Destiny 2 Nightfall Rotation 2022: A New Weekly Reset Guide and Changes

Destiny 2’s Nightfall Rotation is changing in 2022! Here’s everything you need to know about the new weekly reset, including which activities will be available and how to get the most out of them.

Destiny 2 Nightfall Rotation 2022 | New Weekly Reset

Bungie has unveiled the Nightfall Rotation for 2022 in an attempt to make Destiny 2 more dynamic and keep gamers coming back week after week. This new method implies that a different Nightfall Strike will be accessible for each weekly reset, enabling gamers to participate in activities that were previously overlooked.

The rotation will function as follows: Each Tuesday, when the rewards for each activity reset, a new Nightfall Strike will become accessible on the EDZ map. For example, if The Pyramidion was featured one week, Savathún’s Song would be shown the next Tuesday. The cycle will then repeat again, ensuring that no Nightfall goes unplayed. As an added benefit, each strike in this cycle will have modifiers enabled by default, increasing the difficulty and ensuring that it is unique each time it is performed.

Bungie also promises numerous more upgrades, including:

  • Enhanced prizes
  • Expanded Heroic difficulty choices whether playing alone or with others.

All of this is part of a bigger effort to make Destiny 2 more thrilling and rewarding every week.

Weekly Challenge Rewards: Destiny 2 Nightfall Rotation

This section pertains to the weekly challenge awards that players may earn by completing the Nightfall cycles in Destiny 2. Every week, a new challenge is released for players to accomplish in order to receive strong gifts and advance their characters in the game.

To get the most powerful prizes, players must complete every single weekly challenge during the season. They will ultimately get access to Destiny 2’s distinctive Pinnacle gear, which delivers an even greater power increase.

Each week of the Nightfall cycle provides numerous consumables, gear modifications, and other gear components required to access end game content like as raid monsters and weaponry. Destiny 2 players may ensure themselves strong gear and unique items essential for growth by continuing to accomplish these nighttime cycles.

Destiny 2 Nightfall Rotation 2022 | New Weekly Reset Guide and Changes

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