Unlocking the Destiny 2 Evidence Board Quests: March 2022 Weekly Missions Explained

Get the lowdown on the Destiny 2 Evidence Board quests for March 2022, including how to complete the weekly missions.

Destiny 2 Evidence Board Quests March 2022

The Destiny 2 Evidence Board Quest The Evidence Board Quests are a series of weekly missions that may be completed in-game to earn various prizes. To gain access to these quests, players must complete their weekly chores. These quests will be available starting March 2021 and will continue until the next season. and may be accessed in-game under the Activities menu. The Evidence Board Quests will be rotated monthly, with each month having a new collection of assignments for players to accomplish.

The rewards for completing these tasks include special weaponry and cosmetics Completing the storm quest destiny 2 legendary quest 1 and other evidence board missions in The Division 2 each month can unlock additional Triumphs that contribute to season pass benefits. The Division 2 Season Pass also provides additional rewards if all evidence board missions are completed.. Players must be careful and finish the evidence board missions before the time limit expires or they will lose out on unique goodies.

Where to Find the Evidence Board in Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2, the Evidence Board is a board accessible through the Tower hangar where you may accept unique weekly tasks known as The Challenging Quests. These tasks are made accessible at the beginning of each weekly reset.

The Evidence Board can be located in the Tower Hanger Climb the stairs up to Zavala’s office and leave on the right to reach the first area of destiny 2 pastebin leak, where Ana Bray will assist you in gaining access to the Evidence Board.

The Evidence Board features a variety of weekly tasks with specified goals and rewards, such as:

  • Killing a certain number of enemies in a certain amount of time.
  • Completing a mission on one of Destiny 2’s patrol zones.

Completing these missions will provide you XP and strong gear drops, making them an excellent method to farm XP and gather treasure during slower moments in your gaming cycle.

How To Complete Hard Evidence Quest in Destiny 2 Witch Queen?

The Hard Evidence quest in Destiny 2 Witch Queen is a weekly assignment published as part of the March 2022 update. This quest challenges players to gather seven pieces of evidence that are distributed around the game in a chain reaction. Players may get access to all seven pieces of proof by completing different activities such as daily and weekly challenges and attending public events. In addition, while investigating theDestiny 2 Seasonal Challenges: The Witch Queen, players may uncover three pieces of proof.

Once a player has located all seven pieces of proof, they must deliver them to Ana Bray on Mars, where they will be exchanged for strong gifts that will assist them proceed through the Seasonal Challenge arc. Players who complete this quest every week will get special goodies and milestones connected to their progress through the Seasonal Challenge arc.

More about Destiny 2 Game

Bungie’s Destiny 2 is a free-to-play online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game. It was published in September 2017 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, followed by a Microsoft Windows version the following month. The plot of the game follows a squad of guardians as they struggle to preserve Earth’s last surviving metropolis from extraterrestrial invaders.

It is an open world with both PvE and PvP gameplay, enabling players to fulfill tasks for prizes and explore different parts of the realm. Clans are available for players to join in order to get experience points and engage in particular activities such as raids and strike missions. Expansion packs for Destiny 2 bring more material, narrative aspects, and activities to the game.

The March 2022 weekly task unlocks the Evidence Board Quests, which are made up of nine unique weekly challenges that cycle monthly and provide special prizes such as legendary weaponry when accomplished.


In Destiny 2, the weekly Evidence Board Quests are made up of many phases that rotate each week in March 2022. Players may earn prizes for their efforts, such as strong gear or gold to buy better goods, if they finish the game.

There are three types of weekly missions: public events, patrols, and lost sectors.

  • Public Events provide a range of goals that take time and expertise to achieve, whilst Patrols allow you to explore new worlds and earn prizes by completing specified tasks.
  • Lost Sectors include difficult puzzles in which players must seek for hidden chests containing substantial prizes.

By accomplishing these chores on a weekly basis, players may enjoy the advantages and move quicker through Destiny 2’s narrative mode.

Destiny 2 Evidence Board Quests March 2022 - Weekly Missions - How To Get Access