Uncover the Lost Riches of Genshin Impact’s Brightcrown Canyon

Uncover the lost riches of Genshin Impact’s Brightcrown Canyon in this new exploration event. With the right strategy, you can earn plenty of rewards, including the new 4-Star Bow character, Amber.


Brightcrown Canyon in Genshin Impact is an in-game region that players may explore to discover the great mysteries and riches it conceals. This section of the game has fascinating ruins and relics, as well as unique opponents, riddles, and challenges. It has several distinct aspects, such as adversaries, surroundings, puzzles, and weaponry.

The canyon hides several mysteries, such as hidden chests containing rare goods or ore deposits for processing weapons and armor. NPCs may also be found who provide specific tasks or prizes for completing them. Brightcrown Canyon also has a wealth of information for anyone brave enough to explore its depths, ranging from tablets that describe forgotten civilizations to old shrines loaded with stories about their culture and gods.

Because of the sheer quantity of mysteries waiting to be uncovered, Brightcrown Canyon is one of the most rewarding areas in Genshin Impact.

Overview of Brightcrown Canyon

Brightcrown Canyon is a large and lovely place in Genshin Impact. Throughout the area, players may encounter a variety of animals, flora, unusual perspectives, and sights, including a range of red creatures, which this guide is meant to assist players with photographing.

Many gamers will need to climb mountains or reach special tunnels and regions that are opened up by solving certain tasks in order to snap these fantastic images with the Kurious Kamera. Each red monster may be shot in a variety of distinctive stances that need some modification. Players should move their avatar around until they locate the perfect angle or position to complete the picture unlock, and then capture their images with the Kurious Kamera or another camera.

In addition to photographing uncommon red species, certain regions include chests and mysteries that must be opened with the Kurious Kamera’s unique lens. This tutorial includes an introduction of Brightcrown Canyon’s diverse scenery as well as instructions for capturing great photographs of these uncommon critters.

Location of the Lost Riches

The Lost Riches of Brightcrown Canyon may be discovered across the area. Look for massive, dazzling crystals that radiate a yellowish glow to locate these sites. The quickest method to get Lost Riches is to mine these crystals. Additionally, one of Genshin Impact’s quick mining techniques, Geo Traveling or Scarlet Quartz Mining, may be required.

When thrown near Geovishap Holes, crystalline ores pour down from the sky, necessitating the usage of Anemo abilities. Scarlet Quartz Mining is a more direct strategy that entails collecting Scarlet Quartz Mineral from ore sources in Burial Grounds. Both of these techniques allow players to quickly gather Lost Riches, which can subsequently be exchanged for Primogems, Adventure Rank Experience, and other goodies from Katheryne in Mondstadt or Shuffle-on-the-go in Liyue Harbor.

The Lost Riches

The Lost Riches of Genshin Impact’s Brightcrown Canyon offers a fantastic chance to unearth precious loot. This place, located in Monstadt, contains some of the finest prizes in the game. To open a hidden cache of valuable riches, you must rediscover three missing books and learn their mysteries. Before these prizes can be obtained, a number of riddles and tasks must be completed; however, all you need to do is follow the procedures given below.

The Lost Riches of Genshin Impact’s Brightcrown Canyon provides a variety of goodies that may help you advance through the game more quickly. This region will undoubtedly offer you with some tasty riches, but first you must solve the riddles and fulfill various tasks like as slaying opponents, collecting ingredients, and opening doors while avoiding distractions from other players or NPCs. When you finish the quest, you will be awarded with goods like as weapons, artifacts, and Anemo Sigils, all of which are essential resources for enhancing your characters. Furthermore, if you’re fortunate, there may be an Exquisite Chest with an even higher prize at the end.

Rare Resources

Brightcrown Canyon’s Rare Resources are utilized to produce ingredients for wind catchers in Genshin Impact. These materials are limited and can only be obtained from a few tiny nodes dispersed over the area. Anemoculus Resonance Stone, Geoculus Resonance Stone, and Mehrunes Claw are among the resources.

  • Anemoculus Resonance Stone is a brilliant yellow ore discovered in the Valley of Remembrance,
  • Geoculus Resonance Stone is a blue-green mineral found at the pinnacle of Mt. Aozang,
  • Mehrunes Claw, the rarest resource, is an orange stone with leaf designs on it that can only be discovered at the entrance of Dragonspine.

Collecting these resources necessitates traversing rough terrain and facing formidable opponents, but their efforts will be rewarded since these materials are required for wind catchers recipes such as the Gold Wind Catcher Recipe and Grower’s Wind Catcher Recipe.

Unique Weapons

Wind Catchers, Genshin Impact’s unique weaponry, provide players with specific powers in the Brightcrown Canyon region. These unique weapons may be gained from treasure chests, enemy drops, or by performing specified tasks or objectives. Equipping a Wind Catcher gives several special effects based on the kind of weapon.

  • Some Wind Catchers, for example, give perks such as greater attack power, more damage to specific sorts of opponents, and quicker movement speed.
  • Others allow you access to unique abilities such as summoning lightning bolts or constructing an unbreakable barrier.

Wind Catchers need Elemental Ore to increase their stats and unlock new powers, so have some on hand at all times.

Special Artifacts

Brightcrown Canyon Special Artifacts are objects that may be found while exploring the region. These artifacts are historical relics that provide vital knowledge that may assist you on your quest. They appear as glowing stones near a monument or construction, and when engaged with, they grant a permanent benefit to your characters’ stats.

  • The Vayuda Turquoise grants Attack DMG+15%;
  • The Anemo Cloister Tablet grants Max HP+400; and
  • The Qinghau Jade grants AnemoRes+30%.

Each relic has a unique set of benefits, so be sure to explore Brightcrown Canyon to find them all.

How to Reach the Lost Riches

The Lost Riches of Brightcrown Canyon provide an opportunity for Genshin Impact players to earn prizes by collecting Strange Teeth. To get to this hidden destination, gamers must first go to Brightcrown Canyon in Mondstadt. They will be able to find the Lost Riches of Brightcrown Canyon after they arrive by walking over the bridge that links the main city to the Outskirts, which is situated just outside of Mondstadt.

To get the Strange Teeth, players must journey across the canyon and solve timed challenges that require the use of diverse elements such as wind and fire. These puzzles will provide players a prize chest containing different goods such as Artifacts and Character XP Materials, as well as extra Strange Teeth that may be used to buy stuff from certain NPCs later on.

Unlocking the Canyon

Unlocking the Canyon is a critical step towards unearthing Genshin Impact’s Brightcrown Canyon’s buried treasures. The Wind-Blessed Moths – Court of Thorns, the region around Brightcrown Canyon, will need players to make their way across. To get there, players must go via The Catacombs of Carthus, open the door with three unique keys, and make their way to the Brightcrown Canyon entrance.

When you arrive, look for a meandering route that winds up to a mountain with a big moth sitting above it. This is the location of Court of Thorns, which is home to various deadly foes such as Moths and elemental gems that can aid you in your quest to discover the forgotten treasures of Brightcrown Canyon. You must utilize four rare relics known as “Crimson Keys” to open this location, which may be discovered spread throughout The Catacombs of Carthus – locked away in secret chests. After gathering all four relics, players should go to Court of Thorns and activate them to get entry to Brightcrown Canyon.

Navigating the Canyon

Navigating Brightcrown Canyon may be difficult due to the abundance of natural dangers and unusual riddles it throws at you. Fortunately, Katheryne, the geolocation specialist, has already highlighted essential places on your map to help you navigate the canyon.

You’ll have to maneuver through hordes of wild creatures, gigantic barriers falling from the heavens above, and tough riddles to disclose secret wealth based on her notes. Look for secret shortcuts across this vast terrain to aid with navigation. Just keep in mind that she’s marked off different tasks with bright markers so you don’t get lost while exploring this stunning setting.

When exploring Brightcrown Canyon, be careful to remain safe and employ Genshin Impact’s Array Mechanics as often as possible.


Brightcrown Canyon is a busy and varied place with many activities and rewards to explore. There are many of treasures to be discovered in Brightcrown Canyon, from harvesting mineral deposits to exploring ancient ruins to trekking through the Wild Monoliths to partaking in secret fight events with dangerous foes.

The rewards for any adventurer courageous enough to take on the canyon are substantial, including

  • new weapons,
  • ascension materials,
  • experience points,
  • and primogems.

Brightcrown Canyon not only offers fantastic prizes, but it is also a terrific spot for Genshin Impact players to explore for their own tales as well as unearthing some long-lost truths from Teyvat’s history. So venture into the depths of Genshin Impact’s Brightcrown Canyon in search of hidden treasures.

Summary of the Lost Riches

Factions Rally is a one-time event in Genshin Impact’s Brightcrown Canyon in which two warring factions vie for the area’s lost treasures. Players may take part in different missions, battles, and challenges to assist their chosen group win. The faction with the highest points after completing all of the tasks will be proclaimed successful and earn access to a special box containing gifts such as Primogems, Materials, Character XP Materials, and much more.

For participating in Factions Rally, players will also gain Faction Fame points, which can be traded for goods from Faction Base merchants. Participating in these activities will not only assist your chosen side in winning, but will also award you with a range of prizes.

Tips for Exploring the Canyon

Here are a few pointers to help you get started exploring Brightcrown Canyon and discovering the mysteries of its forgotten treasures:

  • Before entering Brightcrown Canyon, make sure you have finished the Story Quest ‘Farewell, The Rite of Bornfire’. This will get you access to the larger territory around the canyon.
  • Second, keep an eye out for secret scavenger hunts across the region that will reward you with Artifacts and other helpful goods.
  • Third, if you want to discover additional higher-tier treasure, you should participate in Factions Rally events, which have been temporarily removed from Genshin Impact due to game balance difficulties. Although some events are not presently accessible, participating in them when they become available may offer you an advantage in finding Brightcrown Canyon’s lost treasures.
  • Finally, look for secret chests or regions that need a certain character’s unique skill, such as Lisa’s electrocharge, since these may hold uncommon gifts or other goods that may aid your investigation of this ancient canyon.

Special Treasure in Genshin Impact Brightcrown Canyon- The Lost Riches