How to Make Barbatos Boon in 2022: A Genshin Impact

Looking to make the most of Barbatos Boon in Genshin Impact? Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of this event in 2022!

Various Types of Drinks

Drinks are an essential aspect of any bar or celebration, and picking the correct ones may significantly affect your Genshin Impact experience. While you can always choose for traditional favorites like beer and cocktails, there is a constantly expanding selection of speciality beverages that are ideal for constructing a distinctive Genshin Impact experience. In Genshin Impact, the most popular beverages include:

  • Bulletproof Cocktails: These strong cocktails are made with high alcohol-by-volume (ABV) spirits and creative mixers. The Lost Polearm Margarita and the Anemoculus Martini are two examples.
  • Barbatos Boon: Rum, amaretto juice, lemonade, and grenadine combine to make the energizing and potent Barbatos Boon. This specialty cocktail, served over ice in a tall tumbler, will have your visitors pleasantly sipping all night.
  • Mondstadt Mule: For an exceptional Genshin Impact experience, this gin-based beverage mixes the sweetness of ginger beer with a jolting dose of lime juice.
  • Foam Floaties – These frothy delicacies are guaranteed to impress any gathering at a Genshin Party since they combine soda pop with either cream or egg whites for added frothiness. Everyone will be asking for more, whether it’s a Sprite Floatie or a Chocolate Foam Floatie.

All of these many types of beverages contribute to a fantastic time at any party, particularly one like Genshin Impact where guests may enjoy the flavors of the drinks according to their preferences.

Barbatos Boon Type

In Genshin Impact, Barbatos Boon is a sort of culinary dish that may be used to make potent stat-buffing beverages. To create the finished product, many ingredients must be put together and cooked simultaneously. Players will require:

  • Four Claws of Barbatos
  • Five units of Dawn Winery
  • Five units of Boiled Carapace

After obtaining and assembling these components, they need to be cooked in a portable cooker or forge, which may be found scattered across Teyvat. The liquid will become transparent crimson and solidify into Barbatos Boon after being cooked to the proper temperature for a long amount of time—roughly 20 minutes. Anyone who consumes this drug will experience notable stat increases, including improved Attack Power, Defense, HP Regen speed, and more.

How many Drinks are there?

The cocktail bar at Genshin Impact, Barbatos Boon, offers a total of seven different beverages. These include the Essential Drinke, the restaurant’s trademark beverage, which is made with honeycomb, lemon, lime, and orange juice with either vodka or whiskey as the base alcohol. Tequila and cauliflower are combined in the audience favorite Purple Fireball to create an intriguing and distinctive taste. The Tri-drink-a-bang, which is perfect for special events, combines vodka with cranberry juice and brown sugar for a sweet taste.

There are four speciality beverages available for individuals who want to step up their drink game:

  • Celtic Croisant which combines gin and banana liqueur.
  • Scarlet Tiger which combines red wine with ginger ale.
  • Red Fire Phoenix which serves a concoction of cayenne pepper, orange zest, and lemonade.
  • Blue Dragon Blossom which combines blue curaçao and grapefruit juice.

Barbatos Boon thus has something to satisfy your thirst no matter what you’re in the mood for.

Required Items for Barbatos Boon

In Genshin Impact, Barbatos Boon is a potent four-star weapon. The players must get the necessary materials in order to create it. Heroes Sacrificial Sword Prototype, Tenfold Masked Ruin Guard Insignia, and an Adventurer’s Experience are the materials needed to make Barbatos Boon.

You may get the Hero’s Sacrificial Sword Prototype by visiting certain areas in Teyvat, taking part in timed tasks there, or exchanging items with other players. You may get the Tenfold Masked Ruin Guard Insignia by completing specific in-game quests and events. The Adventurer’s Experience, a special currency, may only be acquired by taking part in events or making purchases from certain retailers.

The player may create Barbatos Boon at any of the alchemy stations dotted about Teyvat after they have collected all of these ingredients:

  • Hero’s Sacrificial Sword Prototype
  • Tenfold Masked Ruin Guard Insignia
  • Adventurer’s Experience

How to Make Barbatos Boon Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, a unique kind of boost called a Barbatos Boon may be applied. The afflicted characters’ Attack, Defense, and HP are all increased by this bonus. When they are damaged, it also gives them a second protection.

Genshin Impact’s Barbatos Boon creation process is rather simple. Simply make sure you have all the necessary supplies and ingredients on hand to prepare it. Mondstat Crystal Chunks, which can be discovered in Mondstadt Domain in Liyue, are the first ingredient required to make this buff. Additionally, you will need three Mystic Enhancement Ores from game chests or bosses, as well as Sacrificial Fragments from either Inazuma or Sumeru.

In order to create Barbatos Boon at any Blacksmith’s Forge in Liyue Harbor or Stormterror’s Lair, you must first combine all the required components into a single item called Barbatos Soulforge Arcanum.

Wrap Up

The Genshin Impact Community is excited to introduce Barbatos Boon in 2022 after a year of hard effort. All gamers will find this tool to be quite helpful in advancing their Genshin Impact experience.

When the Barbatos Boon resource is available, we’ve provided some useful instructions for you to follow both before and after unlocking it:

  1. Spend some time becoming acquainted with the new resource’s features and functions first. To learn more, see our Barbatos Boon Guide.
  2. Devise a strategy for incorporating Barbatos Boon into your gameplay in a manner that will reward you while also improving your gaming experience. Utilize any discounts or packages associated with the new resource.
  3. Last but not least, be sure to participate in our community by sharing and evaluating your experiences while using Barbatos Boon. We’re here to make sure you get the most out of your time at Genshin Impact.

How to Make Barbatos Boon Genshin Guide 2022 - Items Needed for this Recipe