Preparing for the Court of Thorns Moth Destiny 2 Week 4 Event in

Get a head start on the Court of Thorns event in Destiny 2 by completing these simple prep quests.

Court of Thorns Moth Destiny 2 How to Find at this location?

The Court of Thorns Moth is a hidden region in Destiny 2 that is kept away and out of sight. If you want to participate in the Court of Thorns Moth’s Week 4 event, you’ll need to know where to look. Fortunately, it is not difficult to find.

All you have to do is go to the Tangled Shore and enter the Dreaming City. Once you enter, take a left and continue the road until you find a door labelled “Court of Thorns Moth”. Proceed through this door and past the different glowing runes until you reach a treasure guarded by many opponents. Congratulations on your entry into the Court of Thorns Moth. You may now start participating in Week 4 activities with other players and work your way up to big prizes. Best wishes.

The Last Word

The Last Word is a strong hand cannon that appears during the Court of Thorns Moth Destiny 2 week 4 event. This exotic weapon may be earned by completing the quest “The Lie,” which requires the player to go to Venus and fulfill various trials before it can be activated.

The Last Word is one of the most popular weapons among Destiny 2 gamers due to its fast rate of fire and minimal recoil. This weapon also has an enticing aesthetic, with a sleek black and gold finish that will make any Guardian seem like a genuine fighting expert.

Furthermore, The Last Word has an aggressive rate of fire, which might help you remain on target while handing out a lot of agony. If you’re searching for a strong hand cannon, The Last Word is a must-have. It’s best employed in close-to-mid range confrontations.

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