Unlock All Treasure Locations in Mt. Aozang with Genshin Impact’s

Looking to clean out Mt. Aozang in Genshin Impact? Here’s a guide on how to find and unlock all treasure locations in the area.


MiHoYo created the free-to-play action role-playing game Genshin Impact. Players may either explore Teyvat’s open environment alone or in co-op with up to four other players. Teyvat’s world is filled with dungeons and secret treasure places where players may find precious stuff by solving challenging puzzles and taking down tough opponents.

One such place is Mt. Aozang, a tall peak covered in clouds that conceals a number of chests carrying special gifts. To uncover every treasure place on Mt. Aozang in Genshin Impact, follow the procedures in this tutorial. It will also provide advice on how to travel around this difficult terrain so you can take advantage of all Mt. Aozang has to offer.

Overview of Mt Aozang

In the Liyue area of the video game Genshin Impact, there is a place called Mt. Aozang. A large peak that has a view of Liyue Harbor, Mt. Aozang is undoubtedly full of mysteries and hidden treasures. A mythical beast named Wolfhook is located at the summit of Mount Aozang.

The trail going up to the pinnacle of Mt. Aozang, the biggest mountain in the Liyue area, is made up of several pathways and gorges. The many buried treasure chests scattered across Mt. Aozang are one of its most notable characteristics. By resolving riddles or eliminating adversaries nearby, you may earn this money.

There are also a lot of Anemoculus and Geoculus Oculi nodes nearby, which may be utilized to raise the power level of your character or, after collecting them enough times, to uncover unique treasures like artifacts or ascension materials.


Mt. Aozang is one of the locations in Genshin Impact and is also the location of many undiscovered gems. You must traverse the mountain from top to bottom in order to access each treasure spot, which might take some time owing to the mountain’s immensity. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of every chest found throughout Mt. Aozang below so you can navigate this difficult zone with ease and discover all the goodies within.

This guide will assist you in finding anything from Luxurious Chests filled with copious quantities of Mora and Anemoculi to the Hidden Palace of Guizhong, which holds priceless Oculi Shards, as well as ordinary chests filled with supplies.


The map created by Genshin Impact is an essential resource for finding Mt. Aozang’s secret treasure sites. It gives a very thorough overview of the whole area and lists all of its well-kept secrets, which could otherwise go overlooked.

A list of all the unique things and resources that may be discovered strewn throughout the mountain is also included on the map. These resources are required for the game’s harder foes and for improving your character’s stats. You can quickly locate hidden treasure places and make sure you don’t miss any significant ones with the help of Genshin Impact’s map.

Treasure Locations

Genshin Impact is an open-world action RPG video game created by miHoYo. With a big open world to explore, intriguing people to meet, and thrilling combat to engage in, this game has it all. In Genshin Impact, searching for hidden goods is one of the most popular pastimes, requiring players to travel the map. These artifacts are dispersed across the game’s universe in various places, and many of them are sealed unless certain requirements are completed.

Mount Aozang, which lies near Mondstadt, is one of the most well-known locations where you may look for treasures. There are multiple hidden chests in this mountainous location, and they often contain rich treasure and prizes like rare ascension materials, Primogems, or even weapons and artifacts. Though it’s not always simple, you’ll need to perform certain activities or acquire certain critical objects in order to reach each of these priceless spots. Fortunately, our guide will provide you all the knowledge you need on how to open every box on Mount Aozang so that you may take possession of all that gleaming treasure.

The Lost Riches Treasure Area 14

One of the numerous Treasure Locations on Mt. Aozang in the Genshin Impact game is the Lost Riches Treasure Area 14. You must first reach the third section of Mount Aozang in order to access this destination. From there, take a dirt road up the Henne Plateau until you find the blue crystal that opens area 14.

When you arrive at location 14, you must climb the neighboring stone altar and carefully listen for 8 ominous tones coming out from below. An gateway leading to the deep depths of this treasure location will become visible after they have all been heard. Numerous items, such as Weapon Enhancement Ore, Primogems, Character EXP materials, and shards for either Razor or Diluc–two well-known Genshin Impact characters–are waiting for you within. Before opening this priceless treasure box, various riddles and traps must be cleared.

The Lost Riches Treasure Area 15

Popular action role-playing game Mt. Aozang by Genshin Impact has a place called The Lost Riches Treasure Area 15. There are four distinct treasures to find in this area, which is located on the south-eastern slope of the mountain and includes anything from rare minerals to specialized weaponry. The sole indication of its whereabouts is a structure of rocks at the mountain’s foot that nearly resembles an eye.

Players must use their Anemo ability to fly up and seek for a circular stone platform on top of the mountain peak in order to access all of the wealth in this location. Then, while on this platform, players must utilize their Geo skill to build and activate several obelisks in order to unearth the riches hidden below.

The Lost Riches Treasure Area 16

One of the numerous hidden riches found in Mt. Aozang, a secret location in the game Genshin Impact, is the Lost Riches Treasure Area 16. By solving the area’s different chores and challenges, you may access this prize. Players may locate and unlock the Lost Riches Treasure Area 16 after all objectives have been completed by trading a certain coin for tokens at the district’s Adventurer’s Guild.

Many prizes may be found in the Lost Riches Treasure Area 16, including some of Genshin Impact’s rarest materials, such Cor Lapis and White Iron Chunks. Additionally, they may stumble upon chests containing Primogems, Mora, and other priceless resources. After completing the challenge, players will get an email from Paimon with a variety of goodies, including goods for character improvement or even unique wishes that may be traded in for rewards.

The Lost Riches Treasure Area 17

For those who take the time to explore it, the Lost Riches Treasure Area 17 on Mt. Aozang of Genshin Impact offers a variety of amazing gifts. Players may locate four treasures in this area, and depending on their luck, they can yield a range of gifts.

  • Twenty Primogems, Genshin Impact’s premium money, are found in the first treasure.
  • Two random ascension materials, which are necessary for leveling characters up to their highest potential, are offered by the second prize.
  • Along from Mora, the default money in Genshin Impact, other awards include 20 Hero’s Wit, which is needed to level up a character’s weapon proficiency.
  • Each of these boxes also contains one Anemo Sigil and one Geoculus, two collectable objects that are employed in puzzles and events in Teyvat.

Players will be well rewarded for their efforts if they locate all four chests in the Lost Riches Treasure Area 17.

The Lost Riches Treasure Area 18

Genshin Impact’s Lost Riches Treasure Area 18 is among its most satisfying views. This location is on Mount Aozang and is full of hidden gems that are just waiting to be discovered. To discover the buried treasures, players will need to explore the region and work out a number of challenges. The rewards for doing so are substantial and include several weapons, relics, and money.

You’ll discover not only fantastic prizes but also a special tale about an antiquated civilisation buried deep below Mt. Aozang if you can solve all the riddles and avoid the traps. Players must acquire the Key of Descending Winds from the Wandering Knight Merchant at Starsnatch Cliff in Liyue in order to enter this location. With the use of this key, users may unlock closed doors and enter hidden tunnels that go deep within Mount Aozang, where riches awaits daring explorers.

The Lost Riches Treasure Area 19

In the game Genshin Impact, one of the areas you may explore to acquire riches and prizes is the Lost Riches Treasure Area 19. It is found on Mount Aozang, which is visible from Mount Qingce. You must first finish the main narrative quest “In the Mountains” before you may open this region with a certain quantity of Mora.

Once it is open to you, you may explore it and discover various loot as well as prizes for discovering all nine treasure sites in Genshin Impact’s main quest line. You may discover four boxes in Lost Riches Treasure Area 19 that contain things like Primogems, Enhancement Ore, Character Ascension Materials, and more. Your progress in Genshin Impact’s narrative missions and the amount of Mora you have already spent on unlocking boxes on Mount Aozang will determine the gifts you get from these chests.

The Lost Riches Treasure Area 20

The Lost Riches Treasure Area 20 is the twentieth in a string of treasure locations that players in Genshin Impact’s Mt. Aozang region must open by solving riddles and side tasks. As with other Lost Riches Treasure Areas, players must first accomplish a certain task in order to get access to the prizes hidden there.

To access the treasure chamber in this instance, players must find four separate Anemoculus scattered across Mt. Aozang’s Zhi’an Archaeological Ruin. A Stardust Exchange Order, Adventurer’s Experience Materials, Primogems, and an Exquisite Chest are the four rewards they may find after they enter. For those explorers that go above and beyond, there could even be some secret goodies.


In the Liyue region, Genshin Impact’s Mt. Aozang is a stunning and sizable location. It might be intimidating to explore this region, but don’t worry—with a little help, you can quickly find all of the hidden treasure boxes.

You should now have all the knowledge necessary to find each and every one of Mount Aozang’s treasure chests and to take advantage of their benefits thanks to this tutorial. Don’t forget to often save your game to prevent losing your progress. Happy spelunking!

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