A Full Guide to Getting the One Of Us Emblem in Destiny 2 2022

Get the One Of Us Emblem in Destiny 2 by following this guide. This emblem was introduced in the Forsaken expansion and can be earned by completing certain tasks.

How To Get One Of Us Emblem Destiny 2

Obtaining the One Of Us Emblem in Destiny 2 2022 is a difficult but not impossible challenge. To acquire the emblem, you must fulfill a sequence of tasks, and if you want it for free, you must work your way through the game’s loot system.

The first task is to get an Eye of Osiris. This is accomplished through fulfilling numerous daily and weekly bounties dropped by various NPCs in Destiny 2 2022. Once you’ve accumulated enough Eyes of Osiris, you may use them to buy a particular item from the Tower’s kiosk. This will then grant you the One Of Us Emblem, which you may add to your personal emblems or share with other people.

To get the most of this symbol, perform all accessible activities that drop Eyes of Osiris as often as possible, such as:

  • Heroic Strikes
  • Nightfalls
  • Public Events

Completing these tasks increases your odds of obtaining more Eyes, and hence your chances of obtaining the One Of Us Emblem in Destiny 2 2022 faster.

More about Destiny 2 Game

Bungie’s Destiny 2 is a shared-world shooter and action role-playing game. The game takes place in the far future, in a cosmos populated by many alien tribes and powerful objects. Destiny 2 allows players to travel about the solar system and visit many planets, moons, ruins, and other points of interest. It also allows users to explore ancient ruins, battle tough foes, and complete missions in order to get powerful weapons and armor.

Players may participate in cooperative activities such as strikes, dungeons, and raids with up to three other players. They may also engage in Crucible matches, which include 4v4 multiplayer fights, against one other player or a group of people.

Destiny 2 has a number of distinct emblems that may be obtained by achieving certain goals or actions inside the game. One of these badges is named “One Of Us,” and obtaining it requires players to accomplish multiple unique Dreams scenarios. To get the One Of Us symbol in Destiny 2 2022, complete all five Dreamscapes quests from the Seasonal Challenges list before June 25th, 2022. After you have met all of the criteria, you will get the insignia automatically through mail from your postmaster if you log into your account at least once during the next 24 hours.


To get the One of Us Emblem in Destiny 2 2022, you must accomplish a specified amount of account-specific activities and challenges. Most players advocate completing the objectives in the following order:

  1. Obtaining the Hero of the Past title
  2. Completing the two Story Missions tied to it
  3. Accomplishing the three related Triumphs
  4. Playing through a Gambit match

It will take time and devotion to complete the One of Us Emblem. With this tutorial as a guide, you should have no trouble obtaining this coveted badge. Best wishes, Guardians.

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