How to Make the Stroke of Night in Genshin Impact: An Easy

Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to make the Stroke of Night in Genshin Impact.
This dish is perfect for any Traveler looking to restore their stamina and energy!

How to Make Stroke of Night Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, Stroke of Night is a formidable bow and weapon. It has a distinct elemental impact that may be employed in battle. To create the Stroke of Night, you’ll need to gather resources from various parts of Teyvat.

The following are the materials:

  • 6x White Iron Chunk
  • 3x Crystal Chunk
  • 5x Mist Grass Pollen
  • 5x Blackstone Powder
  • 10x Treasure Hoarder Insignia
  • 5x Sealed Scroll

After gathering all of the necessary ingredients, you may create the Stroke Of Night at any blacksmith’s forge. This weapon needs some materials and money to build, so be sure to plan ahead of time. To gain the full power impact, you must infuse the weapon with an Anemo elemental resonance in addition to manufacturing it. Once you’ve completed all of these tasks, your stroke of darkness will be ready for use in combat or exploration.

Categories of Drinks

Barbatos Boon is a unique beverage that can be made in the universe of Genshin Impact. The cocktail needs a number of ingredients, which may be divided into three categories: spirits, mixers, and modifiers.

Hard liquor and white spirits are the two kinds of alcohol in the spirits category. Dark rum, brandy, whiskey, gin, and vodka are examples of hard liquor, while white spirits might include sake or baijiu. The mixers section of the recipe calls for several varieties of juices or sodas, such as cranberry juice and lemonade, to give the drink sweetness or citrus undertones. Finally, modifications are utilized to further personalize the flavor of Barbatos Boon. For enhanced taste complexity, simple syrups such as honey syrup and fruit bitters might be used as flavor modifiers.

By collecting all of the necessary ingredients from the three categories of spirits, mixers, and modifiers, one may make their own batch of Barbatos Boon at home.

What Type of Drink is Stroke of Night?

The Stroke of Night is a drink that may be obtained and consumed in Genshin Impact. It’s prepared from the Barbatos Boon fruit and is famed for giving explorers throughout Teyvat a nutritious rush of energy that may help them get through the day. Barbatos, the Winged Lord, who was noted for his generosity and benevolence, is claimed to have invented the drink.

According to the description, The Stroke of Night is “a thick swirl that colors everything with its weird pink colour and leaves an incredibly delicious aftertaste.” Its refreshing flavor and energetic benefits when ingested make it popular among travelers.

Players will need a cup or similar container, honey, Barbatos Boon fruits, and Beastmeat Tartare or any other form of raw meat to produce this wonderful drink. After combining all of the ingredients in a blender, the Stroke of Night should be ready to drink.

Required Ingredients for Stroke of Night

Stroke of Night is a Genshin Impact alchemy formula that includes mixing three materials – Crystal Chunks, Mica, and Windwheel Aster – to create a strong Sun Sword.

  • Crystal Chunks are dropped by Geo Hypostasis or World Bosses.
  • Mica may be mined or bought at the Mondstadt General Store.
  • Windwheel Asters are rare enemy combatant drops that may also be manufactured at the Alchemy Bench.

You will need 3x Crystal Chunks, 2x Mica, and 1x Windwheel Aster to make this weapon. After adding each component to the alchemy bench, just push the handle to combine them and make the Stroke of Night weapon. As with most other recipes in Genshin Impact, it is suggested to have a few ingredients on hand before trying to manufacture this item;, as having extra resources may guarantee that you complete it successfully.

How to Make Stroke of Night Genshin Impact? Steps to Follow

The Stroke of Night is an extremely strong weapon in Genshin Impact that can only be made after obtaining the necessary ingredients through a Locked Chest code.

To complete the Stroke of Night in Genshin Impact, you must first locate the three chest codes spread around the Liyue area.

Once you have all three codes, go to the Statue of the Seven in Dadaupa Gorge. A Mysterious Chest is buried under a mound of debris there. Inputting all three codes will open it and give you access to its reward, which includes two pieces of material needed to create the Stroke on Night.

After getting those two things, return them to a blacksmith, who will use them to create three powerful artifacts:

  • the Pinwheel Wind Glider blueprint,
  • the Favonius Warbow blueprint, and
  • the Welkin Moon Battle Pass blueprint.

You must then combine these pieces with 10 Trustworthy Iron Piles, 5 Soft Breeze Brilliances, and 2 Hero’s Wits for a total of 12500 Mora before you may get the famous weapon The Stroke of Night.

Benefits of Stroke of Night?

In Genshin Impact, the Stroke of Night is a strong tool that may be used to unlock locked chests containing high-grade rewards. This item may be collected from chests scattered throughout Teyvat as well as from select bosses.

The Stroke of Night provides advantages such as

  • greater odds of obtaining uncommon things,
  • higher-grade rewards,
  • and increased possibilities of unlocking special objects such as Primogems or even certain unique characters.

The Stroke of Night also boosts the amount of XP monsters acquire during combat. It is vital to remember that once gained, the Stroke of Night must be utilized within a particular time range or it will expire and become worthless.


To summarize, creating the Stroke of Night in Genshin Impact is a reasonably simple procedure that involves just a few ingredients and some time.

To begin, collect all of the Stroke of Night’s ingredients:

  • two Flammicite Ore
  • two Jueyun Chili
  • one Glaze Lily
  • one Spiral Abyssite

The Stroke of Night will then be crafted at any pay up to Adventure Rank 10 using a cooking pot and an anemo burner.

Finally, you have finished crafting your Stroke of Night, which you can now use to fight adversaries in Genshin Impact.

We hope that using this book as a guide, you are now confident enough in your culinary talents to prepare the Stroke of Night yourself. There is no limit to what someone can cook up in Genshin Impact with commitment and good practice with recipes like this one.

How to Make Stroke of Night Genshin Impact? Easy Guide 2022 - Items Required