Countdown to the Destiny 2 Raid Race Start Time – UK and USA – March 2022

It’s time to start your countdown clocks as the Destiny 2 race to world’s first for the new Leviathan raid is about to begin! The race will start on September 13th at 10am PT for North America and 6pm BST for the UK and Europe.

Destiny 2 Raid Race Start Time

Destiny 2 Raid Race Start Time is an event that occurs on March 1, 2022, when the Destiny 2 raid race starts in the United States and the United Kingdom. This once-in-a-lifetime event allows players to race against other teams to complete some of the game’s most demanding objectives. Players will compete against other teams from around the globe to accomplish five encounters under a given time restriction. The team that completes all five encounters within the time limit will be crowned the Raid Race Start Time event’s winner.

With just one week before the start of this thrilling new challenge, gamers should begin preparing for their opportunity to show themselves as some of Destiny 2’s finest raiders as soon as possible.

Rules to Follow

Destiny 2’s Countdown to the Destiny 2 Raid Race Start Time – UK and USA – March 2022 is a race to see which nation can finish the raid challenge the quickest. Certain regulations must be observed to guarantee a fair and safe sport for all players.

  • All gamers must use their own accounts, and no cheats or third-party applications are permitted.
  • Furthermore, all objectives must be performed completely legally; no exploiting faults or glitches is authorized.
  • Participants must also create two-player teams comprised of players from either the United Kingdom or the United States; no mixing of nationalities is permitted.

Finally, all teams must always follow Destiny’s Community Rules& Guidelines. All racers must be polite to one another and play with honesty in order to have fun while also showcasing their talents. These are just a few of the regulations that must be observed in order to participate in and make this Raid racing competition a success.


The countdown to the commencement of the Destiny 2 raid race in March 2022 has started, and with it comes the opportunity to test your talents and win large. Those who are the first to cross the finish line will be rewarded handsomely. You may earn rare gear, legendary engrams, or even formidable weapons depending on your status.

As you continue through the raid race, you’ll have the opportunity to collect points that can be used to buy Eververse reward packages that get you access to premium aesthetic things like as shaders and ship models. Those that finish the raid alongside their teammates will also be able to display their gear on their profile page for all of your friends to view and appreciate.

The Last Word

The Last Word is the last countdown before the commencement of the highly anticipated Destiny 2 Raid Race in the United Kingdom and the United States. It’ll be a nail-biting competition to determine who can complete all eight phases of the raid first in March 2022.

Teams will have three hours on race day to finish all eight stages of the Raid and be proclaimed winners.

The Last Word, which signals the end of the raid race, has become a highly awaited event for players all around the globe. Fans of Destiny 2 will gather behind their favorite teams and wait to see who will come out on top. Who will survive all eight phases of The Last Word and walk away with bragging rights? We’ll find out shortly.

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