What Happened to the Destiny 2 Factions Rally and How to Get the Gear

If you’re wondering what happened to the Destiny 2 factions rally and how to get the gear, we’ve got you covered.


Destiny 2 Factions Rally is a recurrent event in the game that enables players to collect faction tokens by participating in activities that promote their preferred side. Players may then swap tokens for one-of-a-kind rewards such as armor, weapon upgrades, and more. This event was initially featured in Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris expansion, however it has been missing since Warmind was released in May 2018.

This article will look at:

  • what happened to the Destiny 2 Factions Rally and how players can get the corresponding items.
  • how this event relates to other events such as Iron Banner and provide some ideas on how to get the most out of Factions Rally and gain more rewards.
  • finally, it will go through forthcoming changes, events, and expansions that may result in the return of the Destiny 2 Factions Rally.

What is Factions Rally?

Factions Rally is a game mode in the hit video game Destiny 2. It puts Guardians against each other in a series of fights, events, and tournaments to determine which group is the most powerful.

Players may fight for rewards by joining one of four factions: Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, New Monarchy, or FWC Prime. To participate, players must first swear allegiance to a side by visiting their flag in-game at the Tower.

Following their pledge of loyalty to a faction, players may participate in Factions Rally events, which provide tokens that can be used to buy faction-themed goods. Guardians may also gain Glory Points by participating in a Faction’s Rally, which helps their Faction rank higher and increases the rewards they get.

Why was Factions Rally Removed?

Factions Rally, which debuted with Destiny 2’s first release, was a popular game option that enabled players to support a faction of their choice while completing weekly bounties and goals. However, owing to the rising complexity of events and updates introduced by future expansions, this functionality has now been removed from the game.

Bungie has offered players more freedom in personalizing their playstyle and character creation by removing Factions Rally. While some players may miss Factions Rally and its rewards, Bungie has created additional methods for Guardians to get gear from various factions:

  • Players may still get new gear by engaging in Lost Sectors and attending public events like Escalation Protocols.
  • Seasons also bring with them new seasonal themed armor sets linked with certain Factions.

While the Factions Rally is no longer available, Guardians may still participate in events related to their preferred faction while exploring the globe of Destiny 2.

How Can You Get Faction Gear?

Faction Gear is a kind of armor or weapon available in Destiny 2. It debuted with the Faction Rally event, and players may use it to support one of three Factions. Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled since Season 8, however that doesn’t mean the Faction Gear is no longer available.

Players may still gain Faction Gear by fulfilling weekly bounties provided by Executors at the Tower. Players must gather Faction Tokens via completing activities in the Dreaming City or Tangled Shore, as well as Triumphs from The Sundial activity, to accomplish these bounties. They may buy certain pieces of Faction Gear from their faction merchant at the Tower after gathering enough tokens.

Additionally, various unique weapons may be purchased from merchants on Nessus, Io, and Tangled Shore, as well as from The Leviathan raid prize containers.

Obtain Faction Engrams

Faction Engrams are rewards in Destiny 2 that you obtain when you swear allegiance to a faction. After finishing the main plot, conversing with each faction leader, and earning enough reputation points with them, they will begin distributing special items that can only be obtained by unlocking these engrams. These may be obtained through performing activities on the EDZ map, as well as by turning in resources or disassembling weapons.

Weapons for distinct factions, as well as cosmetic items, armor pieces, resource nodes, and numerous emotes, will be included in these engrams. When you open an engram at the Cryptarch or Faction merchant kiosk, it is permanently connected to that character, so make sure you constantly open them. Guardians may get some of the greatest gear in Destiny 2 by using Faction Engrams.

Unlock Faction Engrams

Factions Rally and its rewards have been replaced in Destiny 2 by Powerful Friends modifications. You must first acquire Faction Engrams in order to get these modifications. To do so, you must accomplish a series of game challenges and milestones. Completing activities such as strikes, Crucible matches, and Gambit matches are part of the challenges.

After completing these objectives, players will obtain a Faction Engram, which can be used to buy particular sorts of items from the Faction Vendors in the Tower hangar. These engrams may be used to acquire armor, class equipment, weapons, and other goods. Players may then outfit strong Friends modifications to enhance their Power level and prepare for endgame content such as Raids or The Last Wish raid challenge after getting this gear.

Visit Faction Vendors

Visiting Faction Vendors is essential for earning new gear in Destiny 2’s forthcoming Season 13. Players may visit their preferred merchant to get unique engrams containing tremendous rewards. Furthermore, any new weapons and armor components added to the Season 13 faction roster may be purchased from these dealers. As an added benefit, players that complete the faction rally will get one additional Engram for each completed event.

The Factions Rally has been replaced this season by the Almighty Triumphs event. However, players may still visit their preferred Faction Vendor to earn strong rewards that they would not otherwise be able to obtain in-game. Make frequent contact with your Faction Vendor throughout Season 13 to stay up to speed on all of their products.


The Destiny 2 Factions Rally event has now concluded, but the rewards remain. Guardians may still use their faction tokens to acquire any of the Faction Weapons and Armour from merchants in The Tower and on Nesuss. They may also buy some of the weapons and armor from the Eververse Trading Company.

Although players may no longer engage in faction rallies, they can still get all of the event rewards, such as armour pieces and weapons with special bonuses and effects. This enables users to tailor their Guardian’s loadouts to their own playstyle.

Finally, players should keep in mind that once a weapon or armour piece is acquired from a vendor, it cannot be returned or swapped for another item, so select carefully.

Destiny 2 Factions Rally Removed but How to Get the Gear?

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