reset timings, enabling users to choose when they perform their activities; faster load times; a searchable Triumphs list; a better rewards system; Exotic Armor modifications, and more. Several balancing tweaks, including damage buffs and ability modifications, are also included in the update.

There is also new content, such as a new strike set on the Moon dubbed ‘K1 Revelation,’ as well as three new Gambit maps on Europa and Nessus.

By streamlining gameplay, addressing bugs, and providing new content, these quality of life enhancements will help Destiny 2 become an even better game for gamers.

Improved Performance

Destiny 2 Update 2.09: Patch 3 is intended to enhance Destiny 2’s performance. This version includes a slew of enhancements and bug fixes that will help the game function more smoothly.

Players may anticipate improved frame rate stability on console, higher client-side stability, and more consistent performance from their setups with this release. Bungie also resolved an issue that caused poor picture quality and jerky framerates while utilizing live streaming platforms like as Twitch and YouTube Gaming on PC. They also corrected a number of crashing problems reported by PlayStation 4 players, as well as other flaws known to have an effect on gameplay across all platforms.

Finally, the new All Dares of Eternity rotating rewards system for Crucible matches is included in this release. This new system rewards players in Crucible matches with experience points and Bright Dust for completing particular daily ritual activities.

UI Changes

Players will notice a slew of UI changes with the release of the newest Destiny 2 update, Patch 3. The main menu now shows all accessible destinations, as well as an enhanced map view with descriptive location names, recommended activities, and other features. There are also new filters in the ‘Vault’ area that enable Guardians to rapidly seek certain items. A new Engram inventory has also been introduced, providing players with a greater perspective of their progress and rewards.

The in-game Inventory page has also been updated, with new menus and tabs that allow for speedier switching between weapons, armor, and items. Bungie has also enhanced the counts for the Glimmer, XP, and Shader collections.

All of these new features will make your Destiny 2 experience more enjoyable than ever before:

  • Enhanced map view with descriptive location names and recommended activities.
  • New filters in the ‘Vault’ area for rapid item seeking.
  • New Engram inventory to provide players with a greater perspective of their progress and rewards.
  • New menus and tabs for faster switching between weapons, armor, and items.
  • Enhanced counts for Glimmer, XP, and Shader collections.

New Missions

The addition of new objectives in version 2.09 introduces a fresh set of challenges and rewards for Destiny 2 players. Players may now explore a brand-new patrol zone on Europa, the Cosmodrome, and even journey into the Moon’s wilds. This update also includes new Exotic blueprints that may be obtained by fulfilling specific in-game goals.

Players will be awarded with strong gear and weapons for completing tasks, which will assist them increase their character’s growth. Missions are usually accompanied by a variety of weapon upgrades and armor sets that may offer your character greater fighting abilities:

  • Weapon upgrades
  • Armor sets

Bug Fixes

Destiny 2 Update 2.09: Patch 3 includes multiple bug fixes for various game components and character abilities. All of these bug fixes have been implemented to enhance the general functionality and stability of your gaming experience.

  • Fixing an issue with Shotgun Fall Off Damage not always working correctly.
  • Resolving an issue where some players were unable to complete the Defend Fallen Friend mission.
  • Addressing an issue where players’ supers might not trigger when their Warlocks attempted to use Nova Warp.

The Destiny 2 Update 2.09: Patch 3 also contains some minor modifications to support forthcoming content, such as upgrades to Hermes Modesto’s Quiver perk, as well as some aesthetic changes, like as tweaks to Exotics carried by Guardians on their Kinetic weapons.

Overall, this update is intended to enhance stability and guarantee that your gaming experience stays pleasurable regardless of level.

Fixed bugs related to weapons

The Destiny 2 Update 2.09: Patch 3 has solved a number of weapon-related problems. For starters, the auto-reload functionality for various Kinetic and Energy weapons has been improved. This was notably obvious while fighting a boss with a Sword.

Additionally, the update corrected a bug that caused certain players’ snipers and bows to have incorrect or unmanageable recoil while shooting consistently in fast succession. Furthermore, some Energy weapons were suffering a fault that resulted in accidentally low damage output at longer ranges, but this issue has now been rectified, enabling players to utilize their weapons effectively at whatever range they like.

Finally, an issue with linear Fusion guns that caused them to be deactivated after entering orbit has been fixed, so players may expect these rifles to remain active even when in mid-flight.

Fixed bugs related to missions

The most recent Destiny 2 update 2.09: Patch 3 contains various changes to current bugs in the game, particularly with objectives. One of these bug patches was for the Prophecy Dungeon Secret Chest, which would sometimes not spawn upon task completion. Players may now finish this dungeon and get their chest rewards upon task completion as intended with this updated version.

This version also contains bug fixes for missions, guaranteeing that players may now advance through them without experiencing unusual or unexpected behavior. Bungie has guaranteed that gamers can enjoy their Destiny 2 experience without having to deal with any unexpected gameplay difficulties or malfunctions by implementing these fixes.

Fixed bugs related to UI

Many UI bugs have been resolved in the most recent Destiny 2 update, 2.09: Patch 3. These problems manifested themselves in a number of ways, including inaccurate ammunition quantities shown, mission rewards that did not appear correctly, and others. All of these problems have been fixed and rectified by this new patch.

Players’ displays should now show the detailed destiny 2 update 2 of ammunition and rewards, enabling them to go through their objectives without interruption or misunderstanding. Furthermore, with the UI finally operating as intended, gamers can enjoy a seamless experience.Destiny 2 to the maximum. Overall, this patch has increased the quality of gameplay for all fans and should offer everyone who is playing with a great gaming experience.


Destiny 2 Update 2.09: Patch 3 is a significant content update for the game that introduces new weapons, activities, and rewards. Season of the Chosen, a new seasonal event with its own set of challenges and rewards, is also included in the patch. Significant improvements to armor stats and damage type modifiers are also included, as well as various Crucible map modifications and repairs.

In summary, this update is designed to enhance Destiny 2 users’ overall gaming experience by adding additional content and adjusting in-game systems. These adjustments should make the game more fun overall, while still providing plenty of difficulties to take on throughout their excursions:

  • New weapons
  • New activities
  • New rewards
  • Season of the Chosen
  • Improved armor stats
  • Damage type modifiers
  • Crucible map modifications and repairs

Summary of Update 2.09

On December 8th, 2020, Destiny 2 Update 2.09, commonly known as Patch 3, was published. When compared to prior versions, this update contains various updates and enhancements to the game.

The patch adds a new activity called ‘Contact,’ which is a public event that takes place in the Almighty Traveler on Europa. During this event, players will be able to earn reputation with a new merchant named Eramis as well as fulfill a variety of additional tasks.

Additionally, after completing specific activities in Destiny 2, players will now get progress alerts, and the remaining Exotics from Season of the Hunt may now be obtained from Banshee-44 by trading in Legendary Shards or making direct purchases with Glimmer.

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