The Answers to Genshin Impact’s Qingce Lantern Riddle Revealed

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The Qingce Lantern Riddle in Genshin Impact is one of the game’s most popular puzzles, and it has baffled players since its release. To solve the mystery, players must properly answer a series of questions concerning the Qingce Lantern at Liyue Harbor. The questions include geography, history, astronomy, and other subjects. Players may get rewards for accurately completing the mystery.

This guide contains all of the solutions to the riddle as well as instructions on how to solve it:

All the Answers

Qingce Lantern Riddle is a Genshin Impact goal problem in which the player must answer a series of riddles in order to finish the mission. Each riddle must be properly answered – and there are five distinct riddles, each with its unique right solution.

The good news is that you can get all of the answers right here.

  • The correct answer to the first question is “Whence comes my light?“.
  • The correct answer to the second question is “Who brightens up my dreams?“.
  • The correct answer to the third question is “What do I contribute to homes?“.
  • The correct answer to the fourth question is “Cherry Blossom“.
  • Lastly, the fifth question is “Which clouds encircle me?” and the right answer for this one is “Dreams“.

These are the solutions to the Qingce Lantern Riddle in Genshin Impact. With these five answers, players should be able to quickly finish this task.

Riddle 1

“Red beings come out at night, their feet never touching the ground, the light they emit can shake heaven and earth,” says the first riddle in Genshin Impact’s Qingce Lantern event.

The Fireflies that may be spotted surrounding Liyue Harbor are referred to as red animals in this context. Fireflies are tiny insects with bright red-orange bodies and wings. They also like to live near sources of heat, such as Liyue Harbour in this example. These animals will fly in the air at night, never touching the earth and emitting a gentle warm light that can be seen from afar. This is illustrated in Genshin Impact by a slight red glow lingering near Liyue Harbor.

Riddle 2

Riddle 2 of the Qingce Lantern Riddle event on Genshin Impact demands participants to locate red critters that radiate a soothing glow. Players must locate the following three things in order to answer this riddle: Irminia, Red Spider Lily, and Red Fox.

The first item is a Red Fox, which can be found in Liyue’s Mt. Aozang region. Because these foxes are nocturnal, they can only be seen at night or in gloomy places such as caves. The Red Spider Lily can be found at Liyue Harbor near the entrance to the ruins between Xiao’s store and Zhangshan Pier. The third creature is an Irminia, which may also be found at Liyue Harbor near Zhangshan Pier. It is worth mentioning that this monster will only appear when it is fiercely raining.

After locating and interacting with all three animals, players should go to Qingce Village and place a lamp on each one to earn their prize for completing Riddle 2.

Riddle 3

The next riddle is as follows: “The ammonite crab, black and white, scurries back to the water. How can it be reset?” The solution is in the hint – picking up and bringing the Ammonite Crab back to where you found it resets the crab. Returning it to its original location will allow you to begin a new game with a different configuration of dolls, allowing you to continue through Qingce’s Mini Lantern problem. You will also be able to get previously unavailable goods and resources.

Carry the Ammonite Crab with caution, since its health meter may diminish if exposed for too long.

Riddle 4

In Genshin Impact, Question 4 of the Qingce Lanterns riddle asks “Four beats compete against each other: one against two, two against three. What is the one thing they all have in common?” The heart scales are the solution to this conundrum.

Heart scales are a kind of assessment that is used to assess the intensity and pace of music. Each pulse or note of the four-note phrase symbolizes one heart scale in this case: the middle note has two beats and hence two heart scales, while the final note has three beats and so three heart scales. As a result, all four notes have a similar measurement – the total number of cardiac scales for that phrase – making Riddle 4 the right solution.

Riddle 5

“Turn around and in front, two roads become one,” says Riddle 5 of Genshin Impact’s Qingce Lanterns. To begin solving this puzzle, locate the two routes coming from the light. The first will be right in front of the lantern, while the second will be behind it. Once you’ve located both pathways, go down them until they connect. At this time, both routes should merge, enabling you to continue playing and collecting your prize. This might range from rare things and currency to chests holding formidable weapons or relics.

Remember that all rewards are based on your level and other conditions, so be sure to verify what prizes are available before attempting this Qingce Lantern challenge.


The mystery of the Qingce Lantern has been solved. The Five Sheep Statues are the solution. While the early cryptic hints were complex and difficult to follow, they had a clear and obvious answer.

The Five Sheep Statues may be found by following the first two lines of each stanza of the poem. Once there, players may utilize this puzzle to unlock a secret treasure box holding strong relics that will undoubtedly benefit them on their quest through Teyvat.

Thank you for taking the time to read this tutorial, and we hope it helped you solve Genshin Impact’s Qingce Lantern Riddle.

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